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[01:50:51] <xvilka> hey, anyone here have MS SQL server expierence?
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[02:19:11] <KabaLF> xvilka: I'm not *very* experience, but I do work with it daily
[02:19:19] <KabaLF> *experienced
[02:19:59] <KabaLF> leave your question here, I'll try to answer later, I can't hang around here right now
[02:20:11] <KabaLF> cheers!
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[02:26:12] <xvilka> KabaLF: i'm need help of converting MS SQL files into SQL dump, e.g. mysql or postgresql
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[05:01:21] <xvilka> hey, anyone know good can cheap registrar for droid-developers.org
[05:01:36] <xvilka> i have small conflict with previous :(
[05:16:32] <xvilka> to all: i've choosed new registrar and initiated transfer: so if dns cant resolve *.droid-developers.org you can clear dns cache or just wait. or use direct alias to
[05:19:44] <xvilka> hm. just received discount from new registrar on new *.xxx domains... m-m-maybe motorola.xxx ?
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[08:01:51] * [mbm] uses gkg.net
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[09:04:05] <[mbm]> interesting; lbl hasn't changed since the original milestone release, bionic sources match
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[10:36:57] <raspo666> Anybody know what that -obex- means, in nadlabak's updates ?
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[10:48:30] <pontomedon^> raspo666: it's "odex", meaning "optimized dex". normally odex files are created on the phone, but they can also be pre-created.
[10:48:52] <pontomedon^> not much difference except for more free space in /data
[10:57:13] <raspo666> Ah, ok so it's nothing to to with similar sounding obex, might aswell go for it, as I'm still on RC13 (?)
[10:58:13] <raspo666> Errm, do I need to wipe, to clear /data ?
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[11:07:32] <pontomedon^> factory reset/wipe
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[11:10:10] <raspo666> Hmm, what's going to get lost ? (app data an such ?)
[11:12:23] <pontomedon^> everything
[11:12:33] <pontomedon^> except for stuff that is synced to google
[11:12:39] <pontomedon^> contacts/calendar etc
[11:13:03] <pontomedon^> but there's no need to clear data
[11:13:10] <pontomedon^> just wipe cache and dalvik cache
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[11:13:51] <raspo666> Well as long as I don't have to 're-google' it's fine :-P
[11:14:07] <raspo666> I'll have a go....
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[11:43:02] <Skrilax_CZ> nadlabak: Wouldn't it be better if the cdrom was flashed as image directly? Currently there still is a choke point in the system partition size when it's being extracted.
[11:46:45] <Skrilax_CZ> crap I've missed cdrom partition in OR
[11:52:33] <nadlabak> Skrilax_CZ: the fonts are moved to /cdrom before "backuptool.sh restore" is called, so there has to be plenty of space in system at that time
[11:54:50] <Skrilax_CZ> oh
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[12:12:53] <[mbm]> you're using the cdrom partition as storage?
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[12:20:54] <nadlabak> mbm: yes, since I started to use odex, space on system is tight. system fonts fit to cdrom perfectly
[12:21:43] <[mbm]> nice
[12:22:30] <[mbm]> noticed that on the bionic they have a cdrom partition complete with drivers and yet it never seems to show up when connected to a pc
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[12:27:28] <nadlabak> same as on Milestone, the cdrom image has never been mounted
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[13:27:32] <Skrilax_CZ> usbd somehow supports mounting cdrom partition
[13:28:21] <Skrilax_CZ> somehow = tell usb driver in kernel to show mass storage mode as CD-ROM then instead of sdcard use the vfat image
[13:30:01] <cubi> will ICS run on our brick, what do you think?
[13:30:22] <cubi> afair google said, if the phone can run 2.3, it should be safe to go
[13:31:07] <Skrilax_CZ> echo 1 > /sys/module/g_mot_android/parameters/cdrom
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[14:55:54] <mioze7ae> nadlabak: I figured out dexpreopt was working. I needed both those variables, but I didn't realize that $OUT/system/app would not have *.odex. They were in the update.zip, though.
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[14:56:55] <nadlabak> mioze7ae: nice
[14:57:16] <nadlabak> it works differently in froyo than in gingerbread
[14:57:43] <fedya> guyyyys
[14:57:49] <fedya> need help with C experience
[14:58:43] <fedya> i use hijack from devices/motorola/common/hijack https://github.com/fedya/motorola_charm_hijack/blob/master/hijack.c but in ELSE logic phone won't 2nd-init
[14:58:51] <fedya> maybe somebody can help me
[14:59:42] <nadlabak> mioze7ae: in froyo build, dexpreopt invokes simulator to generate odex, in gingerbread only compile switch is used (and odex is placed in $OUT/../system/app)
[15:00:28] <mioze7ae> xvilka: "http://droid-developers.org" 404's for me. "http://www.droid-developers.org" does.
[15:00:54] <mioze7ae> xvilka: I mean www.droid-developers.org works
[15:01:59] <mioze7ae> nadlabak: Ah. I see. Interesting
[15:02:53] <fedya> http://pastie.org/2717463 log here
[15:02:57] <fedya> what's wrong guys?
[15:03:13] <fedya> it only stuck on M-logo
[15:03:40] <fedya> when i restart mark_file exec succesfully and i'm in recovery
[15:06:57] <mioze7ae> fedya: Does line 47 say it's executing 2nd-init? Then line 49-50 looks like lines 2-3. So is it stuck in a hijack loop?
[15:08:06] <fedya> mioze7ae: Not loop.mark_file succesfully created, hijack-boot unpacked etc but won't 2nd-init
[15:08:07] <fedya> maybe
[15:09:35] <fedya> if hijack loop i think that must be generated a tons of log on each hijack iteration
[15:09:37] <fedya> but not
[15:09:39] <fedya> =)
[15:10:56] <xvilka> ok. i'll fix that
[15:11:03] <mioze7ae> Ok, but do you think the hijack is being called again after 2nd-init? That's what it looks like to me. So probably there's a safety release to prevent infinite looping.
[15:11:22] <mioze7ae> Unless that's how it's designed.
[15:11:31] <fedya> mioze7ae: maybe but on milestone and droid2 it working
[15:13:28] <mioze7ae> How does this hijack know whether it's running before or after 2nd-init?
[15:14:06] <fedya> mioze7ae: don't know lol
[15:14:09] <mioze7ae> It's different from the OpenRecovery one (which checks for "/init_prep_keypad.sh")
[15:14:29] <fedya> mioze7ae: /init_prep_keypad.sh if it file exist?
[15:14:39] <fedya> anyway this file exist always
[15:15:24] <mioze7ae> No, if /system/bin/sh is called to execute /init_prep_keypad.sh. After the hijack, you don't do that. I think it'
[15:15:48] <mioze7ae> s usually moved to /system/bin/init_prep_keypad.sh to run post-2nd-init
[15:16:09] <mioze7ae> At least that's how it works on the OpenRecovery one.
[15:16:52] <fedya> mioze7ae: last time i see in modified /system/bin/sh and tried it on my phone
[15:18:41] <fedya> im look into code if (argc > 1 && !strcmp(argv[1], SH_HIJACK_SCRIPT))
[15:18:58] <fedya> if file exit hijack always run
[15:20:26] <fedya> // check to see if hijack was already run, and if so, just continue on.
[15:20:26] <fedya> if (argc >= 3 && 0 == strcmp(argv[2], "/dev/block/mtdblock9"))
[15:20:40] <fedya> i think problem here but how it fix don't know
[15:21:50] <`Wedge_> hm
[15:22:08] <nadlabak> fedya: we've talked about it before, you're missing the fact that strcmp returns zero if the strings match...
[15:23:03] <fedya> nadlabak: okay but i don't understand how fix it in motorola charm now im triy to add if (argc >= 3 && 0 == strcmp(argv[2], "/dev/block/mtdblock9")) {
[15:23:04] <fedya> result = hijack_mount("/system/bin/hijack", "/dev/block/mtdblock9", "/data");
[15:44:28] <mioze7ae> Is the code on your github the same as what generated the log?
[15:50:19] <fedya> mioze7ae: yeah
[15:50:38] <mioze7ae> I think it's strange that your log ends where it does.
[15:51:21] <fedya> what strange?looks like all working fine but 2nd-init call hijack again
[15:51:28] <mioze7ae> There should be at least a "Recovery mode detected!" or a "Boot mode detected!" after line 52
[15:52:24] <fedya> Boot mode detected! on line 20
[15:53:35] <mioze7ae> No, I got that wrong, line 160 is not executing
[15:53:41] <mioze7ae> Hmmm
[15:54:01] <fedya> mioze7ae: why line 160?
[15:54:18] <fedya> https://github.com/fedya/motorola_charm_hijack/blob/master/hijack.c line 317
[15:54:21] <fedya> not executed
[15:54:35] <fedya> all ELSE-IF logic working fine but code won't execute on line 317
[15:54:59] <mioze7ae> Because the last entry in your log is printed by line 158. It doesn't make it to line 160 to print the "returned: " part.
[15:55:42] <fedya> hmm maybe i copypaste from sd little bit more than needed =)
[15:57:14] <mioze7ae> So, do your replacement init.rc scripts call mot_boot_mode or mot_boot_mode.bin?
[15:59:33] <mioze7ae> I'm also a little surprised the 2nd-init returns at all to allow line 48 to print.
[15:59:41] <mioze7ae> *line 48 in the log
[16:01:13] <fedya> mioze7ae: yeah call mot_boot_mode
[16:01:43] <fedya> mioze7ae: hmm im looking for 47 line of log
[16:03:34] <mioze7ae> Your code has no chance to get to line 317 (at least as it is in github). It's either recovery mode or 2nd-init.
[16:04:25] <mioze7ae> Line 47/48 of http://pastie.org/2717463
[16:04:54] <fedya> mioze7ae: yeah i said it little bit earlier =)
[16:04:59] <fedya> but how fix?
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[16:44:37] <mioze7ae> fedya: I can't figure out where the hijack would be called with argv[2]=="/dev/block/mtdblock9". Even in the original android_device_motorola_common version, I can't see where it's called with "userdata" as a parameter. I'm probably not much help here.
[16:45:12] <mioze7ae> fedya: and I must be dense but I can't figure out why that would indicate the hijack already ran.
[16:45:15] <fedya> mioze7ae: in oirignal version it named if (argc >= 3 && 0 == strcmp(argv[2], "userdata")) {
[16:45:32] <mioze7ae> fedya: Yeah, I've been comparing the two
[16:46:07] <mioze7ae> fedya: They're not making sense to me at the moment, I'm afraid. I'll end up puzzling on this, but I'm stuck.
[16:46:29] <fedya> mioze7ae: me too.
[16:47:10] <fedya> mioze7ae: also if i use if (argc >= 3 && 0 == strcmp(argv[2], "/dev/block/mtdblock9")) phone don't want to boot into hijacked recovery.always normal booting
[16:48:44] <mioze7ae> fedya: I'm guessing that the log always shows argv[0]="/system/bin/mot_boot_mode"? Maybe there's some part of this that has to be done in the rc scripts. I looked at the shadow rc's but saw nothing obvious.
[16:49:29] <fedya> mioze7ae: yeah show alwyas argv[0]="/system/bin/mot_boot_mode"
[16:50:22] <mioze7ae> fedya: so in that case argc is less than 3 and argv[2] is not /dev/block/mtdblock9 (or userdata even) so it doesn't enter the if
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[17:08:11] <fjfalcon> droid-developers.org down? =(
[17:08:44] <mioze7ae> Try www.droid-developers.org
[17:09:00] <fjfalcon> mioze7ae: o, hi. thanks.
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[17:23:51] <GjayjayG> hi, you probably know it already (and might not been usefull for the Milestone, but the dev might have founds something that can be uses with the Stone)
[17:23:56] <GjayjayG> http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1236857
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[17:24:23] <GjayjayG> Arrow
[17:24:24] <GjayjayG> Motorola TriumphArrow
[17:24:24] <GjayjayG> Triumph Android DevelopmentArrow
[17:24:24] <GjayjayG> CM7 BREAKTHROUGH! Radio UP! Arrow
[17:24:24] <GjayjayG> Motorola TriumphArrow
[17:24:24] <GjayjayG> Triumph Android DevelopmentArrow
[17:24:24] <GjayjayG> CM7 BREAKTHROUGH! Radio UP!
[17:24:51] <GjayjayG> oups
[17:25:14] <GjayjayG> that Moto Triumph got the radio part working under CM7
[17:27:49] <GjayjayG> and when trying to navigate on the http://www.droid-developers.org/wiki/Main_Page
[17:28:03] <GjayjayG> the links seems "broken"
[17:30:20] <GjayjayG> at leat for the link in the left under navigation such as
[17:30:26] <GjayjayG> https://www.droid-developers.org/wiki/2ndinit
[17:30:27] <GjayjayG> or
[17:30:36] <GjayjayG> https://www.droid-developers.org/wiki/2ndboot
[17:30:39] <GjayjayG> .....
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[18:39:06] <xvilka> droid-developers.org wthout www now works ok
[18:39:08] <xvilka> fixed
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[19:40:16] <xvilka> wow. motorola razr on android
[19:40:34] <xvilka> 7,1 mm thin
[19:41:00] <xvilka> 4.3 " AMOLED
[19:41:22] <xvilka> and kevlar box O_o
[19:41:44] <zewelor> good so it can save u when someone want to kill u !
[19:42:44] <xvilka> yeah. you need about 20-40 phones around body :D
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[19:43:21] <k1l> but then gsm waves will kill you :)
[19:44:19] <zewelor> well u can have them in airplaine mode
[19:44:20] <cubi> xvilka: razr in name but not in design ;)
[19:44:27] <cubi> no clamshell, no razr! :P
[19:44:58] <zewelor> xvilka: having so many phones is very good idea in winter u can fire up some compiling on it or some boinc and u will be bullet proof + u will be warm from the phones
[19:45:01] -!- mavhc [mavhc!~mavhc@cpc3-basf10-2-0-cust617.12-3.cable.virginmedia.com] has joined #milestone-modding
[19:45:11] <xvilka> it looks like a half of old razr :)
[19:45:12] <zewelor> and if u still wont be warm enough u can overlock them !
[19:46:19] <xvilka> yep. also you can use them as exploder, if you want make some war :D
[19:46:48] <zewelor> :)
[19:47:16] <zewelor> but still
[19:47:23] <zewelor> why no new qwerty phones :\
[19:47:57] <zewelor> is it ppl are really using phones for calls sms games web not for ssh ?
[19:48:19] <Luxxi> hm
[19:48:22] <Luxxi> i use my for ssh and rdp
[19:51:16] <xvilka> irc client too
[19:51:25] <Luxxi> yeah
[19:51:31] <Luxxi> but quasseldroid does not work perfect
[19:51:47] <xvilka> very useful for web-browsing, e.g. type something complex in google search
[19:52:04] <xvilka> cant imagine howto type this w/o qwerty
[19:56:27] -!- stlifey has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[19:59:21] -!- mifritscher [mifritscher!~michi@] has joined #milestone-modding
[20:03:41] -!- rah has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[20:39:19] -!- Phoenix][ [Phoenix][!~tg@andromeda.v6.tgbyte.de] has joined #milestone-modding
[20:47:25] -!- rah [rah!rah@myrtle.6gnip.net] has joined #milestone-modding
[20:55:11] <Luxxi> swype? :p
[20:59:24] <zewelor> i cant image howto use vim on swype :\
[21:13:03] <mib_force> GjayjayG: what has the triump as security mechanisms?
[21:28:31] -!- Phoenix][ has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[21:46:38] -!- dproldan [dproldan!581afeda@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #milestone-modding
[21:47:03] -!- fedya|2 [fedya|2!~fedya@] has joined #milestone-modding
[21:47:11] <fedya|2> ping nadlabak
[21:47:43] <fedya|2> http://pastie.org/2719703 if i use https://github.com/nadlabak/android_system_core/blob/gingerbread/sh/main.c
[21:50:29] <dproldan> HI. I´m looking for some info about these "sys.keep_app_1" lines that nadlabak enabled to be added to build.prop
[21:51:18] <dproldan> is there anything like that in the rest of cyanogenMod releases
[21:51:29] <dproldan> ?
[21:52:41] <dproldan> or any other way to do the same trick?
[22:03:21] -!- n0life [n0life!~madhatter@HSI-KBW-109-193-047-224.hsi7.kabel-badenwuerttemberg.de] has joined #milestone-modding
[22:03:59] <dproldan> there dozens of inquiries about how to keep an app in memory when you google for it...
[22:04:36] <dproldan> nobody seems to have found a way except nadlabak, and its only implemented for the milestone
[22:05:27] <n0life> ICS is coming -> https://twitter.com/#!/AndroidDev/status/126356124386594816
[22:19:10] -!- psychuil_alt [psychuil_alt!~psychuil@bzq-79-183-184-225.red.bezeqint.net] has joined #milestone-modding
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[23:38:44] -!- nadlabak [nadlabak!3ef552ac@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #milestone-modding
[23:38:45] -!- mode/#milestone-modding [+o nadlabak] by ChanServ
[23:41:44] <nadlabak> dproldan: yes, it's not in upstream CM
[23:42:46] <nadlabak> honestly, I didn't even try to get it merged there, as I'm almost sure it would be rejected
[23:43:59] <nadlabak> it's too easy to use it for wrong purpose
[23:44:58] <TheSpiritof69> nadlabak, may I ask you what you think of this? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1263119
[23:47:35] <nadlabak> I briefly tested it before and haven't noticed any remarkable change for better. but the current builds are odexed, so it would be rather useless anyway
[23:48:04] <TheSpiritof69> Yeah, apart from that anyways
[23:48:50] <TheSpiritof69> I was just wondering because that post and how to somehow looked a bit shady to me..
[23:49:54] <TheSpiritof69> To my understanding, wouldn't it be rather useless to set the props, remove dalvik-cache, reboot, set the props via build.prop and reboot again?
[23:49:59] <nadlabak> I don't quite understand how this should mean more free RAM...
[23:50:38] <TheSpiritof69> Because on the first reboot, settings from build.prop would be applied again, so the bytecode verification wouldn't be turned of for the rebuild of dalvik?
[23:50:46] <TheSpiritof69> s/of/off/
[23:54:11] <nadlabak> yep, the purpose of step 1) is ... just to waste some time? :)
[23:54:28] <TheSpiritof69> :P