#milestone-modding | Logs for 2012-01-24

[00:00:08] <pontomedon> kk :)
[00:18:22] -!- virgil [virgil!4f70a4cf@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #milestone-modding
[00:18:29] <virgil> hy
[00:18:40] <pontomedon> hi
[00:18:50] <virgil> 10x
[00:18:55] <virgil> now
[00:19:08] <pontomedon> what exactly did you do
[00:19:26] <virgil> i flashted
[00:19:34] <pontomedon> did you wipe data?
[00:19:41] <virgil> yes
[00:19:48] <pontomedon> and cache?
[00:19:52] <virgil> yes
[00:20:06] <virgil> i did all the steps
[00:20:18] <pontomedon> and what happens?
[00:20:35] <pontomedon> do you see the CyanogenMod bootanimation?
[00:20:36] <virgil> it's starting
[00:20:48] <virgil> yes
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[00:21:02] <virgil> I can use the phone
[00:21:30] <virgil> but i just can't understand way the rebooting
[00:21:38] <pontomedon> when does it reboot
[00:21:46] <pontomedon> randomly?
[00:21:52] <virgil> yes
[00:21:53] <pontomedon> how often?
[00:22:09] <k1l> maybe its too low volts
[00:22:17] <virgil> 9 -10 times a day
[00:22:18] <k1l> or overclocked too high
[00:22:30] <k1l> or some other hardware issue
[00:22:33] <pontomedon> virgil: did you overclock it?
[00:22:49] <k1l> cm is overclocked
[00:22:50] <virgil> nop i just instaled the mod
[00:22:58] <virgil> ok
[00:23:20] <pontomedon> k1l but usually not instable
[00:24:07] <k1l> yep. but when the phone is damaged (from too high overclocking or just poor quality) it is possible that it cant handle it.
[00:24:11] <virgil> ok so how do i find if this is the problem?
[00:24:26] <k1l> but you could activate the logging to show why its releading
[00:25:47] <virgil> ??
[00:25:53] <pontomedon> wait a moment
[00:25:58] <virgil> ok
[00:26:11] <pontomedon> my phone is currently rebooting because i updated to 7.1.5 :)
[00:26:20] <virgil> :)
[00:26:30] <virgil> i have the same cm update
[00:27:14] <pontomedon> ok
[00:27:26] <k1l> virgil: did you restore some apps or settings? or is it a clean one?
[00:27:32] <pontomedon> settings -> device settings -> Enable logger
[00:27:48] <virgil> no restor just contacts
[00:27:56] <pontomedon> after the next reboot you'll have logs in /cache/logger
[00:27:56] <virgil> it's enabled
[00:28:06] <pontomedon> ok then there should be logs
[00:28:13] <virgil> ok
[00:28:23] <virgil> 2 sec
[00:29:08] <virgil> it's just rebooted :)
[00:29:14] <pontomedon> ;)
[00:31:33] <nadlabak> virgil: when it reboots, do you see motorola logo first or is it going straight to bootanimination?
[00:32:05] <nadlabak> *animation
[00:32:08] <virgil> no it's showing the motorola logo
[00:32:45] <nadlabak> then it's either kernel panic or bp panic
[00:33:16] <virgil> then the cm
[00:34:50] <virgil> i have nothing in /cache
[00:35:06] <pontomedon> no, you just don't see it
[00:35:12] <pontomedon> do have rootexplorer?
[00:35:16] <pontomedon> or a terminal emulator?
[00:36:06] <k1l> since 7.1.2 my device runs stable and fluid like never before.
[00:36:18] <nadlabak> if it's kernel panic, then /data/dontpanic/apanic_console file will have the relevant information about the cause, and it will have recent creation time
[00:36:51] <pontomedon> virgil: if you don't have it, could you install this app: https://market.android.com/details?id=jackpal.androidterm ?
[00:37:14] <nadlabak> android term is part of CM
[00:37:20] <pontomedon> o
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[00:37:31] <pontomedon> didn't know that, had it installed before^^
[00:38:00] <virgil_> ok
[00:38:08] <virgil_> if it's the kernel
[00:38:16] <virgil_> or bp panic
[00:38:29] <virgil_> what can i do to fix it
[00:38:31] <virgil_> ?
[00:38:46] <nadlabak> provide the logs
[00:38:56] <virgil_> i just tuned the procesor to 600 mhz
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[00:40:00] <nadlabak> virgil_: what is the creation time of your current /data/dontpanic/apanic_console file?
[00:41:35] <virgil_> i can't find any file named apanic..
[00:41:47] <pontomedon> you have to check in the terminal emulator
[00:41:54] <virgil_> nop
[00:41:57] <nadlabak> ls -l /data/dontpanic
[00:42:50] <[mbm]> also gets copied to /data/system/dropbox
[00:43:11] <virgil_> ok
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[00:49:27] <virgil> sorry
[00:49:31] <virgil> i'm back
[00:49:44] <virgil> in system dropbox
[00:50:17] <virgil> i found some files
[00:50:41] <virgil> the most recent one is
[00:51:53] <virgil> 920 jan 24 01:31 SYSTEM_TOMBSTONE@1327361475404
[00:53:21] <pontomedon> could you also check /data/dontpanic? (ls -l /data/dontpanic)
[00:53:46] <virgil> i checkt
[00:53:59] <virgil> it dosent do anything
[00:54:11] <[mbm]> no apanic in dropbox?
[00:54:27] <virgil> nop
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[00:54:29] <nadlabak> so it's BP panic
[00:55:56] <[mbm]> pontomedon: all the dontpanic stuff gets renamed with a timestamp and copied to dropbox; would be an APANIC_CONSOLE@... in dropbox for every panic since /data was wiped
[00:56:26] <pontomedon> ok [mbm], good to know.
[00:56:40] <virgil> ok
[00:57:14] <virgil> but i dont have a apanic file
[00:57:16] <pontomedon> i remember flashing a bp update.zip when i first installed cm, but i can't remember where i got it from or what it was for... could that be an issue?
[00:57:32] <nadlabak> yes
[00:58:18] <nadlabak> virgil: what have you been running before applying CM7 update.zip?
[00:58:43] <nadlabak> official firmware? 2.1 or 2.2?
[00:58:49] <virgil> miui cm6 cm5 i've tried everything
[00:58:55] <virgil> those to
[00:59:17] <nadlabak> which was the last sbf you flashed?
[00:59:55] <virgil> 2.1update1
[01:00:16] <nadlabak> well, then you should update your BPSW
[01:00:28] <pontomedon> http://code.google.com/p/cyanogenmod4milestone/downloads/detail?name=update-bpsw-MSG39UPEU_A1.19_0.90-I4.zip <-- found it :P
[01:00:37] <nadlabak> http://code.google.com/p/cyanogenmod4milestone/downloads/detail?name=update-bpsw-MSG39UPEU_A1.19_0.90-I4.zip
[01:00:42] <nadlabak> ha
[01:00:46] <nadlabak> :)
[01:00:46] <pontomedon> is the devtree updated needed as well?
[01:00:51] <pontomedon> -d
[01:00:56] <pontomedon> i think i never installed it
[01:01:25] <virgil> and how do i apply this instal
[01:01:26] <virgil> ??
[01:01:51] <pontomedon> apply via OR
[01:01:59] <virgil> ok
[01:02:11] <virgil> give me 1 min
[01:03:56] <nadlabak> it's all here, under "additional downloads". http://android.doshaska.net/cm7
[01:04:18] <nadlabak> is it invisible? ;)
[01:07:17] <virgil> ok it's up again
[01:07:26] <virgil> with the update
[01:08:37] <virgil> I just noticed
[01:08:46] <pontomedon> nadlabak: no, not invisible, but i didn't scroll down :)
[01:08:47] <virgil> before i instaled the update
[01:09:18] <virgil> the up time was 30 min
[01:09:38] <pontomedon> nadlabak: actually i read your install notes for the first time. I'll have to update the guide to reflect those instructions
[01:10:33] <virgil> i hope the update fixis the problem 10x guy's
[01:12:00] <pontomedon> virgil: i hope so too :)
[01:12:12] <pontomedon> nadlabak: what about the devtree update? is it also needed?
[01:12:23] <virgil> you really offer tech suport
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[01:17:05] <k1l> man ist das netzwerk laggy :/
[01:17:26] <pontomedon> 78ms avg ping, not sooo bad :)
[01:18:40] <nadlabak> pontomedon: the difference between 2.1 and 2.2 devtree on Milestone is only minor, I don't think it's essential, but it should be applied anyway when comming from 2.1 firmware, just to play safe :)
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[01:20:36] <pontomedon> ok
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[01:27:40] <pontomedon> okay, i added the bpsw and devtree updates to the guide, i'll add the thing about the different radios tomorrow
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[01:29:34] <nadlabak> pontomedon: thanks
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[06:38:05] <vikas> nadlabak: you there?
[06:38:59] <vikas> nadlabak: something changed in tiwlan in 7.1.4 -- it's now not connecting to 802.1x EAP (PEAP) networks
[06:39:18] <vikas> I'll try with 7.1.3 and report back
[06:39:33] <vikas> sry 7.1.2
[06:46:31] <vikas> nvm
[06:46:46] <vikas> i saw your comment in xda about deleting /data/misc/wifi -- i'll try that first
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[07:15:52] <vikas> ok that worked
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[07:52:21] <endstille> hi again ;)
[07:52:46] <endstille> i get the same error on my machine here, like yesterday on the other one :( build/core/base_rules.mk:162: *** device/motorola/umts_sholes/charge_only_mode: MODULE.TARGET.EXECUTABLES.charge_only_mode already defined by device/motorola/common/charge_only_mode. End
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[08:27:48] <stlifey> endstille: https://github.com/CyanogenDefy/android_device_motorola_jordan/commit/efb9311ec941f9db7e2ae2edf28128e10d9e706a#diff-66
[08:32:51] <endstille_> thanks, but shouldn't i get this change, once i sync with repo?
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[09:09:44] <endstille_> hmm, even after removeing folder device/motorola and .repo/projects/device/motorola and syncing again, i get this error >.<
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[09:19:15] <fjfalcon> endstille_: rename Android.mk in /device/motorola/umts_sholes/charge_only_mode
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[09:20:22] <endstille_> ah, thanks =) its compiling ics now anyway, so i have some hours before i can test it again x)
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[10:38:14] <pontomedon> nadlabak: any chance you're here?
[10:39:14] <nadlabak> pontomedon: yes, I am
[10:39:43] <pontomedon> out of interest
[10:40:12] <pontomedon> what is the ap_gain_france.bin for?
[10:40:25] <pontomedon> special wlan regulations for france?
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[10:44:36] <pontomedon> and - androidiani contains a baseband named Germany, i guess this is the one included in cm?
[10:49:26] <pontomedon> and a third question - the radio files have to be flashed only after the first installation, right? or after every update?
[10:51:33] <vikas> pontomedon: while you're still here
[10:51:56] <vikas> remember the volup+x for the recovery (90.78 bootloader versions) ?
[10:52:09] <pontomedon> yes?
[10:52:23] <vikas> so i tested it (after flashing back to recovery)
[10:52:32] <vikas> back to stock*
[10:53:04] <vikas> So, 'x' works for getting to stock recovery, after that to get to the recovery menu, it's still VolUp+Cam
[10:53:28] <vikas> so poweron+x (or cam depending on bootloader) and then volup+cam
[10:53:35] <pontomedon> oh
[10:54:08] <pontomedon> then i'll have to change that in the guide
[10:54:44] <pontomedon> so you hold x while switching it on, and then volup+cam
[10:55:30] <vikas> Yes
[10:55:36] <pontomedon> okay
[10:59:04] <nadlabak> ap_gain(_france) is a config for audio post processor, so it's about special audio regulations for france
[11:00:07] <pontomedon> ah okay i thought ap was access point :)
[11:01:45] <nadlabak> pontomedon: there is only negligible difference between german and generic european bp_nvm_default files
[11:02:14] <nadlabak> so to be exact - it's not the same, but can be considered so :)
[11:02:58] <pontomedon> ok so flashing those is unecessary
[11:03:11] <nadlabak> yes
[11:04:10] <nadlabak> the third question is actually quite good: I should add the bp_nvm to backuptool
[11:04:51] <nadlabak> right now, after every update, the radio files have to be flashed again, if user needs other than european bp
[11:05:25] <nadlabak> but I'll change that for the next release
[11:05:33] <pontomedon> ok
[11:05:56] <pontomedon> more questions about the radio files:
[11:06:21] <pontomedon> i guess the France, Italy, Greece are unnecessary as well
[11:07:36] <nadlabak> yes
[11:08:52] <pontomedon> good. and what's the difference between canada and telus?
[11:08:59] <pontomedon> teles is canadian, iirc
[11:09:04] <pontomedon> *telus
[11:12:34] <nadlabak> I'm not aware of any canadian firmware other than telus, so there should be no difference
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[11:18:14] <pontomedon> the telus zip has a 14 more files int /system/etc/motorola/bp_nvm_default (canada has only File_Audio, File_Audio2, File_GSM, File_Seem_Flex_Tables, generic_pds_init - those 5 are identical as in the telus zip)
[11:18:51] <pontomedon> the telus zip additionally contains /system/lib/libril-moto-umts-1.so
[11:19:09] <pontomedon> so telus is the correct one?
[11:20:00] <nadlabak> pontomedon: I guess that there are not taken into account actuall differences in files, some may be redundant
[11:20:26] <nadlabak> some of it may be taken from 2.1 firmware, some from 2.2
[11:21:05] <nadlabak> ideally, the bp should be taken care of directly in CM, in device settings
[11:21:48] <nadlabak> there is already an app for that, called bp switcher or something like that
[11:22:22] <nadlabak> it's used in defy firmware, but it's unfortunately not open source, written by chinese
[11:22:31] <nadlabak> I'll have a look into it
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[11:23:17] <nadlabak> I don't like to depend on OR clones
[11:23:28] <pontomedon> yes
[11:23:47] <pontomedon> i linked the Original OR + the ext update to it in my guide
[11:24:11] -!- stlifey [stlifey!~stlifey@] has parted #milestone-modding
[11:24:20] <pontomedon> but androidiani has the radio files as update zip files, so they can also be installed in regular OR
[11:24:54] -!- endstille_ [endstille_!~endstille@] has joined #milestone-modding
[11:25:04] <endstille_> lol took exactly 2 hours to compile ics ^^
[11:25:19] <vikas> endstille_: you have a pretty powerful setup
[11:25:24] <vikas> mine took 12hrs :)
[11:25:46] <nadlabak> gotta go, bbl
[11:25:49] <endstille_> oh, strange. i thought it would be my weakest machine
[11:25:53] <endstille_> cuu
[11:25:55] <pontomedon> cya
[11:26:07] <endstille_> core2duo @2.8ghz and 4gb ram
[11:26:36] <vikas> not latest, but not bad -- mine's a netbook Atom dual core, 1GB RAM
[11:27:35] <endstille_> ahhh, okay ;)
[11:32:48] <cubi> 11:25 < endstille_> lol took exactly 2 hours to compile ics ^^
[11:32:50] <cubi> 11:25 < vikas> mine took 12hrs :)
[11:32:59] <cubi> ha, that reminds me of my pc vs my netbook
[11:33:16] <cubi> mplayer from sources...
[11:33:22] <cubi> 1min vs ~1h
[11:33:22] <cubi> :D
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[11:41:19] <vikas> cubi: wow - quite a difference
[11:41:27] <vikas> 1hr just for mplayer?
[11:41:36] <cubi> y
[11:41:39] <cubi> eeepc
[11:41:44] <cubi> atom "power"
[11:41:45] <cubi> :D
[11:41:49] <vikas> :D
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[11:42:01] <cubi> I bet the arm in my milestone has more power :>
[11:47:25] <pontomedon> nadlabak: if you implement the radio thing in the device menu - could you also take care of the MOTO_RTFR thing? I didn't include it in the guide for now, as i guess it's not that important.
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[12:03:33] <endstille_> btw. fjfalcon you tip did not work, sorry
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[12:12:05] <fjfalcon> endstille_: how so?
[12:12:55] <endstille> i removed all folders execpt .repo in ~/cm4mm then in cm4mm/device/ i removed all motorola
[12:13:18] <endstille> then i synced again, then i extracted prop. files, then i renamed file according to you, then i run build command
[12:13:20] <endstille> then i get build/core/base_rules.mk:162: *** device/motorola/umts_sholes/mot_boot_mode: MODULE.TARGET.EXECUTABLES.mot_boot_mode already defined by device/motorola/common/mot_boot_mode. Schluss.
[12:13:25] <endstille> same error
[12:13:28] milaq|afk is now known as milaq
[12:19:25] <fjfalcon> endstille: not same.
[12:19:40] <fjfalcon> endstille: mot_boot_mode, and your prev error was with charge_only.
[12:19:59] <fjfalcon> su rename android.mk in mot_bood_mode
[12:20:36] <endstille_> ah, sorry my mistake then
[12:32:43] milaq is now known as milaq|afk
[12:40:01] k1l_ is now known as k1l
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[13:16:55] <endstille_> its not working but.. never mind some, who knows what to do (not me) will solve it in genereal i guess.
[13:16:55] <endstille_> i will just sync again tomorrow or something
[13:25:56] -!- vikas [vikas!~user@] has joined #milestone-modding
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[15:45:34] <pontomedon> i cannot try currently - is adbd enabled in OR?
[15:47:12] <stlifey> pontomedon: yes
[15:47:18] <pontomedon> thnx
[15:47:25] <stlifey> is adb_bash
[15:54:02] <pontomedon> so it starts a bash shell?
[15:55:19] <pontomedon> i discovered only yesterday, that bash is available in cm, i was using busybox sh till then :)
[15:55:44] <stlifey> pontomedon: also available in or.
[15:57:56] <pontomedon> it's default in OR iirc?
[15:58:41] <pontomedon> i didn't recognize the OR console as bash first, only after i started it in android :)
[16:00:41] -!- endstille_ has quit [Quit: I'll be back.]
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[16:27:40] <Skrilax_CZ> OR console is bash
[16:27:59] <Skrilax_CZ> I modified adb a bit to run bash
[16:28:48] Skrilax_CZ is now known as Skrilax_CZ|Away
[16:32:47] <pontomedon> nice @ Skrilax_CZ|Away
[16:33:22] <pontomedon> just to be sure: milestone xt720 is an entirely different device than the milestone, right?
[16:34:01] <pontomedon> i.e. cm7 for milestone isn't supposed to run on a xt720
[16:39:23] Red|Off is now known as Redh3ad
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[18:43:20] <xvilka> hi! anyone here with IPv6 expierence?
[18:43:26] -!- endstille has quit [Quit: I'll be back.]
[18:44:34] -!- elektroschmock [elektroschmock!4e2bc75d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #milestone-modding
[18:48:57] <elektroschmock> endstille: mot_boot_mode has been moved to motorola_common with this commit. http://review.cyanogenmod.com/#change,11507
[18:49:12] <elektroschmock> charge_only_mode with this one http://review.cyanogenmod.com/#change,11521
[18:49:52] <xvilka> CM9 removed support for droid1/milestone
[18:52:14] <pontomedon> surprise surprise :)
[18:52:53] <k1l> xvilka: there was no official cm9 from the beginning i think
[18:53:44] <nadlabak> elektroschmock: sorry, I'm too busy, I'm aware of it, I only haven't had a free moment to reflect these changes in common in my repo yet
[18:55:10] <elektroschmock> Nadlabak: No problem it just looked like endstille is eager to compile gingerbread
[18:55:15] <xvilka> k1l: was for droid
[18:58:00] <nadlabak> the CM decision to drop 256MB RAM devices has been made even before the ics source has been released
[19:05:21] <xvilka> i have similar decision too, but still not dropped my 256RAM device ... :(
[19:30:49] -!- endstille [endstille!~endstille@dslb-092-072-186-131.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #milestone-modding
[19:35:05] <fjfalcon> pontomedon: well.. it can be ported from milestone to xt720.. but youp it different devices
[19:43:19] -!- elektroschmock has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
[19:47:23] <pontomedon> yeah i figured. i had a guy spamming all over the comment section of my cm update guide complaining about everything
[19:47:45] <pontomedon> and after 3 days i finally thought about asking him if he had the correct phone
[19:48:59] <pontomedon> i should've listened to [mbm] when he told me that the error message this guy had when flashing with sbf_flash usually means the sbf is for a different phone...
[19:56:27] <[mbm]> :)
[20:00:35] <pontomedon> seems i have too much confidence in the average user
[20:00:48] -!- Specialist [Specialist!~tg@andromeda.v6.tgbyte.de] has joined #milestone-modding
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[22:02:22] -!- mioze7ae [mioze7ae!~mioze7ae@] has joined #milestone-modding
[22:04:03] <mioze7ae> pontomedon: Cincinnati Bell in their infinite wisdom marketed the "Milestone XT720" as "Milestone"
[22:06:32] <mioze7ae> pontomedon: It was great fun when Motorola updated their software upgrade page to say that Milestone XT720 was stuck at eclair ;)
[22:06:50] <pontomedon> ;)
[22:07:18] <pontomedon> xt720 has not been uodated to froyo?
[22:07:25] <mioze7ae> Nope
[22:08:19] <mioze7ae> Well, not the Milestone XT720. Motoroi XT720 (also slightly different phone) sort of was.
[22:08:37] <mioze7ae> Motoroi XT720 got froyo with eclair kernel.
[22:08:51] <pontomedon> according to this http://www.phonegg.com/compare/26/Motorola-MILESTONE-vs-Motorola-MILESTONE-XT720.html milestone xt720 has overall better specs
[22:09:00] <mioze7ae> We know
[22:09:16] <pontomedon> i dont understand moto
[22:09:37] <mioze7ae> Blame "a variety of business and technical factors"--basically Milestone XT720 was intended for T-Mobile, but they passed.
[22:10:07] <mioze7ae> (according to git comments in the kernel source)
[22:10:36] <pontomedon> strange
[22:13:13] milaq is now known as milaq|afk
[22:13:14] <mioze7ae> Cincinnati Bell repackaged Dexter's 2.2 port for us: http://www.cincinnatibell.com/milestoneupgrade/
[22:13:27] <mioze7ae> It's a funny read
[22:14:27] <mioze7ae> Even the carrier couldn't get the bootloader unlocked, that's why I always laugh when Motorola blames the carriers
[22:15:38] <TheSpiritof69> Some people..
[22:15:41] <cafk> you have to be shitting me
[22:15:51] <pontomedon> LL
[22:15:53] <pontomedon> LOL
[22:15:56] <TheSpiritof69> According to a user on a forum
[22:16:19] <pontomedon> a carrier document showing OpenRecovery screenshots
[22:16:30] <TheSpiritof69> It's good to use task killer because the ram consumes less battery if it's not full
[22:16:38] <TheSpiritof69> :3
[22:16:57] <mioze7ae> :D Last step: unroot!
[22:17:09] <cafk> mioze7ae: when did they release this update?
[22:17:20] <pontomedon> lol yes the last step
[22:17:24] <k1l> TheSpiritof69: rofl
[22:17:39] <TheSpiritof69> Whilst he may technically be right
[22:17:57] <TheSpiritof69> The saved battery life should be within a minimal margin of error
[22:17:59] <k1l> the cincinatti bell upgrade was half a year ago?
[22:18:06] <TheSpiritof69> :P
[22:18:51] <mioze7ae> Early July I think. It was July 4 weekend
[22:21:34] <cafk> ... still holy frick oO
[22:22:17] <k1l> thats old news, that motos PR devision is telling bullshit to keep the folks quiet
[22:22:48] <k1l> there might be still people saying, that moto will unlock all bootloaders :)
[22:23:02] <TheSpiritof69> There are -.-
[22:23:07] <TheSpiritof69> Just read it the other day..
[22:23:18] <cafk> ... i'm just stunned, that a carrier actually released an unofficial update : D
[22:23:43] <pontomedon> pretty cool though
[22:24:01] <k1l> and they call the xoom and the atrix as examples. but the xoom had to be open because its a nexus one. and the atrix was a leak and no official opening
[22:24:02] <pontomedon> that pdf, with screenshots from OR
[22:24:58] -!- Specialist has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[22:25:24] <cafk> the video is alot better, with the root/unroot in the video : )
[22:25:50] <pontomedon> :)
[22:28:04] <cafk> ...well, atleast Skrilax_CZ got props in that pdf ; )
[22:29:53] <mib_force> he can't buy shit for that :P
[22:30:45] <cafk> but think of his next resume : D yeah yeah, my software was used by a "small" US service provider as their main update tool : D
[22:31:58] <cafk> ... or dexter for that matter ^^
[22:49:17] -!- endstille has quit [Quit: I'll be back.]
[22:52:30] <mib_force> guess Skrilax_CZ doesn't need to bother about jobs
[22:52:40] <mib_force> same goes for nadlabak and xvilka plus mbm
[22:52:57] <mib_force> sorry for the highlight tho :)
[22:53:26] <Skrilax_CZ> np :P
[22:54:21] <k1l> mib_force: work or jobs? :)
[22:55:14] <cafk> btw, has anyone actually tried to contact the developers of our milestone? : D maybe get them to spill the beans? : P
[22:56:12] <k1l> i dont think they read mails after they got tons of hatemails because of the bootloader :)
[22:56:50] <cafk> maybe change titles of the emails from hate to love or congratz or something like that... + regular post is always a possibility : )
[23:11:28] -!- psychuil_alt has quit [Quit: Gotta reboot]
[23:11:47] -!- psychuil [psychuil!~psychuil@bzq-79-182-141-151.red.bezeqint.net] has joined #milestone-modding
[23:24:28] -!- pontomedon has quit [Quit: I'll be back.]
[23:24:41] <mib_force> anyone experienced problems with facebook syncing with contacts?
[23:26:14] <Skrilax_CZ> well, as far as I can tell, 2.6.32 kernel to xt701 (unlocked BL) was ported recently by stilfey, which is a very similar phone to xt720
[23:26:20] <mib_force> nadlabak: seems as if the facebook sync service crashes
[23:26:46] <mib_force> nadlabak: could not disable core file generation of pid XXXXX: Operation not permitted
[23:27:17] <Skrilax_CZ> don't come under premise that unlocked BL = new kernels, sbdy has to develop them, so that's why the carrier probably didn't even bother
[23:27:25] <mib_force> nadlabak: process facebook.com.katana (pid XXXXX) has died
[23:28:07] <mib_force> nadlabak: Scheduling restart of crashed service facebook.com.katana/.service.FaceBookSercice in 5000ms