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[18:19:19] <pontomedon> what does the KANG mean in the build?
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[19:12:21] <vikas> nadlabak: http://www.flickr.com/photos/muktavikas/6272734541/in/photostream
[19:12:45] <vikas> Last 4 days I'm consistently getting ~30 -> 19% drop in battery
[19:12:59] <vikas> couple of those times the phone decided to reboot itself
[19:13:21] <vikas> will a logcat help ? I can get one tomorrow when it goes to 30% again
[19:19:38] <vikas> pontomedon: nadlabak has replied in xda about KANG, KANG == not official CM release
[19:23:04] <k1l_> i heard on another cm project devs talked about some guys take the cm sources, just switch credits, wallpaper, etc.. and that is called kang
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[19:38:58] <pontomedon> anyone else having problems to connect to a wpa2 access point since
[19:39:50] <pontomedon> doesn't seem to connect, and the wlan icon stays in the notification bar beside the 3g icon. the router doesn't see the device
[19:45:54] <nadlabak> pontomedon: mac filter in use?
[19:46:06] <nadlabak> please update to
[19:47:24] <TheSpiritof69> The real issue still is 802.1X in my experience
[19:47:33] <TheSpiritof69> It just randomly works..or doesn't
[19:49:37] <nadlabak> forgetting EAP password has been fixed, but of course, that's not all
[19:52:02] <TheSpiritof69> Yeah, I've seen that fix
[19:52:23] <TheSpiritof69> But still there are some weird issues
[19:52:33] <TheSpiritof69> And not reproducable in any kind of way
[19:52:53] <TheSpiritof69> Sometimes deleting the network and set it up again makes it work, sometimes not
[19:53:05] <TheSpiritof69> Sometimes it just connects properly
[19:53:21] <TheSpiritof69> Reconnect too, if you reenter range
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[19:56:54] <nadlabak> k1l_: yes, kang means taking someone else's code
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[19:58:45] <k1l_> did cm complain on you? or why you marked kang?
[19:58:45] <nadlabak> but in this case, it means variable CYANOGEN_RELEASE not set
[19:59:05] <nadlabak> not at all
[20:00:17] <nadlabak> I just want to play by the rules. I always made it clear that it's not official release.
[20:00:55] <k1l_> ok
[20:02:10] <nadlabak> When some official CM device maintaineres releases their own builds that are not official cyanogen release, they also do it as kang
[20:02:31] <nadlabak> self-kang
[20:07:57] <nadlabak> as I participate in official CM developement a little (as much as my limited free time permits), this is also more like self-kang release :)
[20:10:13] <fjfalcon> nadlabak: remember me, are you using own omap3 or omap3-compat?
[20:10:44] <nadlabak> own omap3
[20:11:29] <fjfalcon> nadlabak: cause libbridge.so that was ported from your cm7 working fine, but when i try to build it from source...
[20:12:47] <nadlabak> fjfalcon: that really looks like the dspbridge patches by the defy guys are breaking it for you
[20:13:30] <nadlabak> https://github.com/nadlabak/android_hardware_ti_omap3/commits/gingerbread
[20:15:38] <nadlabak> my repo is the original ti omap repo from CM, with a few of my patches that I needed for the mpeg4 aac sync patch (in framework, partially backported from honeycomb)
[20:16:24] <nadlabak> I didn't merged the later patches by Nicholas (Quarx) and Tanguy
[20:17:31] <fjfalcon> nadlabak: wiil try to build it from your ti omap
[20:17:49] <nadlabak> (as I suspected it could break something that works fine for me)
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[20:48:17] <pontomedon> nadlabak: yes, mac filter in use, let me check it. and yes, i already updated to
[20:49:58] <pontomedon> mac filter is ok (and i didn't change anything there for weeks)
[20:50:12] <pontomedon> also tried forgetting and re-e
[20:50:22] <pontomedon> *re-adding the network
[20:50:58] <nadlabak> pontomedon: in, MAC has been generated randomly due to my stupid mistake
[20:51:19] <nadlabak> but in all should be well
[20:51:24] <pontomedon> lol funny mistake^^
[20:51:55] <pontomedon> ok i'll try rebooting phone+router
[20:52:24] <nadlabak> well, it was caused by /config not mirroring /pds :)
[20:54:29] <nadlabak> I accidentally removed one line of code because I forgot why I added it there in the past ;)
[20:55:49] <pontomedon> thats what comments are for :P
[20:55:57] <pontomedon> hm still doesn't connect
[20:56:04] <pontomedon> authenticating -> disconnected
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[21:01:10] <pontomedon> disabling mac filter doesn't help, i'll try entering the password one more time..
[21:04:05] <nadlabak> pontomedon: try to delete /data/mics/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf
[21:04:23] <pontomedon> ok nvm, sorry
[21:04:28] <pontomedon> works now
[21:04:28] <nadlabak> but you will have to configure all your saved wifi networks again
[21:04:37] <nadlabak> good
[21:04:43] <pontomedon> seems i mistyped the key... fail..
[21:04:50] <nadlabak> :)
[21:06:51] <pontomedon> thats the downside of having a 50 character generated wpa key..
[21:11:21] <fjfalcon> nadlabak: that funny.. bridge from your omap3 also don't work...
[21:22:36] <nadlabak> fjfalcon: well, if the bridge taken from CM7 for Milestone works, then bridge from my omap3 works :)
[21:22:52] <fjfalcon> nadlabak: i think that bridge from motorola...
[21:23:15] <fjfalcon> will try to download ida and compare moto bridge and bridge from your omap3
[21:25:51] <nadlabak> fjfalcon: unlike many other moto/ti omap CM phones, for Milestone I compile all the TI dsp related libs from source, for a very long time (since CM6)
[21:26:03] <nadlabak> excluding the camera lib
[21:26:20] <fjfalcon> then why it can't init ? =(
[21:29:14] <nadlabak> fjfalcon: have you built all the libs from my omap3 repo? or only libbridge?
[21:30:13] <nadlabak> I don't have your device at hand, so it's hard to do any debugging ;)
[21:30:24] <fjfalcon> nadlabak: i can give you usbip access to mine phone
[21:30:46] <fjfalcon> but yes, i have builded all libs from your omap3 repo
[21:43:11] <TheSpiritof69> nadlabak, could you add the option to automagically lock the device again if Unlock on Slide ist active and you slide the keyboard back in?
[21:44:37] <fjfalcon> nadlabak: what strange, i even have builded libbridge and other libs from motorola source and get same problems, only lib from motorola works..
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