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[00:13:49] <Luxxi> damn
[00:13:57] <Luxxi> i dont find a contact mail adress
[00:16:12] <xvilka> support@android.com ;)
[00:21:21] <Luxxi> k
[00:21:23] <Luxxi> send a mail
[00:21:29] <Luxxi> in klingon
[00:21:42] <Luxxi> wrong email adress
[00:25:23] <Luxxi> xvilka
[00:27:55] <xvilka> uhm
[00:30:02] <xvilka> anyone from http://android-developers.blogspot.com
[00:34:30] <Luxxi> https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=20663&thanks=20663&ts=1318199663
[00:34:31] <Luxxi> :S
[00:36:24] <Luxxi> dman
[00:36:27] <Luxxi> im drunken
[00:38:47] <TheSpiritof69> lol
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[00:51:00] * nadlabak is enjoying the last warm touches of now unfortunately almost empty bottle of red wine
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[10:54:06] <nadlabak> zewelor: can you please test if the DroidSansJapanese font will cause the same issue as the MOTOYA font before?
[10:54:17] <nadlabak> https://github.com/nadlabak/android_frameworks_base/raw/gingerbread/data/fonts/DroidSansJapanese.ttf
[10:54:35] <zewelor> just dl it into system/fonts ?
[10:55:10] <nadlabak> put it to /system/fonts and chmod to 644
[10:55:24] <nadlabak> and reboot :)
[10:55:47] <nadlabak> thanks
[10:58:16] <zewelor> omfg i deleted adb in job will take a while
[10:58:55] <zewelor> have u read about waking up milestone sometimes ? i cant wake it up using power button, it wakes up only when i open the keyboard
[11:00:08] <nadlabak> zewelor: if you're using the odexed build, you may not have enough space in system. in such case, delete /system/app/QuickSearchBox.odex file
[11:00:31] <nadlabak> zewelor: yes, I noticed your wake-up issue
[11:01:32] <nadlabak> it's not happening to me. how do you set the screen off cpu freq?
[11:02:06] <nadlabak> can you test if it will happen also when you set it to 400MHz or higher?
[11:02:53] <zewelor> i got 600 when screen off
[11:15:31] <zewelor> ok i pushed it to /system/font/ ; chmod 644 ; reboot and mc works using connectbot
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[11:30:38] <nadlabak> zewelor: very good, thanks
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[11:45:55] <PlasmaHH> hi, anyone here noticed that the market does not always display that an update is available for some apps? (and possibly even knows a fix for it?)
[11:51:58] <zewelor> r u sure u got them installed via market ?
[11:52:18] <zewelor> bcoz when i restored some apps using titaniumbackup they werent listed in market
[11:52:30] <zewelor> there were on the same bottom in not installed something like that
[11:52:43] <k1l> maybe some country specific settings form market?
[11:53:45] <k1l> or you have some cracked apps? :)
[11:59:50] <PlasmaHH> no, its just some normally installed apps... a coworker just said he has seen the same for his S2 ... its e.g. the official ebay app for me at the moment.
[12:01:49] <PlasmaHH> when I look at the app in the market, there is just the normal update button.. it will just not be displayed as an update candidate...
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[13:06:57] <KabaLF> nadlabak: are you there?
[13:13:06] <PlasmaHH> hmk, looks like there is a market 3.1.5... maybe I should try that one
[13:14:39] <KabaLF> PlasmaHH: there's a 3.1.6 in fact, but it seems to be a rough leak because it lacks many translations
[13:15:09] <KabaLF> so you're probably better with 3.1.5 anyway
[13:15:30] <PlasmaHH> KabaLF: I am usually taking the versions that are downloaded by the market updater, and it downloaded that one recently
[13:17:30] <PlasmaHH> hm, thats even worse, it is not even listing it anymore in the list at all... but when I search for it, it shows as update available... weird
[13:20:32] <KabaLF> hm, I don't get it. market updater runs in the background right? How do you know it found a newer version? I thought it worked by finding a new version and updating all behind the scene
[13:21:44] <PlasmaHH> KabaLF: it does, normally. it downloads the apk to /cache and then attempts to install it. and fails, silently. and then I can grab that apk, resign it and install it
[13:22:03] <KabaLF> oh I see
[13:23:02] <KabaLF> well, I never keep an eye on /cache, so I never noticed that
[13:23:38] <KabaLF> the filename is something meaningful, or just something like "download-1.apk"?
[13:23:39] <PlasmaHH> this is actually a good idea, otherwise MU will redownload and attempt to install it all the time, which isnt good for battery life ;)
[13:23:54] <PlasmaHH> KabaLF: nothing meaningful
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[13:54:17] <nadlabak> KabaLF: yes, now I'm here
[13:56:42] <nadlabak> PlasmaHH: deleting market app data does not help?
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[13:57:17] <nadlabak> I'm using 3.1.5 and I haven't noticed such issue so far
[13:58:21] <PlasmaHH> nadlabak: nope. it seems to be a bug in the market app, I have found two other people on very different phones with the same issue. it is a hard to notice issue (the one at the beginning, normally you dont browse through your apps and check for which one there is an update available, manually)
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[14:01:11] <nadlabak> yes, I agree that such bug would be hard to notice
[14:01:51] <PlasmaHH> I only accidentally noticed while browsing the apps that the market recommends and saw that one labelled with "update"
[14:02:49] <PlasmaHH> hm, it looks like my stone has its second visible scratch on the display...
[14:04:46] <PlasmaHH> nadlabak: while you are here... do you know a way to disable certain apps to be "content providers" (just like it is possible to disable apps to react on intents) ?
[14:11:35] <nadlabak> PlasmaHH: no, I don't know how it could be achieved
[14:14:57] <nadlabak> hmm, I just went through all of my 67 apps installed from market and there was not a single 'hidden' update
[14:17:15] <nadlabak> maybe I'm just lucky at this time, maybe it was fixed in 3.1.5 update
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[14:23:51] <zewelor> maybe market just didnt updated info about updatres i dont think it checks all of the apps at every startup of the main market app
[14:27:50] <pontomedon> PlasmaHH: i have this issue every few days, clearing market data fixes it for me
[14:27:52] <KabaLF> nadlabak: well, now I'm here. Are you still here? :)
[14:28:46] <nadlabak> KabaLF: surprisingly, I'm still here :)
[14:29:24] <KabaLF> well, back to that problem with Tweetdeck/Nethack :)
[14:31:11] <KabaLF> saturday I've flashed you're build (the odexed one, from oct-8)
[14:32:23] <KabaLF> And the problem was back, when it supposedly shouldn't, because you've reverted that commit I mentioned that supposedly caused the problem
[14:33:02] <KabaLF> Now I ask: are you by any chance using some specific flag or debug option on the builds you post on your download area on github?
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[14:33:31] <KabaLF> because yesterday I've made my own build again, and the tweetdeck problem was gone again
[14:34:08] <nadlabak> interesting
[14:37:14] <nadlabak> I don't keep any secrets, I build as it's described here: http://android.doshaska.net/cm7build
[14:38:06] <wanggjghost> Hi, nadlabak, do U tested the lastest camera issue?
[14:40:52] <KabaLF> you build on a 64bit system right?
[14:41:31] <wanggjghost> cm support the 32bit system I think, as I'm building on 32bit ubuntu
[14:43:12] <KabaLF> I know, that's why I'm asking - I'm building on 64bit, and IIRC, the AOSP supports only 64bit, so building CM on 32bit, while possible, may not be so well-supported as one might think
[14:44:37] <KabaLF> nadlabak: one more thing that's interesting: do you remember that I mentioned that, back when Tweetdeck/Nethack was working on your builds (the last one that worked was the one from Sep-29 i think), that even though tweetdeck would exit, it would always leave a stack trace of a crash on /data/tombstone, indicating that it crashed on exit?
[14:45:19] <KabaLF> well, that doesn't happen at all on my builds
[14:45:29] <KabaLF> it seems to exit cleanly
[14:46:52] <KabaLF> in fact, on your builds, there was a small pause (around 1~2 secs) between the time I selected the exit command on the menu and when it actually closed. On my builds, it closes instantly when I select the exit option on the menu
[14:49:10] <KabaLF> anyway, after all this, now I'm wondering if the commit I pointed out for you to revert, was actually the culprit.
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[14:51:50] <KabaLF> because the first build I made myself was already with that commit reverted, I never tested my own build without it.
[14:54:48] <nadlabak> I'm actually building on 32bit system
[14:55:47] <KabaLF> hm
[14:56:08] <nadlabak> KabaLF: have you made any builds before 2.3.7?
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[14:57:22] <KabaLF> nope :) I started rolling my own builds out of necessity to hunt down this tweetdeck problem :) So I started doing it as of the first 2.3.7 build you released
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[14:58:14] <nadlabak> Ok, so I suspect that the issue is actually elsewhere
[14:59:55] <KabaLF> good
[15:02:25] <nadlabak> I haven't synced the complete repo for a few days, so it's possible that the tweetdeck/nethack issue might be actually fixed by some recent change in upstream, in some project that is not forked by me
[15:02:54] <nadlabak> It's easy to test :)
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[15:03:43] <KabaLF> hm, but you haven't synced since late last month then?
[15:06:47] <nadlabak> I don't remember exactly, but I think that the last time I synced the whole repo was 4.10.
[15:07:59] <KabaLF> well, I started having problem with the build from 30.09.
[15:07:59] <nadlabak> just before the 11.10.05 build
[15:08:16] <nadlabak> yes, at the point of 2.3.7 merge
[15:08:54] <nadlabak> and your first build that is free of the issue was done two days ago
[15:09:05] <nadlabak> several day after my last sync
[15:09:11] <nadlabak> *days
[15:09:24] <KabaLF> yes, my first build was on 07.10
[15:09:36] <KabaLF> then I did another yesterday (09.10)
[15:10:39] <nadlabak> so there's an open windows of possible fix from upstream coming between 5. and 7.10.
[15:11:11] <KabaLF> oh, I see
[15:11:17] <KabaLF> ok, got your point
[15:22:41] <nadlabak> KabaLF: anyway, if the sync won't fix it, I'll ask you to upload your own build somewhere so I can compare it with mine
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[15:23:59] <PlasmaHH> pontomedon: what market version are you running, and is yours maybe the issue that the market "forgets" about a whole lot of apps ( really noticeable amounts, often only a few are left) ?
[15:31:06] <zewelor> damn maybe i got that error with missing updates
[15:31:22] <zewelor> how could i check i would need to go to every app and see if there is update ?
[15:33:24] <PlasmaHH> thats a sure way to check. I happened to discover it when after I updated all apps that the market offered updates for, I browsed some of the "recommended" apps and then saw one that I had installed telling be it can be updated...
[15:38:08] <KabaLF> nadlabak: no problem!
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[20:48:30] <xvilka> any vim users here?
[20:49:21] <zewelor> me me
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[21:16:32] * cubi too
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[21:22:57] <xvilka> zewelor, cubi: can you help me with designing commands for vim-like hex editor
[21:23:00] <xvilka> ?
[21:23:19] <cubi> you mean, what are the most ones I use?
[21:23:52] <xvilka> like :block selection, :and, :xor etc
[21:24:09] -!- rah [rah!rah@myrtle.6gnip.net] has joined #milestone-modding
[21:24:19] <xvilka> e.g. right now i'm using :block <num> <start> <end> or :block <num> <start> +<size>
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[21:24:35] <xvilka> and for :and <num> <mask>
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[21:24:51] <xvilka> where <num> block number - <mask> - just byte, it AND-ing each byte from block with <mask>
[21:25:08] <cubi> I see, but I'm not sure how I could help you.
[21:25:19] <xvilka> i'm thinking about eliminate <num> at all
[21:25:24] <cubi> that are a bunch of Is, hrhr
[21:25:30] <xvilka> aboud command syntax
[21:26:25] <xvilka> and what kind of math syntax can be used in expressions of such commands
[21:26:47] <cubi> ok I understand
[21:27:25] <xvilka> and you always can try http://gitorious.org/bvi/bvi/trees/refactor - here is current dev tree
[21:28:17] <cubi> why don't you look the vi/vim source up?
[21:34:30] <xvilka> there is no such command for vi/vim
[21:34:38] <xvilka> bcoz of binary specifics
[21:34:47] <cubi> ah
[21:34:48] <cubi> ok
[21:35:13] <cubi> xvilka: a good place for those kind of questions would be a vi/vim irc channel, or mailinglist
[21:35:16] <cubi> tbh
[21:35:17] <cubi> ;)
[21:37:48] <xvilka> already :) not so many helpers :)
[21:38:00] <xvilka> not so many == 0
[21:39:19] <cubi> sorry :/
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