#milestone-modding | Logs for 2012-01-25

[00:00:16] <nadlabak> mib_force: post more complete log to pastebin
[00:11:46] <mib_force> nadlabak: how? got no adb connection here
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[01:14:13] <nadlabak> mib_force: enable logger under device settings, wait for some facebook service crash, copy /cache/logger/AOL_main.ap.bin to sdcard using e.g. Root Explorer and upload it somewhere
[01:18:56] <nadlabak> mib_force: or press left shift + del on hw keyboard, wait for repeated vibration and then upload the bugreport from /sdcard/bugreports
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[02:56:09] <mioze7ae> Skrilax_CZ: even without new kernel, initramfs could have been updated to remove 2nd-init. Or they could have gotten a signed OTA instead of the whole rooting/nandroid install. Bottom line is carrier was very willing, Motorola was not.
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[09:53:44] <endstille> heyho
[09:53:44] <endstille> i wonder, i you use sun-java to compile CM, or ir open-jdk words, too.
[09:53:44] <endstille> i tried this packet in a new debian http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=21689907&postcount=364 and the developer writes in its description, that open-jdkk was reported to be working...
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[10:36:59] <endstille> nadlabak: have you changed build-instructions for ICS?
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[10:38:24] <k1l_> they are changed in comparison to gb
[10:39:18] <endstille_> i know
[10:39:21] <endstille_> but i get http://pastebin.com/bty6Kvm2
[10:42:25] <k1l_> endstille: did you again leave half of the steps out?
[10:43:53] <k1l_> did you get the prebuilds? and build the envsetup?
[10:44:03] <endstille> no.... i made - make clobber; then repo sync; then vendor/cm/get-prebuilts; then . build/envsetup.sh; then lunch cm_umts_sholes-eng all acording to nadlabak's howto and all worked just yesterday.....
[10:51:34] <endstille> f.ck..... never mind copy&paste error >.< damn
[10:52:14] <TheSpiritof69> lol
[10:52:16] <endstille> too busy with my work, i just wanted to see, if openjdk works, while doing my "real" work so i did not look close, that what i do
[10:52:19] <endstille> sry
[10:53:07] <k1l_> *sigh*
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[12:14:56] <fjfalcon> endstille: openjdk works fine
[12:15:18] <endstille> great =) thanks
[12:15:43] <fjfalcon> OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.10.4) (ArchLinux-6.b22_1.10.4-1-x86_64)
[12:18:02] <endstille> okay, but "we" use version6, not 7 right?
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[14:56:29] <endstille> yay successfully compiled cm9 and cm7 today (cm7 after switching to openjdk6)
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[14:58:05] <cubi> is cm9 useable atm?
[15:04:31] <endstille> well, i've not installed it, but i compile it :D
[15:04:39] <endstille> i used it once, but i need my camera friday
[15:04:42] <endstille> so i cannot test it
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[16:07:32] <szabolor> hi guys
[16:07:45] <szabolor> i need a little help with my milestone
[16:08:13] <pontomedon> whats your problem?
[16:08:26] <szabolor> i have 2.3.4 android and i'm not able to install any custom rom, because it freez after the "M" logo
[16:08:27] <k1l_> go on, the more informations the merrier :)
[16:08:42] <szabolor> the phone is milestone 2 Italy
[16:09:42] <k1l_> im not familiar with ms2. did you wipe all data and cache?
[16:10:05] <szabolor> of course
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[16:10:30] <szabolor> before installing update.zip and after it also
[16:11:37] <k1l_> dont know if there are different versions of OR like on ms1. try to get the latest and download the customrom.zip again and check md5sum
[16:14:03] <szabolor> hm, i'll see it...
[16:14:21] <szabolor> what about you, what do you use on your own phones?
[16:14:50] <TheSpiritof69> CM7 on MS1
[16:15:57] <szabolor> and why did you decide to use that one?
[16:16:10] <k1l_> dito
[16:17:45] <k1l_> its not too much blingbling and squeezes the optimum out of the ms1 in its old days
[16:18:21] <TheSpiritof69> Indeed
[16:18:36] <TheSpiritof69> And its the only ROM that is still actively developped
[16:18:39] <TheSpiritof69> More or less ;)
[16:19:29] <k1l_> yeah, the unofficial cm dev and his gang here is dping a great job since the beginning
[16:24:28] <TheSpiritof69> Btw: Mirroring CM9 at https://milestone.immaterium.de/cm9/ because MultiUpload and all OCH's suck balls.
[16:24:42] <TheSpiritof69> nadlabak's official build.
[16:24:53] <TheSpiritof69> Well, what you call 'official' :P
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[16:27:15] <k1l_> its still the first one, right?
[16:30:33] <TheSpiritof69> Yep
[16:30:59] <TheSpiritof69> Download:
[16:31:00] <TheSpiritof69> CM9.0.0 RC0 20120114: http://www.multiupload.com/P9MCWQW0OU
[16:31:18] <TheSpiritof69> This one exactly
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[17:29:21] <vikas> nadlabak: you there?
[17:30:00] <vikas> I just sync'ed cm6 (again..) and ran "mka otapackage"
[17:30:19] <vikas> I'm getting this error: build/core/binary.mk:29: *** external/stlport: ndk version root does not exist: prebuilt/ndk/android-ndk-r4/platforms/android-8/arch-arm. Stop.
[17:30:20] <vikas>
[17:31:15] <vikas> I checked the prebuilt dir and found that there is in fact android-8/arch-arm, but in prebuild/ndk/android-ndk-r4/linux/platforms/
[17:31:26] <vikas> ^ Note the extra "linux" folder in between
[17:31:52] <vikas> now which variable do I change to point the ndk to the right place?
[17:35:54] <k1l_> i gotta make a postit to remember myself to upgrade the ram in my homeserver to 4gb next time i reboot. that would make the compiling some easier :)
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[17:39:01] <vikas> :)
[17:40:37] <k1l_> have 2 extra 1gb sticks lying here since months. but everytime i reboot im busy with other things than reminding on upgrading ram :/
[17:43:05] <mioze7ae> vikas: you need to pin parts of CM6's tree. AOSP is moving things around in ways that break froyo. Check https://github.com/CyanogenModXT720/android/tree/froyo for how we do it on XT720
[17:44:01] <mioze7ae> Check the platform/prebuilt line
[17:44:16] <nadlabak> I guess that the issue is with the master branch of stlports, actually
[17:44:51] <vikas> mioze7ae: ah, thanks!
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[17:45:01] <nadlabak> https://github.com/milaq/android/blob/froyo/default.xml#L127
[17:45:27] <vikas> nadlabak: you're the man
[17:45:29] <nadlabak> try to use stlports from cyanogenmod repo
[17:45:59] <vikas> or should I change platforms/ndk to froyo instead of master?
[17:47:50] <nadlabak> or that... :) I haven't built froyo in ages, so I'm only guessing
[17:48:18] <mioze7ae> I tried some of that, but I think CM6 does things that assume newer platform, but I'm not 100% certain about it. Unfortunately CM6 was before CM started mirroring everything.
[17:48:33] <vikas> actually I changed ndk to froyo and started a repo sync, so i'll let it finish before I change stlports
[17:51:06] <mioze7ae> I just finished building CM6 using platform/ndk@master from AOSP after syncing about 2hrs ago.
[17:52:22] <vikas> looks like nadlabak was right :)
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[17:52:42] <vikas> the ndk change didn't work, so i've change stlports to pick up from CM and started a sync
[17:54:00] <mioze7ae> We also use stlports@master from aosp. I'll resync and see if something just changed, but I did sync 2hrs ago...
[17:54:17] <mioze7ae> Nope, stlports is up to date here.
[17:54:29] <vikas> mioze7ae: can you paste the stlports line from your default.xml ?
[17:54:57] <mioze7ae> <project path="external/stlport" name="platform/external/stlport" revision="master" />
[17:55:16] <mioze7ae> https://github.com/CyanogenModXT720/android/blob/froyo/default.xml
[17:55:16] <vikas> hmm, weird. That's what mine says and it fails with the error that I posted earlier
[17:56:31] <mioze7ae> Our CM6 started as a fork of milaq's, but we've updated a lot in the last week (merged 2.2.3) etc.
[17:57:05] <mioze7ae> And we handled the kernel.org disappearance a little differently
[17:57:39] <mioze7ae> Are you using milaq's default.xml? I'll compare
[17:59:06] <mioze7ae> The main thing we had to do recently was <project path="prebuilt" name="platform/prebuilt" revision="392922816f65d4d0e3eef591c03d3edcc23e69b2" />
[17:59:14] <vikas> ok, that didn't work either. So i'm reverting to both ndk and stlports to master.
[17:59:21] <vikas> mioze7ae: yes, i'm using milaq's repo
[17:59:35] <vikas> ah, that might be the change i'm missing
[17:59:56] <mioze7ae> Because aosp moved the emulator kernels and I couldn't figure out how to get the stupid linux copying file dependency to work :D
[18:00:23] <mioze7ae> So, they may have made more changes there in the interim
[18:03:28] <vikas> the only change that i see are alsa* between yours and milaq's
[18:03:41] <vikas> actually between mine and yours :)
[18:03:53] <vikas> I removed the alsa* stuff because repo couldn't find them
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[18:06:43] <vikas> or I could try making a copy of the tree and removing the intermediate linux directory :)
[18:07:34] <nadlabak> vikas: better make a symlink
[18:08:15] <vikas> nadlabak: thanks. Why can't Ithink of simple stuff.. :)
[18:08:22] <vikas> I soft-bricked my brother
[18:08:28] <vikas> brother's kindle*
[18:08:54] <vikas> the other day by changing the permisions of /system/app to 644 from 755 :/
[18:09:15] <vikas> was meaning to change the permissions of a file inside the folder, but did it to the folder heh
[18:10:36] <mioze7ae> There are more changes than that... http://pastebin.com/nNEcqwiX
[18:12:16] <vikas> mioze7ae: this is a diff of the .repo/manifests/default.xml right?
[18:12:38] <mioze7ae> Yes between milaq@froyo and CyanogenModXT720@froyo
[18:14:41] <mioze7ae> Anyway I'd try just changing the prebuilt and see if you can build again if you had built successfully recently.
[18:14:55] <vikas> no, never built cm6 anytime
[18:15:01] <vikas> trying it the first time
[18:15:52] <mioze7ae> I do know that our tree builds sholest, but I had to disable umts_sholes because of some target clashes.
[18:16:27] <mioze7ae> I mean it will build from a fresh checkout
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[18:32:57] -!- virgil [virgil!4f70a189@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #milestone-modding
[18:33:04] <virgil> hello
[18:33:26] <virgil> is there anybody ?
[18:39:02] -!- k1l [k1l!~k1l@ubuntu/member/k1l] has joined #milestone-modding
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[18:40:53] -!- virgil [virgil!4f70a189@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #milestone-modding
[18:42:17] <virgil> hello!!
[18:42:30] <virgil> nadlbak ?
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[18:45:20] <nadlabak> virgil: yes?
[18:45:32] -!- vikas has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
[18:45:39] <virgil> i'm back
[18:45:53] <virgil> please hellp!!
[18:46:23] <virgil> the update u give me, made it wors
[18:46:35] -!- broucaries [broucaries!~bastien@mna75-10-82-243-124-42.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #milestone-modding
[18:49:58] <pontomedon> more reboots?
[18:50:19] <stlifey> virgil: chinenglish?
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[18:55:54] <broucaries> any news of BP modem ?
[18:55:55] -!- virgil has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
[18:55:56] -!- virgil [virgil!4f70a189@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #milestone-modding
[18:55:59] <virgil> sorry
[18:56:02] <virgil> yes
[18:56:06] <virgil> more reboots
[18:56:27] <virgil> i can even make a call
[18:56:36] <virgil> ca't*
[18:56:47] <virgil> can'T*
[18:58:11] <virgil> any ideeas???
[18:58:19] <virgil> please
[18:59:29] <pontomedon> have you installed this update as well? http://code.google.com/p/cyanogenmod4milestone/downloads/detail?name=update-devtree.zip
[18:59:54] <pontomedon> if not, you could try, although it's unlikely that this is the reason
[18:59:54] <virgil> nop
[19:00:22] <virgil> i just installed the update u give me
[19:01:10] <pontomedon> ok then install this, for a start. then see if you can grab some logs
[19:02:30] <virgil> i can use OR console if u help me with the command's :)
[19:02:43] <pontomedon> kk ;)
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[19:07:29] <virgil> ok i've instaled the detree update
[19:08:01] <virgil> and it's crashed
[19:08:44] <pontomedon> during install?
[19:08:47] <pontomedon> hmm
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[19:10:44] <pontomedon> could you enter the OR console?
[19:11:33] <virgil> nooo the insal worked
[19:12:43] <pontomedon> then what crashed?
[19:12:55] <pontomedon> do you mean it rebooted again?
[19:13:03] <virgil> yes
[19:13:11] <pontomedon> okay
[19:13:19] <pontomedon> OR console?
[19:13:26] <virgil> i ok
[19:13:39] <pontomedon> ls -l /data/dontpanic
[19:14:03] <virgil> one small question
[19:14:32] <virgil> could the sim cause all this troubels
[19:14:33] <virgil> ??
[19:14:58] <pontomedon> hm i don't know, but why not
[19:15:10] <virgil> ok
[19:15:25] <pontomedon> if it's rather old you could ask your provider for a replacement
[19:15:32] <virgil> after the console i will try a differnt sim
[19:16:28] <virgil> i tipeed the command but nothing hapend
[19:17:35] <pontomedon> okay
[19:17:58] <pontomedon> so bp panic again
[19:18:04] <pontomedon> cd /cache/logger
[19:18:43] <virgil> ok
[19:18:47] <virgil> in logger
[19:18:54] <virgil> i've got
[19:19:20] <pontomedon> 8 files?
[19:19:20] <virgil> Aol_events.ap.bin
[19:19:27] <virgil> yes
[19:19:29] <pontomedon> k
[19:19:56] <pontomedon> mkdir /sdcard/logs
[19:20:10] <pontomedon> cp * /sdcard/logs
[19:20:44] <pontomedon> then you should have those 8 files in a folder logs on your sdcard
[19:21:13] <pontomedon> would be great if you could upload those somewhere
[19:21:31] <virgil> ok
[19:21:43] <pontomedon> if the phone reboots too fast to copy them off the SD, then you can copy them from OR
[19:21:58] <virgil> ok
[19:22:22] <pontomedon> "USB Mass Storage Mode" from the main menu
[19:23:14] <virgil> i'm alredy there ::)
[19:26:11] <virgil> http://www.virtualdrive.ro/fisiere/logs-rar/276306/m0uF32UNb1kFpGIg
[19:26:13] -!- endstille [endstille!~endstille@dslb-092-072-186-131.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #milestone-modding
[19:26:20] <virgil> i can find them here
[19:26:22] <virgil> :)
[19:27:03] <virgil> you can find them here http://www.virtualdrive.ro/fisiere/logs-rar/276306/m0uF32UNb1kFpGIg
[19:27:04] <pontomedon> nadlabak: could you check the logs? Not so sure i find something important... :)
[19:27:28] <virgil> what to check ?
[19:27:46] milaq|afk is now known as milaq
[19:28:05] <pontomedon> check to find the reason for your reboots :)
[19:28:35] <virgil> ok ;))
[19:37:33] <pontomedon> unfortunately i don't see anything suspicious, but I'm not an expert at all
[19:37:53] <virgil> ok
[19:38:11] <pontomedon> was ~~19:02 your last reboot?
[19:38:44] <virgil> nop
[19:39:14] <virgil> my last reboot was at 20:07
[19:39:37] <pontomedon> oh allright
[19:39:43] <pontomedon> where are you from?
[19:39:49] <virgil> romania
[19:39:49] <nopil3os> timetravel^^
[19:39:52] <virgil> ::)
[19:40:52] <pontomedon> okok it says 20:07 in the logs, but i somehow thought that was utc (which, on second thought, doesn't make any sense either...)
[19:41:27] <virgil> utc?
[19:41:45] <pontomedon> standard time zone
[19:42:08] <virgil> ooo ok :P
[19:43:04] <virgil> it's been up now for 16 min :)
[19:43:40] <pontomedon> you're in the utc+2 timezone, fyi :)
[19:43:48] <virgil> and it's down :))
[19:43:55] <virgil> yes
[19:43:56] <pontomedon> damn
[19:44:16] <pontomedon> it wasn't up long before the 20:07 reboot, right? 20:02 says boot completed
[19:44:29] <virgil> nop
[19:45:13] <pontomedon> but i think the critical thing is missing
[19:45:32] <virgil> what???
[19:46:02] <pontomedon> because the old log ends @ 20:05:04
[19:46:40] <pontomedon> and the new one starts at 20:07:19
[19:47:01] <nopil3os> see? time travel!
[19:47:07] <pontomedon> seems the log wasn't written to the filesystem when the reboot occurred :)
[19:47:31] <virgil> ok
[19:47:38] <virgil> so what next?
[19:47:59] <pontomedon> i don't know any further
[19:48:12] <pontomedon> you can try to collect the logs after each reboot
[19:48:22] <pontomedon> with the terminal emulator on the phone
[19:48:33] <virgil> i'm with a new sim card
[19:48:52] <pontomedon> same commands as in OR, except that you'll need a "su" first
[19:49:01] <virgil> ok
[19:50:19] <pontomedon> probably nadlabak will see something important that i miss
[19:50:30] <pontomedon> actually I'm pretty sure he will :)
[19:50:36] <nadlabak> protocol_driver crashes
[19:50:56] <pontomedon> see? :)
[19:51:04] <virgil> ok but mkdir
[19:51:18] <virgil> dosen't work in treminal
[19:51:33] <pontomedon> oh, mkdir is not needed anymore, that creates the folder, but it's already there now :)
[19:51:44] <virgil> a ok
[19:52:03] <virgil> just cp * /sdcard/logs
[19:52:04] -!- TPoint75_1 has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[19:52:54] <pontomedon> yes
[19:53:04] <pontomedon> actually you don't even have to cd first
[19:53:05] <pontomedon> just
[19:53:06] <pontomedon> su
[19:53:15] <pontomedon> cp /cache/logger/* /sdcard/logs
[19:53:24] <virgil> ok
[19:53:30] -!- TPoint75_ [TPoint75_!~tkrause@dsl-243-47-231.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #milestone-modding
[19:53:31] <pontomedon> nadlabak: what is protocol_driver?
[19:54:18] <nadlabak> part of gkisystem - ril implementation
[19:54:38] <nadlabak> virgil - can you try different sim card?
[19:54:46] <virgil> yes
[19:54:56] <virgil> it's on it right now
[19:55:26] <nopil3os> what about without simcard?
[19:55:27] <virgil> and it's up 10 min
[19:57:02] <virgil> i haven't tried without simcard
[19:57:58] <pontomedon> let's see if it's better with a different sim
[19:58:08] <virgil> ok
[20:00:45] <pontomedon> I also changed my sim card shortly after i got the milestone. but my problem was that it was constantly telling me that i removed the sim..
[20:01:46] <virgil> -that problem i have with my simcard when i chaged the phone today
[20:02:17] <virgil> my nokia keep's saying that the simcard can be registred
[20:03:08] <virgil> can't*
[20:04:48] <pontomedon> the sim you had in the milestone before?
[20:04:53] <virgil> yes
[20:04:55] -!- TPoint75_ has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
[20:05:35] <pontomedon> hm ok, then get yourself a replacement...
[20:06:03] <virgil> ok
[20:06:33] <virgil> is there anything in the logs about the sim?
[20:07:48] <pontomedon> nadlabak somehow saw a crash of protocol_driver - i don't even find it now...
[20:08:03] <virgil> :))
[20:08:23] <nadlabak> yes, errors, the protocol_driver crashes because of the sim, that's why I suggested to try another sim
[20:09:08] <pontomedon> ah now i found it :)
[20:09:30] <virgil> ok guys 10x very much::)
[20:10:28] <virgil> you realy saved my phone from going to the scrap phons :P
[20:11:39] <pontomedon> lol
[20:13:36] <virgil> :)
[20:14:03] -!- rah has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[20:14:05] <nopil3os> i know its not the right channel for this but maybe there's a short and easy answer: is there a specific reason, why the milestone2 is not downgradeable from stock 2.3.4?
[20:22:04] <virgil> guys 10x again
[20:22:19] <virgil> :)
[20:22:29] <pontomedon> np
[20:31:01] -!- virgil has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[20:34:22] -!- vikas [vikas!~user@] has joined #milestone-modding
[20:35:27] <vikas> mioze7ae: the version of prebuild that you gave fixed the ndk issue. However, it spawned a new one :) -- build not finding arm-eabi-4.4.0 or some such
[20:35:27] -!- stlifey has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.7-dev]
[20:36:02] <vikas> so I've reverted prebuilt to froyo and created a softlink to platforms/ to getthe build going
[20:39:37] -!- vikas` [vikas`!~user@] has joined #milestone-modding
[20:39:47] -!- vikas has quit [Read error: No route to host]
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[23:37:58] <mioze7ae> vikas: https://github.com/CyanogenModXT720/android_build/commit/07d62c9b56d905bbfed6a5df3c924a960d2c228d
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