#milestone-modding | Logs for 2011-10-19

[00:02:24] <nadlabak> dproldan: for what device do you need it?
[00:04:25] <nadlabak> you can try to build your own CM7 build for another device using my repo, yesterday I moved the most ofending Milestone specific patches that would break the builds for other devices
[00:05:15] <nadlabak> though some quirks may still remain...
[00:11:38] <nadlabak> I want to be able to build for my wife's Mini Pro in the future, so more compatibility fixes of my sources are to be expected ;)
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[00:24:56] <nadlabak> fedya|2: well, it looks like the sh_hijack.sh is really not run with root permissions... how's that possible? do you invoke it also via the init_prep_keypad.sh call from init script? or some different way?
[00:25:20] <fedya|2> nadlabak: init_prep_keypad.sh it call from init scrips
[00:26:57] <fedya|2> nadlabak: maybe i must set something special permissions on /system/bin/sh or /system/bin/sh_hijack.sh?
[00:28:47] <nadlabak> can I see your stock init scripts?
[00:29:16] <fedya|2> wait a moment
[00:31:03] <fedya|2> http://pastie.org/2720620 init.rc
[00:31:11] <fedya|2> http://pastie.org/2720626 init.mapphone30_umts.rc
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[00:39:49] <fedya|2> any ideas?
[00:42:59] <dproldan> nadlabak: thanks for your answers. I need that trick to keep the Sony Ericsson LiveView application alive, in a Galaxy S2. I;ve (or anybody else afaik) never been able to keep it working continously except on the Milestone with your mod.
[00:44:24] <dproldan> I´ll take a look at your repo and see if I can make it work.
[00:49:56] <nadlabak> dproldan: that patch is really simple - https://github.com/nadlabak/android_frameworks_base/commit/6a44a824f04eb5f62df558fd4454214feba7feb5
[00:50:44] <dproldan> ooh, nice :-)
[00:50:59] <dproldan> was looking for it already :-)
[00:52:16] <fedya|2> hmhmh
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[01:05:27] <nadlabak> fedya: how did you get this output http://pastie.org/2719703 ? I'm asking because this log may not be the real indication of the actual issue you are facing, it depends on what you did to obtain this log...
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[02:02:03] <mioze7ae> I'm having trouble figuring out how to get the CM6.3 screenshot to work on XT720. It seems the framebuffer is in a different format, but I can't figure out which one. Any advice?
[02:03:24] <mioze7ae> The screenshots are always saved as black images. If I get the raw files that are saved, I can try different imagemagick conversions and parts of the image show up (but wrong). I've been through all the imagemagick formats...
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[08:08:07] <tmzt> mioze7ae: im doesnt support 565 for some reason
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[12:09:01] <fedya> nadlabak: adb logcat i get that log
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[12:14:45] <nadlabak> fedya: it does not look like logcat output at all
[12:14:59] <fedya> nadlabak: anyway i do adb logcat and get this log
[12:15:48] <fedya> also phone stuck at moto logo
[12:16:40] <nadlabak> if you are able to get logcat during boot, when the phone is stuck on moto logo, how does the complete logcat look?
[12:17:24] <fedya> nadlabak: not it is impossible
[12:17:57] <fedya> nadlabak: also if i do adb shell it launch hijack again
[12:20:44] <nadlabak> https://github.com/nadlabak/android_system_core/commit/a71184f7e7173b524dc1721830e64b23234daa7f#L0R110
[12:20:51] <nadlabak> line 110
[12:21:36] <nadlabak> I guess you've made some change there
[12:26:43] <cubi> "All Android-powered devices running Android 4.0 are required to support hardware-accelerated 2D drawing."
[12:27:07] <cubi> does the milestone support that?
[12:33:57] <fedya> nadlabak: no changes there .i get this patch and aplied it to my sources
[12:35:11] <nadlabak> fedya: you've added "!" there before...
[12:35:27] <fedya> nadlabak: hmmm hjust a moment a look into code
[12:36:13] <fedya> nadlabak: http://pastie.org/2723077 my git diff
[12:37:27] <nadlabak> now find the difference :)
[12:38:04] <fedya> nadlabak: == 0
[12:38:05] <fedya> heh
[12:38:17] <fedya> thanks
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[12:48:10] <fedya> nadlabak: now it 2nd-init with succss
[12:48:20] <fedya> but i can't adb shell or adb logcat
[12:48:45] <fedya> nadlabak: when i launch Terminal.apk i see only Terminal.apk blue font no shell
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[13:01:02] <fedya> shell won't start lol
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[14:24:59] <Titan21> Hey nadlabak, how long until youve earned enough money and buy a new phone?
[14:25:12] <Titan21> So we all know when to buy a new phone ourselves too
[14:25:31] <Titan21> Because Milestone with ICS out and no more development from your side will be crappy
[14:28:59] <fedya> Titan21: has no 3.0 kernel in milestone
[14:29:02] <fedya> No -ICS
[14:29:57] <zewelor> but is there any real dependency in ics on kernel 3.0 ?
[14:30:24] <fedya> zewelor: i think that a real dependency like 2.6.32 needed for gingerbread
[14:31:05] <nadlabak> there's no 2.6.35 kernel for milestone => no gingerbread ;D
[14:31:41] <cubi> ;)
[14:32:05] <cubi> 3.0 is the same as 2.6.x
[14:32:07] <cubi> its just a new name
[14:32:20] <cubi> there is nothing really new in 3.x
[14:32:26] <fedya> nadlabak: i have 2.6.29 kernel in malata tab and it won't work with 2.3 without editing .config and add new CYPHER option
[14:33:14] <fedya> nadlabak: you have any ideas about /system/bin/sh ?i applied patch and shell wont work
[14:33:56] <zewelor> nadlabak: so we wont get gb on ms ? :(
[14:33:58] <Titan21> Google promised ICS on Original Nexus
[14:34:06] <zewelor> rly ? where ?
[14:34:22] <Titan21> umh, ... readit on engadget
[14:35:37] <Titan21> http://www.engadget.com/2011/10/19/google-confirms-nexus-s-will-get-ice-cream-sandwich-for-real/
[14:35:44] <Titan21> zewelor:
[14:36:00] <zewelor> Update: We also asked about whether the Nexus One is getting some ICS love, but there's no clear plan just yet.
[14:36:16] <zewelor> i understand that original nexus is nexus one ?
[14:36:21] <cubi> yes
[14:36:24] <zewelor> and here is for nexus s
[14:36:26] <Titan21> ... true, my fault
[14:36:30] <zewelor> :(
[14:38:21] <zewelor> fedya: but with that kernel and .config there is only need for that option not for specific kernel number, and many options can be compiled as module
[14:39:35] <Titan21> Well im so gonna go for the nexus prime..
[14:39:47] <Titan21> Ill last till Jellybean and further..
[14:42:48] <zewelor> as i read changes in ICS i got impression that they merged many functions that already existed in CM7
[14:43:44] <Titan21> zewelor: where did you get your information from?
[14:43:50] <Titan21> is there a list with all changes?
[14:46:21] <zewelor> http://developer.android.com/sdk/android-4.0.html
[14:46:48] <Titan21> ty
[14:47:46] <zewelor> screenshot , lockscreen controls for music and mail i think
[14:54:57] <nadlabak> fedya: check adbd permissions
[15:02:01] <fedya> nadlabak: what permissions i must check?
[15:02:21] <fedya> i change default.prop to secure 0 and debbugable 1
[15:02:46] <fedya> nadlabak: http://pastie.org/2723708
[15:02:46] <nadlabak> I mean file permissions
[15:02:55] <fedya> hmm
[15:03:12] <fedya> i'm not replace adb
[15:03:27] <fedya> it startwith native adbd
[15:04:03] <fedya> nadlabak: i download FroyoMod-2.9.3.zip and look into /etc/rootfs/
[15:09:57] <fedya> nadlabak: and why adbd ? i trying to use Terminal.apk on my phone and it don'w work
[15:10:13] <fedya> looks like a shell don't start normally
[15:12:15] <nadlabak> I've experienced it quite recently. when adbd was unable to start because of wrong file permissions, shell in Terminal.apk was not starting
[15:12:46] <fedya> nadlabak: which permissions is right?
[15:12:50] <fedya> 755 ?
[15:12:52] <nadlabak> 750
[15:13:00] <fedya> ok now trying it again
[15:14:10] <nadlabak> are you able to connect to phone from ddms?
[15:15:48] <fedya> nadlabak: hmmm i'm forgot about it
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[15:20:53] <fedya> ok i change script sh_hijack.sh add chmod 750 /sbin/adbd
[15:21:20] <fedya> but again cannot into shell
[15:21:50] <fedya> nadlabak: in ddms i can see phone but cannot see logs
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[15:24:03] <fedya> and phone want format my sdcard =)
[15:26:35] <fedya> nadlabak: in root-file-explorer.apk i can see permissions on /sbin/adbd rwx--x---
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[18:03:36] <TheSpiritof69> nadlabak, any intention/possibility to port ICS?
[18:04:33] <nadlabak> Has been the ICS source already published? I haven't seen it yet...
[18:05:27] <TheSpiritof69> Not that I know of
[18:05:30] <nadlabak> until the source is out, one can only speculate...
[18:05:35] <TheSpiritof69> Was more of a general question
[18:05:38] <TheSpiritof69> Ah, I see
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[18:59:00] <Skrilax_CZ> Android 4.0 has what kernel?
[18:59:08] <Skrilax_CZ> 3.0.x?
[18:59:15] <Luxxi> yes
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