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[04:04:48] <emper0r> hi, have a little question...
[04:05:15] <emper0r> when i restart to install the new rom in openrecovery start show error bitmap like is missing something the bar progress..
[04:05:24] <emper0r> have to reinstall OR again right?
[04:05:59] <emper0r> and can´t upgrade
[04:07:48] <emper0r> and other thing.. i have a SD 8 Gb all FAT its recomended to use ext3 in 512mb more les? or have to extend 1Gb? i´m not create any.. for android is more better run some extra libs at this partitions ext than FAT.. or?...how explain that? :)
[04:09:28] <emper0r> i see here many are using ext3 and fat.. so is for any reason.. i want to do it too but i want to lear why :)
[04:09:54] <emper0r> learn*
[04:27:28] <vikas> emper0r: sd-ext is for installing apps (it augments your phone's internal memory)
[04:38:25] <vikas> emper0r: the ext partition on the sd-card is for installing all the apps you need without running out of phone memory
[04:38:44] <vikas> the FAT partition is for the rest of the stuff - music, photos and any exported data out of apps
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[06:21:32] <nothize> nadlabak: do you know why CM7 doesn't use the spn defined in spn-conf.xml? SIMRecords should had set it....seems that the UI is not getting the spn value.
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[11:10:29] <nadlabak> nothize: spn override works fine for me
[11:11:05] <nadlabak> but according to the rules, PLMN may be displayed instead of SPN
[11:11:17] <nadlabak> maybe that is your case
[11:22:57] <nadlabak> nothize: T-Mobile - https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/wGp14oZ3zuxXuY5LosmHOBDGpExorjDXOMiARJBuj1U?feat=directlink
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[11:41:31] <vikas> where's the setting to turn on USB debugging?
[11:45:26] <TheSpiritof69> Apps - Development iirc
[11:46:21] <vikas> TheSpiritof69: thanks, found it
[11:47:03] <vikas> somehow my phone is not recognizing when a USB cable is inserted -- but the chargin works..
[11:47:40] <vikas> charging through a power point works, but nothing happens when i connect to the computer- (tried on windows and linux)
[11:47:42] <vikas> any idea?
[11:53:03] <TheSpiritof69> nadlabak, latest build runs really smooth :o
[11:53:41] <TheSpiritof69> How many virgins did you have to sacrifice to achieve that?
[11:54:54] <cubi> lol
[11:54:54] <cubi> :>
[12:02:44] <k1l_> TheSpiritof69: yep, dont know what he changed but it feels really smoth.
[12:06:05] <cubi> alright
[12:06:09] <cubi> gonna upgrade :P
[12:09:24] <nothize> nadlabak: hihi!! Yo I read sth about PLMN too, heh so that means my sim card enforce the PLMN rule...
[12:25:32] <cubi> oh god
[12:25:42] <cubi> 496kb free
[12:25:43] <cubi> @ apps
[12:25:44] <cubi> :O
[12:25:49] <cubi> what happend
[12:36:51] <nadlabak> cubi: dalvik.vm.dexopt-cache-only is set to 0 by default, so most of the dalvik-cache dex files is stored in /data instead of /cache to prevent cache getting silently full causing market downloads and instalation failures
[12:37:22] <cubi> ah
[12:37:34] <cubi> y no probs, I moved some big (20+mb) to sd
[12:37:41] <cubi> and now I'm in the cleaar again ;)
[12:37:46] <cubi> apps*
[12:39:32] <nadlabak> I recommend to create ext3 (or ext4) partition on your sdcard
[12:40:57] <cubi> I guess a newer version of openrecovery is needed?
[12:46:12] <TheSpiritof69> gparted live-cd
[12:46:43] <cubi> hrhr
[12:46:44] <nadlabak> I'll add 'parted' to this package: http://code.google.com/p/cyanogenmod4milestone/downloads/detail?name=OR1.46_extfs_mmcfix_update.zip
[12:46:50] <TheSpiritof69> Though I'm not sure if ext3 or higher is probably the best choice for flash media
[12:47:06] <TheSpiritof69> Tremendous amounts of write access due to journaling
[12:47:09] <nadlabak> so it can be done directly from OR console
[12:47:21] <cubi> you could disable journaling
[12:47:23] <TheSpiritof69> And I don't think journaling is really needed
[12:47:24] <cubi> :P
[12:47:33] <TheSpiritof69> cubi, so...basically use ext2? :P
[12:47:54] <cubi> ext{3,4} are not ext2 + j
[12:47:54] <cubi> :P
[12:48:02] <cubi> but yeah
[12:48:03] <TheSpiritof69> Not exactly, no
[12:48:13] <cubi> ext2 should do
[12:48:18] <cubi> my /boot is ext2
[12:48:21] <TheSpiritof69> But at least between ext2 and ext3 the main difference should be Journaling
[12:48:22] <cubi> my / is ext3
[12:48:30] <cubi> and my /media/foo is ext4
[12:48:39] <cubi> you could say, my system is old :D
[12:48:44] <TheSpiritof69> /boot is ext2 :D, / is reiser and /home is xfs
[12:48:48] <cubi> only my /media are newer hdds
[12:48:55] <cubi> reiser, lol
[12:49:00] <cubi> you supp. a killer? ;)
[12:49:19] <cubi> oh fuck my batt (laptop) is soon dead, brb from milestone
[12:49:45] <cubi> re
[12:49:48] <nadlabak> regarding ext2 vs ext3 and journaling, read this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=520582
[12:50:33] <TheSpiritof69> Oh
[12:50:45] <TheSpiritof69> I didn't know that android doesnt unmount properly
[12:51:28] <TheSpiritof69> But on the other hand I don't have any problems with the ext2 I'm using for >15 months now
[12:51:31] <TheSpiritof69> :P
[12:52:25] <TheSpiritof69> I'm just wondering, and I'm not sure if newer SD cards are still as much affected by this, if ext3 wears the flash off faster
[12:52:57] <nadlabak> there are usually not so many writes to sdcard, for the journal overhead to be of concern
[12:54:07] <cubi> ...and sd cards are ultra cheap 0~0
[12:54:37] <TheSpiritof69> Yeah :P
[12:54:41] <cubi> mh, SwiftKey X hates connectbot
[12:55:13] <cubi> hw keyboard is fucked
[12:55:28] <cubi> !@#$%&^*()
[12:55:35] <TheSpiritof69> My keyboard mat is getting of on one side
[12:55:46] <TheSpiritof69> off
[12:55:47] <TheSpiritof69> :(
[12:55:53] <vikas> k
[12:56:03] <TheSpiritof69> But I wanted to send it in anyways before warranty is over :P
[12:56:28] <cubi> this was alt+{1..9}
[13:05:10] <emper0r> vikas: thnxs
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[13:08:22] <nadlabak> emper0r: I suppose that you've deleted OR bitmaps via gallery
[13:09:20] <nadlabak> add .nomedia file to /sdcard/OpenRecovery so its bitmaps are not indexed and displayed in Gallery
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[13:21:14] <KabaLF> ok, going into "bite" mode :)
[13:21:29] <KabaLF> re: ext3 / journalling bad for flash media
[13:21:39] <KabaLF> yes, it's bad
[13:22:02] <KabaLF> if you're actually writing to the media
[13:22:25] <KabaLF> in our case, we only actually write to it when we install some new app
[13:22:36] <KabaLF> most of the time we're only reading off it
[13:22:50] <TheSpiritof69> But the same goes for umount
[13:22:56] <KabaLF> so journaling isn't really a problem in that case
[13:23:04] <TheSpiritof69> Regularly we are not writing to ext when the phone is shutdown
[13:23:51] <TheSpiritof69> So it shouln't really matter if it's cleanly umounted becasue nobody liberately reboots whilst installing/updating apps
[13:24:01] <TheSpiritof69> *because
[13:24:07] <KabaLF> right
[13:24:29] <nadlabak> some reboots can't be predicted, controlled ;)
[13:24:36] <TheSpiritof69> Yeah that is true
[13:24:46] <TheSpiritof69> But if you reboot while installing apps
[13:24:50] <TheSpiritof69> You have to reinstall it anyways :P
[13:25:02] <TheSpiritof69> No matter if it's a willing or unwilling reboot :P
[13:26:17] <TheSpiritof69> On a related sidenote: Aren't there any shutdown scripts?
[13:26:36] <TheSpiritof69> Which could be used to unmount partitions?
[13:28:09] <KabaLF> don't think so
[13:29:03] <TheSpiritof69> How are system partitions unmounted then? Or isn't that necessary on yaffs2?
[13:30:09] <KabaLF> it's not necessary
[13:30:15] <TheSpiritof69> I see
[13:30:38] <KabaLF> yaffs is synchronous, i think
[13:31:25] <KabaLF> android doesn't have robust init system like those used on *nix (sysv, etc). it doesn't really have a shutdown event, so that means that every shutdown or reboot on android is "dirty"
[13:32:33] <KabaLF> if you take a look at /etc/rootfs/init.mapphone_umts, all the shutdown/reboot event does is give a 5 secs pause and then shutdown/reboot, nothing more.
[13:40:07] <nadlabak> KabaLF: actually, that 'Moto safe power down' in rc is not what is used for regular shutdown/reboot
[13:45:25] <KabaLF> uh? so dalvik/android does something more?
[13:45:30] <nadlabak> KabaLF: for the higher level, see https://github.com/nadlabak/android_frameworks_base/blob/gingerbread/core/java/com/android/internal/app/ShutdownThread.java
[13:51:01] <KabaLF> I see. I stand corrected :P There's a lof of cleanup stuff going on, in fact. Though it's mostly higher-level stuff, Linux subsystems seems to be barely touched.
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[14:05:12] <nadlabak> KabaLF: at the lower level, not much is happening: https://github.com/nadlabak/android_frameworks_base/blob/gingerbread/core/jni/android_os_Power.cpp
[14:05:21] <nadlabak> https://github.com/nadlabak/android_system_core/blob/gingerbread/libreboot/reboot.c
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[16:11:40] <zewelor> damn after installing new cm7 in market i got half of the apps as not installed
[16:11:56] <zewelor> but when i click on it i got open button, any ideas ?
[16:13:05] <TheSpiritof69> Clear market cache and reboot
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[17:01:10] <TheSpiritof69> nadlabak, lib2ext is executed every boot when enabled? Meaning, folders are moved from /cache to /sd-ext on every boot?
[17:06:34] <nadlabak> yes, though it's libraries, not folders, moved from /data/data/<app-name>/lib
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[17:12:55] <TheSpiritof69> Uh
[17:13:39] <TheSpiritof69> Why do I have folders app(-private), dalvik-cache, download, lib and lost+found on sd-ext?
[17:20:52] <TheSpiritof69> Oh nevermind
[17:20:52] <TheSpiritof69> Just found it
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[18:51:19] <zewelor> thx TheSpiritof69 it helped but i still got 2 apps not installed strange
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[20:08:06] <nadlabak> zewelor: have you updated your market app to the new build 3.4.4?
[20:08:40] <nadlabak> it feels a bit faster than the previous version
[20:10:24] <nadlabak> zewelor: have you tried to delete also market data besides the cache?
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[20:48:55] <zewelor> ye i got 3.4.4
[20:49:14] <zewelor> no i didnt i can try
[21:02:48] <PlasmaHH> faster sounds cool
[21:02:56] * PlasmaHH looks for the apk now
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[21:08:04] <PlasmaHH> hm, can one force the market updater to download a new market apk?
[21:09:16] <zewelor> u can just download and install new apk by adb etc
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[21:09:46] <PlasmaHH> zewelor: well, for using it with adb, I need the file first...
[21:10:31] <zewelor> http://www.multiupload.com/O7AIK6RLAL
[21:10:41] <zewelor> yes was searching for it :>
[21:11:13] <PlasmaHH> I usually prefer taking the apk from the marketupdater ;)
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[21:30:25] <PlasmaHH> what is the best way to debug spontaneous reboots of the phone?
[21:30:42] <TheSpiritof69> Enable logger, pass logs to nadlabak :p
[21:31:56] <PlasmaHH> TheSpiritof69: that would be useless since he is surely not actively developing cm6.x anymore
[21:32:13] <TheSpiritof69> Enable logger, pass logs to milaq :p
[21:32:31] <TheSpiritof69> Or analyze the logs for yourself..
[21:33:02] <PlasmaHH> well, the problem is that I cant find anything in any logs...
[21:41:56] <PlasmaHH> something else... is it possible to disable content providers (similar to disable intent receivers) ?
[21:42:51] <nadlabak> PlasmaHH: well, I don't have to be actively developing cm6 to be able to read the logs and look into the code ;) but yes, I'm obviously more interested in fixing cm7 issues
[21:43:42] <nadlabak> PlasmaHH: can you be more specific in what you want to achieve?
[21:43:46] <PlasmaHH> nadlabak: well, I would assume that debugging random reboot problems is quite some tedious/time consuming task...
[21:44:09] <PlasmaHH> nadlabak: from the logs it seems that some apps, e.g. facbook, are starting as content providers in the background, but I dont want that
[21:44:11] <nadlabak> PlasmaHH: correct :)
[21:46:20] <nadlabak> well, content provider is run only if something wants to use the content it provides
[21:47:36] <PlasmaHH> well yeah, but there are mutiple providers in this case. e.g. for facebook it seems to provide some contacts, but I dont want/need it, and it is just using up my precious memory...
[21:48:05] <zewelor> nadlabak: thx after deleting data and cache it looks like its working :)
[21:49:00] <nadlabak> PlasmaHH: I guess that the best advice is: get rid of the facebook app :P
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[21:50:03] <PlasmaHH> nadlabak: well its not only that one, and I need sometimes a facebook up
[21:50:05] <PlasmaHH> app
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[21:58:50] <PlasmaHH> ok, maybe this one can be solved ... it seems that my random reboots only happen when the phone is purely on battery... is there away to connect usb (for logcat etc.) but disable drawing power from it?
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[22:10:07] <nadlabak> PlasmaHH: it might be unrelated, but the dss errors never happened to me while the phone was connected to usb. I was able to invoke it only while disconnected.
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[22:10:56] <PlasmaHH> nadlabak: so you think it might be another incarnation of those bugs that the world has no fix for yet?
[22:12:07] <nadlabak> PlasmaHH: can you pastebin your /data/dontpanic/apanic_console?
[22:15:25] <PlasmaHH> nadlabak: http://codepad.org/VswWi7PA
[22:17:07] <nadlabak> PlasmaHH: well, that's really old
[22:17:45] <PlasmaHH> nadlabak: I never said dbugging this is going to be easy ;) where can you see a date?
[22:18:11] <nadlabak> so your reboots are not caused by kernel panic
[22:18:38] <nadlabak> line 510
[22:19:02] <PlasmaHH> ah ok
[22:20:00] <nadlabak> does it reboot to M logo or straight to bootanimation?
[22:20:06] <PlasmaHH> reboot into M
[22:20:33] <nadlabak> then it's most probably BP panic
[22:21:02] <PlasmaHH> I sometimes have the feeling that a lot of those reboots (never did any statistics) are somewhat related to gps, since it mostly happens when some app is trying to use gps. then everything locks up for a while and then reboots. but there are other random reboots too. maybe there are multiple problems
[22:23:33] <nadlabak> gps invokes data connection for agps...
[22:27:42] <PlasmaHH> gah my hardware clock is again 2 minutes bad... and data draws quite some current... maybe thats the problem? I could try for a while running on 2G and see if it happens too there...
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[22:43:04] <Skrilax_CZ> nadlabak: does your status bar for 3G data connection show the coloured icon for "good" connection?
[22:43:48] <Skrilax_CZ> (or anybody else with current CM7)?
[22:44:21] <nadlabak> Skrilax_CZ: it's green when connection to google servers has been established
[22:45:35] <nadlabak> green when using the default GB theme, of course
[22:46:09] <nadlabak> I mean, yes :)
[22:46:31] <Skrilax_CZ> :)
[22:47:19] <Skrilax_CZ> well what I meant is whether you see icon "stat_sys_data_fully_inandout_h" or just "stat_sys_data_inandout_h"
[22:53:07] <PlasmaHH> btw. am I the only one wishing that android had a builtin way (like LBE privacy guard) to control permissions, and a central component where you can control notifications (led,sound, per contact etc.) ?
[22:57:57] -!- LjL has quit [Excess Flood]
[22:59:38] <Skrilax_CZ> nadlabak: one more question: since I've got local branches (via repo start) upon the CM7 build, will repo sync apply incoming patches towards them too automatically? Or I'll have to merge everywhere?
[23:01:26] <nadlabak> Skrilax_CZ: you'll have to merge
[23:04:12] <nadlabak> though I'm not entirely sure how it is in the case of remote tracking branch....
[23:05:21] -!- LjL [LjL!~ljl@unaffiliated/ljl] has joined #milestone-modding
[23:06:39] <Skrilax_CZ> well I didn't find any clear information on the internet about it
[23:06:54] <Skrilax_CZ> also you actually forked the repos, not created another branch there, right?
[23:17:01] <nadlabak> Skrilax_CZ: yes, I usually fork and keep on modifying the gingerbread branch, but there are some exceptions when I create a new branch
[23:19:16] <nadlabak> e.g. the DSPManager is still at wip branch, Usb at rewrite...
[23:23:07] <nadlabak> Skrilax_CZ: and yes, the icon I usually see is stat_sys_data_fully_inandout_h.png
[23:26:24] <nadlabak> Skrilax_CZ: after I do repo sync here, I have to go through all the forked projects and merge the upstream manually
[23:27:11] <Skrilax_CZ> ugh, well price for more personalized build
[23:28:46] <nadlabak> that's why I don't like forking more than absolutely necessary ;)
[23:29:48] <Skrilax_CZ> nadlabak: well I actually was somekind of hoping that the idea of repo script is to automatize that
[23:30:03] <Skrilax_CZ> did you write a some script for that?
[23:33:52] <nadlabak> not yet, as I usually check the commits made to the forked projects before merging anyway, to know how much conflicts I can expect beforehand
[23:35:43] <Skrilax_CZ> ok
[23:47:26] -!- mifritscher [mifritscher!~michi@] has joined #milestone-modding
[23:56:53] -!- PlasmaHH has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]