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[00:26:39] <nadlabak> Q: "Not being a dev, or knowing anything about writing drivers but: what is keeping a dev from writing their own video driver for the OMAP 3 hardware?"
[00:26:59] <nadlabak> A: "what is you keeping you from building your own spaceship?"
[00:27:15] <nadlabak> :D
[00:27:21] <pontomedon> lol
[00:27:44] <k1l> xda? :)
[00:28:17] <nadlabak> from XDA nook color CM9/ICS dev thread :)
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[00:47:55] <Skrilax_CZ> actually the drivers can be requested as binary from the manufacturer
[00:49:02] <Skrilax_CZ> the libs I mean
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[00:51:07] <Skrilax_CZ> but, would need to hack the kernel properly for the kernel part, and also see the changelog
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[00:54:39] <Skrilax_CZ> also if I remember correclty, libEGL is just a tiny library just serving as some "bridge", it's not the part of the drivers from manufacturer
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[00:59:41] <nadlabak> Skrilax_CZ: that user quote was actually meant to be about the missing hwcomposer code for omap3 and the ti omx code (dsp accelerated video decoding) that has not been updated for omap3/ics combo
[01:00:37] <Skrilax_CZ> ah I see
[01:04:13] <nadlabak> the ti omap3 omx code is written to render directly to overlay, which support has been already dropped in android 3.0, completely missing from 4.0
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[01:07:46] <nadlabak> and ti is updating only the omap4 branch, no love for omap3 from them anymore
[01:13:47] <Skrilax_CZ> Aha so I suppose there is completely different solution in OMAP
[01:13:52] <Skrilax_CZ> *OMAP4 then?
[01:15:20] <Skrilax_CZ> or something relying on POWERVR_SGX540
[01:20:49] <nadlabak> Android 4.0/Omap4 white paper from ti: www.ti.com/lit/wp/swpy027/swpy027.pdf
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[01:28:18] <Skrilax_CZ> nadlabak: well I guess I need to compare OMAP3 and OMAP4 omx sources to see the overlay thing
[01:31:41] <nadlabak> though it's more marketing than technical paper, I guess that the omap4 hwcomposer code can't help us much in the case of 2.6.32 omap kernel/omap3 cpu
[01:40:01] <Skrilax_CZ> well I just had a look on omap3 vs. omap4 OMX code (VideoDecoder) and I didn't really see something seemingly OMAP4 / POWERVR_SGX540 specific in there
[01:42:02] <Skrilax_CZ> looking into omap4 omx from here http://sourceforge.net/projects/moto-mz617.motorola/files/1.6.0M-218.14_TA/hardware.ti.omap4.omx.tar.gz/download
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[04:20:27] <virgil> hello need some help in partitioning my SDCARD of 8 GB
[04:20:57] <virgil> i have CyanogenMod-7.2.0-MilestoneXT720-20120124-KANG-signed ROM installed and terminal emulator is there as an app
[04:22:52] <mioze7ae> which partitions are you trying to make?
[04:24:23] <virgil> sorry, whichever is reccomended, ext3/4. it is not partitioned before
[04:25:40] <virgil> mines is Motorola Milestone XT720
[04:28:19] <mioze7ae> reverendkjr's video is a good way (works for CM7, too) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfasLA9fn6s&list=UU1BcDf6iEVccOQC70is_UVA
[04:29:06] <virgil> great, thank you mioze7ae. i will check and revert back.
[04:30:57] <mioze7ae> Hm. that may not be the partitioning one. Just a moment
[04:32:18] <virgil> ok
[04:35:17] <mioze7ae> Are you on windows/linux/macos?
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[04:45:53] <mioze7ae> virgil: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6z1Tu9l8WNc
[04:47:41] <mioze7ae> virgil: but also check the OpenRecoveryXT720 part of the first video I posted
[04:52:52] <virgil> windows
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[04:55:16] <virgil> mioze7ae: i have windows
[04:57:08] <mioze7ae> virgil: the videos are for windows. I could have sworn he also had a minitool partition wizard version, but I'm not finding it...
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[04:57:48] <mioze7ae> virgil: so it's just a little overkill to install a VM. It will work, though.
[04:58:52] <virgil> mioze7ae: thanks, i will have a look at video and search for minitool
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[14:44:44] <nothize> xvilka: there are quite many razor fastboot files, but no asia retail........:(
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[14:52:10] <Bavilo> so...when is the droid 4 gonna be released?>
[15:10:08] <xvilka> hm
[15:12:07] <xvilka> nothize: is it possible to use another?
[15:12:17] <xvilka> Bavilo: soon
[15:12:24] <xvilka> :)
[15:13:50] <nothize> xvilka: I'm fear of risk, esp the phone is my gf's. :)
[15:15:04] <nothize> xvilka: do u know where to find the FLEX of razr? There is AP_FLEX but no FLEX... I wanna try the rsddl to peek
[15:16:53] <nopil3os> does anybody know *why* the milestone2 is not downgradeable from stock 2.3.4?
[15:17:14] <nothize> nopil3os: do u have any reference to this claim?
[15:17:44] <nopil3os> nothize: and-developers for starters..
[15:18:02] <nothize> nopil3os: link?
[15:18:12] <nopil3os> nothize: mom please.
[15:19:09] <nopil3os> http://and-developers.com/sbf:milestone2?s[]=milestone&s[]=2#service_version3
[15:19:32] <nopil3os> but i read it elsewhere too
[15:20:57] <xvilka> nothize: ah, doesnt know much about razor, sorry. If you know - feel free add info on wiki - i'll orginize it later
[15:21:34] <xvilka> i'm now in job trip
[15:22:25] <xvilka> or working trip, dont know how to say
[15:23:32] <nothize> xvilka: np have a nice trip :)
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[15:29:26] <xvilka> nothize: thx
[15:30:14] <nothize> nopil3os: oh that was from anonoymous's comment......normally it's better to trust it first.
[15:30:50] <nopil3os> nothize: sorry, what?
[15:30:51] <nothize> xvilka: ok see that the prop is ro.gsm.flexversion, hehhe
[15:30:58] <nothize> nopil3os: http://and-developers.com/sbf:milestone2?do=revisions
[15:31:12] <nothize> nopil3os: anonymous added 2.3.4 unable downgrade warning
[15:32:15] <nopil3os> okay but as i said, i read it elsewhere too. forums, upgrade guides.. but i found no reason why. or an explanation what happens if one tries anyway
[15:33:14] <nopil3os> a buddy of mine with said setup is jealous about me upgrading my milestone1 earlier this week and we are trying to determine if an update is possible for him
[15:36:10] <xvilka> nothize: nice solution :)
[15:37:58] <nothize> xvilka: the flex seems to be ro.build.bp.config.version on razr. But the same xml for milestone gives not useful result....need to change sth maybe..
[15:38:38] <nothize> nopil3os: so find the source of the information and try to ask the one who declare this.
[15:40:29] <nopil3os> nothize: yeah... thanks. but shouldn't it be possible to flash any earlier stock rom onto it with rsdlite?
[15:40:53] <nopil3os> nothize: or is it possible for moto to deactivate something to prevent this?
[15:41:00] <nadlabak> actually, there's a similar condition on Milestone (1)
[15:41:38] <nopil3os> nadlabak: there is?
[15:41:49] <nadlabak> you can't flash sbf that contains ramdld with lower version than bootloader version
[15:42:30] <nadlabak> the solution is to replace the ramdld in old sbf for newer one
[15:42:34] <nopil3os> but you can flash an earlier bootloader first, right? thats what i did
[15:42:58] <nothize> nopil3os: for Atrix, there's efuse that would prevent downgrading and the result is bricking. So anything is possible. Don't do it unless you know it very well....
[15:43:47] <nopil3os> nothize: if anything, my buddy would do the actual bricking :)
[15:44:22] <nothize> nopil3os: just make sure your buddy is not simply doing something others have done already and bricked. :)
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[15:45:02] <nopil3os> nothize: the problem is: the only information we found so far is: "NOT POSSIBLE" nothing more :(
[15:46:01] <nadlabak> does the m2 2.3.4 contain updated bootloader?
[15:46:18] <pontomedon^> sorry, different topic: does anyone know anthing about the "hardware buttonsn don't work anymore" problem? i've had it on cm 7.1.2 a few times, and a user on the guide seems to have the problem on moto 2.2.1
[15:46:20] <nothize> nopil3os: as nadlabak said, it could be somthing related to the ramdld if m2 is omap
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[15:46:36] <nadlabak> m2 is omap3 :)
[15:46:56] <nothize> nadlabak: so the ramdld and bootrom and mbm should be the same as m1? :DD
[15:47:42] <nadlabak> ehm, no :)
[15:48:07] <nopil3os> not holding anyone accountable for it, but what do you think are the chances of bricking?
[15:48:21] <nothize> pontomedon: a temp issue?
[15:48:36] <pontomedon> i could only resolve it be reflashing the cm update zip
[15:48:41] <nothize> nopil3os: haven't put any effort on m2, can't estimate, sorry buddy
[15:48:54] <pontomedon> s/be/by
[15:49:00] <nothize> pontomedon: probably the kernel to android key mapping?
[15:49:04] <nadlabak> pontomedon: invalid keylayout file
[15:49:09] <nopil3os> nothize: okay thanks
[15:49:27] <nopil3os> nadlabak: any estimates from you?
[15:49:35] <pontomedon> nadlabak: does that also affect volume+camera buttons?
[15:49:45] <nadlabak> pontomedon: yes
[15:50:03] <pontomedon> okay.. how can that happen?
[15:50:32] <pontomedon> it seemed to occur randomly
[15:51:07] <nadlabak> e.g. a user uses old qwerty>qwertz replacement script from old GOT OR -> no keys working under CM6/CM7
[15:51:29] <pontomedon> oh, that could be a really good guess
[15:51:43] <TheSpiritof69> Never underestimate the ignorance of end users.
[15:51:47] <pontomedon> that user used GOT OR
[15:52:08] <nopil3os> nadlabak: you said one cannot flash a sbf with lower version than bootloader version. does rsdlite stops flashing with an error in that case? or will it brick outright?
[15:52:08] <pontomedon> nadlabak: I'm astonished one more time by your remote debugging skills.
[15:52:59] <k1l> there are many ppl still flashing with old ORs
[15:53:06] <pontomedon> is there an easy way to fix from OR?
[15:53:27] <k1l> you cant post that much red blinking warning signs. they just grab for the commands and dont read
[15:55:12] <pontomedon> k1l: i had one user copying the parted commands from my 8GB paritioning although he had a 4GB SD card... Although the text says like 3 times that the numbers must be calculated according to the sd card size...
[15:56:12] <nadlabak> sorry, gotta go, I'll be back soon
[15:56:52] <nopil3os> pontomedon: related to that: is it possible to resize the partitions later?
[15:59:28] <pontomedon> nopil3os: yes
[15:59:35] <pontomedon> parted is pretty powerful :)
[16:00:35] <nopil3os> pontomedon: i know how it would work on standard linux. but i wasn't sure how powerful the OR version is
[16:01:14] <pontomedon> afaik parted on OR can do everything parted on a computer can do.
[16:01:15] <nopil3os> pontomedon: you'll have to remove the journal, then resize, then readd it, right?
[16:01:51] <nopil3os> *you'd
[16:01:57] <pontomedon> i don't think you'll have to remove the journal to resize. nor do i thing removing the journal is so easy.
[16:02:01] <pontomedon> s/thing/think
[16:02:43] <nopil3os> so simply unmount and resize? that again seems much too easy ;)
[16:03:09] <pontomedon> make a nandroid backup first - but yes, it is that simple
[16:04:15] <pontomedon> i resized my partition from 512 to 1024, although i'm not sure which filesystem was on it at that time
[16:04:26] <pontomedon> but i think it was ext3
[16:04:28] <nopil3os> backup. right. oh that reminds me: i tried to make and compressed backup. after 30 min "compressing, please wait" i removed the battery
[16:04:42] <pontomedon> lol i once let it compress to the end
[16:04:48] <pontomedon> tock ~~90 minutes
[16:04:58] <nopil3os> ookay so it IS normal
[16:05:11] <pontomedon> yes, the cpu is just too slow for such a task
[16:05:33] <nopil3os> good to know
[16:05:33] <pontomedon> bz2 compresses well, but not very fast :)
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[16:10:57] <HobbinHood> any news when http://android.doshaska.net/cm7 will be back online?
[16:12:28] <xvilka> pontomedon: hardare buttons doesnt work "undo (or back)" and "home"
[16:13:07] <pontomedon> xvilka: no, the 4 softbuttons work, just volume, camera and the hw keyboard
[16:13:37] <nadlabak> back
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[16:14:56] <nadlabak> HobbinHood: I guess in about 15minutes
[16:15:26] <nopil3os> nadlabak: what happens if one tries flashing a sbf with lover version number? does rsdlite refuse to flash? does it brick outright?
[16:15:38] <HobbinHood> nadlabak: thanks for the info and the good work you put in there
[16:18:12] <nadlabak> nopil3os: nothing is flashed - bootloader refuses to run the old ramdld received from rsd/sbfflash, no harm done
[16:19:03] <nopil3os> nadlabak: that's all i wanted to know, thanks!
[16:22:47] <pontomedon> nadlabak: just noticed, changing the keyboard layout in the current OR also breaks the hardware keys in cm7. are there any keylayout files that work for cm6/7 and for older moto firmwares?
[16:23:12] <TheSpiritof69> Why would one change the layout in OR?
[16:23:18] <TheSpiritof69> To save one reboot?
[16:23:32] <pontomedon> to have to correct layout in the console?
[16:23:38] <pontomedon> s/to/the
[16:23:57] <TheSpiritof69> uhm
[16:24:16] <TheSpiritof69> Isn't the layout in OR independet from the one in CM?
[16:24:25] <TheSpiritof69> *independant
[16:24:30] <nadlabak> nopil3os: remember that I'm talking about what I know from m1, I've never had m2 in my hand. And I don't know what is in that 2.3.4 m2 sbf that is preventing the downgrade, but if it is updated bootloader/ramdld combo, then I guess it will be very similar as m1 case
[16:25:11] <pontomedon> TheSpiritof69: yes, but the change keyboard layout option in OR seems to change both.
[16:25:43] <TheSpiritof69> Mh
[16:25:54] <TheSpiritof69> Well
[16:26:03] <TheSpiritof69> I didn't change my OR since..way back..
[16:26:07] <pontomedon> that's a thing i would like to see changed in OR
[16:26:18] <TheSpiritof69> So the layout is already there and CM's layout is set via CM
[16:27:31] <nadlabak> the thing is, that the keyboard layout requires to change only the keychar file (kcm), there's no need to touch the keylayout file (kl)
[16:28:21] <nadlabak> and it's the totally unnecesary change of kl file that breaks the hw keys under CM
[16:28:26] <pontomedon> mhm okay, OR replaces both
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[16:29:28] <pontomedon> i think it would be better if the change keyboard layout setting in OR changed only the layout for OR and not touch anything else
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[16:29:49] <pontomedon> i thought it would do exaclty so until i checked the script
[16:30:37] <pontomedon> Skrilax_CZ: any plans to relase an OR update? because it would be great if you included the ext2/3/4/parted/tune2fs update from nadlabak (including the statically built tune2fs binary), and probably change the keyboard layout change script to only change the layout for OR?
[16:30:49] <nopil3os> nadlabak: certainly. all i wanted to know were possible cases. while i'm here: thank you for the rom. works great on my m1. i also donated something earlier
[16:31:30] -!- endstille [endstille!~endstille@dslb-092-072-186-131.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #milestone-modding
[16:34:24] <nadlabak> nopil3os: thanks :)
[16:39:38] <Skrilax_CZ> pontomedon: well, not really, I leave that for modded versions
[16:40:28] <pontomedon> okay
[16:40:29] <nopil3os> nadlabak: you're welcome. the guy is now online so i may be able to answer your question about his bootloader version shortly
[16:41:05] <Skrilax_CZ> hehe, I remember discovering that 90.72 ramdld doesn't work on 90.78 BL (as my MS was shipped with 2.1 on it, so had to put vulnerable recovery there)
[16:43:15] <nopil3os> nadlabak: it's 70.13 (if that makes any difference)
[16:47:14] -!- mifritscher has quit [Ping timeout: 255 seconds]
[16:55:11] -!- endstille has quit [Quit: I'll be back.]
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[17:14:37] -!- mmlogs_ [mmlogs_!~mmlogs_@ip-62-245-82-172.net.upcbroadband.cz] has joined #milestone-modding
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[17:29:44] Skrilax_CZ is now known as Skrilax_CZ|Away
[17:33:26] Skrilax_CZ|Away is now known as Skrilax_CZ
[17:34:14] <k1l> i got my first call on cm9. so i can confirm that works :)
[17:39:25] Red|Off is now known as Redh3ad
[17:45:00] <nadlabak> Bavilo: btw. the D4 that will be released by Verizon will have the gsm disabled
[17:45:22] <Bavilo> great...<_<
[17:45:27] <Bavilo> will there be a world version?
[17:46:00] <nadlabak> they say that it will be enabled by later sw update
[17:46:12] <Bavilo> I see.
[17:46:21] <k1l> "they say" :(
[17:49:22] <nopil3os> nadlabak: from what i learned so far it seems that the 70.13 kernel refuses to flash anything other than 2.3.4.. so the only way to go would be to obtain a froyo nandroid backup *somewhere*, restore from it, then flash CM..
[17:50:00] <nopil3os> s/kernel/bootloader/ of course
[17:53:20] <nadlabak> nopil3os: and what happens when you repack an older sbf and put there ramdld from 2.3.4 sbf?
[17:54:57] <nopil3os> if that's possible..?
[17:56:17] <nadlabak> http://modmymobile.com/forums/402-general-motorola-android/530781-sbf-depacker-1-3-03-22-2011-a.html
[17:56:29] <nadlabak> by Skrilax_CZ :)
[17:57:34] <nopil3os> i'll forward that :)
[18:04:15] -!- broucaries has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
[18:09:28] -!- Quarx has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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[19:09:42] -!- k1l has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
[19:09:49] k1l_ is now known as k1l
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[19:54:09] Skrilax_CZ is now known as Skrilax_CZ|Away
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[20:11:28] -!- endstille [endstille!~endstille@dslb-092-072-186-131.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #milestone-modding
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[20:13:16] -!- endstille [endstille!~endstille@dslb-092-072-186-131.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #milestone-modding
[20:27:09] -!- pottendo [pottendo!~pottendo@178-190-60-70.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #milestone-modding
[20:27:55] <pottendo> hiya, just stumbled over:
[20:28:11] <pottendo> Install: out/target/product/umts_sholes/system/app/Settings.apk
[20:28:13] <pottendo> Finding NOTICE files: out/target/product/umts_sholes/obj/NOTICE_FILES/hash-timestamp
[20:28:15] <pottendo> Combining NOTICE files: out/target/product/umts_sholes/obj/NOTICE.html
[20:28:17] <pottendo> Installed file list: out/target/product/umts_sholes/installed-files.txt
[20:28:19] <pottendo> Target system fs image: out/target/product/umts_sholes/obj/PACKAGING/systemimage_intermediates/system.img
[20:28:21] <pottendo> Install system fs image: out/target/product/umts_sholes/system.img
[20:28:23] <pottendo> out/target/product/umts_sholes/system.img+ total size is 214338432
[20:28:25] <pottendo> error: out/target/product/umts_sholes/system.img+ too large (214338432 > [207550464 - 2162688])
[20:28:27] <pottendo> make: *** [out/target/product/umts_sholes/system.img] Error 1
[20:28:29] <pottendo> make: *** Deleting file `out/target/product/umts_sholes/system.img'
[20:28:49] <pottendo> ... after repo sync'ing and `. build/envsetup.sh && lunch cm_umts_sholes-eng ; mka bacon'
[20:29:55] <stlifey> pottendo: edit the 名词 BOARD_SYSTEMIMAGE_PARTITION_SIZE BoardConfig.mk
[20:30:38] <stlifey> edit the parameter BOARD_SYSTEMIMAGE_PARTITION_SIZE in device/motorola/umts_sholes/BoardConfig.mk
[20:31:59] <pottendo> yes, what would be an appropriate value?
[20:33:17] -!- HobbinHood [HobbinHood!~Adium@dslb-178-003-018-091.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #milestone-modding
[20:38:24] <nadlabak> pottendo: something big enough so the build succeeds
[20:39:44] <pottendo> thanx, any danger to make it too big?
[20:44:03] <nadlabak> obviously, the resulting system may not fit to the phone's system partition, so the system files may be corrupted after applying update.zip
[20:46:31] <pottendo> well, as written above, I just repo synced your ics branch; I've not hacked my local tree, so some recent changes made it touch this limit.
[20:46:35] -!- HobbinHood [HobbinHood!~Adium@dslb-178-003-018-091.pools.arcor-ip.net] has parted #milestone-modding
[20:46:36] <xvilka> EU signed ACTA :(
[20:46:41] <pottendo> :(
[20:49:54] <LjL> well, it still has to go through the EU Parliament
[20:50:02] <LjL> also, http://www.zdnet.co.uk/blogs/communication-breakdown-10000030/mep-quits-acta-charade-in-protest-at-eu-signing-10025297/
[20:51:32] <nadlabak> pottendo: the last time I built CM9 was yesterday, I'll fix it later, after I check why the system size is so much bigger, again
[20:55:21] <pottendo> thanx!
[20:59:49] -!- rah has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[21:05:48] -!- mioze7ae [mioze7ae!~mioze7ae@] has joined #milestone-modding
[21:06:27] <mioze7ae> [mbm]: latest sbf_flash doesn't detect Milestone XT720 on linux
[21:06:42] <mioze7ae> [mbm]: older version does
[21:08:19] <[mbm]> odd.
[21:08:35] <[mbm]> what's the lsusb -v?
[21:08:42] -!- broucaries [broucaries!~bastien@mna75-10-82-243-124-42.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #milestone-modding
[21:09:51] <mioze7ae> Just a minute it's still flashing from when I started testing the old one
[21:10:51] <[mbm]> you can run lsusb while usb is in use
[21:11:07] <mioze7ae> Ok. Does it stream a lot of data... ?
[21:11:18] <[mbm]> yep
[21:13:03] <mioze7ae> Do you just want the motorola parts?
[21:13:15] <[mbm]> yep
[21:14:36] <mioze7ae> http://pastebin.com/t8FX73H2
[21:15:54] <mioze7ae> Wait, that's weird. I just tried again and it worked...
[21:16:14] <mioze7ae> Maybe my box needs to reboot...
[21:17:52] <[mbm]> heh, yeah I don't see anything unusual about the lsusb
[21:19:49] <mioze7ae> Some people had been reporting that it stopped working so I downloaded and tried... oh well :D
[21:20:11] <mioze7ae> Sorry
[21:20:27] <[mbm]> been ages since the last legitimate bug report
[21:21:23] <mioze7ae> It's a rock
[21:21:49] <mioze7ae> I forgot that my computer get's wonky about usb sometimes
[21:22:20] <Luxxi> wonky? willy wonker?
[21:24:21] <[mbm]> guessing that the phone wasn't at the bootloader
[21:26:38] milaq is now known as milaq|afk
[21:31:29] <mioze7ae> No, it was at the bootloader. For whatever reason sbf_flash wasn't detecting it was there.
[21:31:50] <mioze7ae> And the phone believed usb was attached.
[21:34:03] <mioze7ae> Plugged and unplugged and watched the status change, anyway it's over now
[21:34:23] <[mbm]> well, if it happens again an lsusb will explain it
[21:34:46] -!- SickToni [SickToni!SickToni@146-52-28-4-dynip.superkabel.de] has joined #milestone-modding
[21:35:01] <SickToni> hey
[21:35:57] <SickToni> i have some problems with partion on milestone
[21:36:37] <pontomedon> SickToni: yes?
[21:38:12] <SickToni> I wanted to create a partition for apps2sd
[21:38:29] <SickToni> but after "parted /dev/block/mmcblk0"
[21:39:17] <SickToni> if I do a print I get a message like "Cant have partition outside the disk!"
[21:39:33] <pontomedon> how large is your sd card?
[21:39:38] <SickToni> ogb
[21:39:43] <SickToni> 8GB
[21:40:08] <pontomedon> okay and that message appears instantly after you start parted?
[21:40:21] <TheSpiritof69> And that's why you don't use windows tools to create partitions
[21:40:26] <SickToni> yes. if i do a print.
[21:40:41] <pontomedon> TheSpiritof69: yes....
[21:40:59] <pontomedon> SickToni: do you see the total size of the sd card?
[21:41:51] <pontomedon> i mean the line with "Disk /dev/block/mmcblk0: xxxxMB"
[21:41:51] <SickToni> inside the console of OpenRecovery? what is the command for it?
[21:41:58] <pontomedon> in parted
[21:42:06] <SickToni> let me check
[21:42:26] <pontomedon> hm i guess you don't because that's part of the 'print' output
[21:42:32] <pontomedon> but let's find out
[21:42:57] <pontomedon> did you follow the mrmuh.com guide?
[21:43:07] <SickToni> yes
[21:43:15] xvilka is now known as _0xFECF0000
[21:43:18] <pontomedon> okay
[21:43:24] <pontomedon> lol _0xFECF0000
[21:44:32] <pontomedon> so SickToni, does 'print' give you any information? or just the error message
[21:45:48] <SickToni> well. just this error message
[21:45:52] <pontomedon> okay
[21:45:59] <pontomedon> did you ever partition your sd card?
[21:46:13] <pontomedon> or are you sure there's only the FAT partition on it
[21:46:52] -!- rcf [rcf!~rcf@163.37-243-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #milestone-modding
[21:46:55] <pontomedon> and do you have a backup of the data on the SD card?
[21:47:02] <SickToni> I guess just the fat partition
[21:47:32] <SickToni> I had the latest version of android which was send out by Motorola itself
[21:47:36] <pontomedon> okay
[21:48:03] <pontomedon> backup?
[21:48:14] <SickToni> already done
[21:48:17] -!- rah [rah!rah@myrtle.6gnip.net] has joined #milestone-modding
[21:48:24] <pontomedon> i mean do you have a backup of your sd card
[21:48:26] <pontomedon> on your computer
[21:48:39] <SickToni> no.
[21:49:00] <SickToni> you think just to continue installing?
[21:49:13] <pontomedon> nope, but partitioning is pontentially dangerous
[21:49:21] <pontomedon> you should have a backup of the data on your computer
[21:49:28] <pontomedon> are you on windows?
[21:49:31] <SickToni> okay
[21:49:35] <SickToni> yes
[21:49:57] <pontomedon> okay, then be sure to display hidden files and folders and copy everything from your sd card to your computer
[21:50:16] <SickToni> okay.
[21:50:28] <SickToni> i will do it and will be back in a few minutes ;)
[21:50:40] <TheSpiritof69> And then put a silver bullet through the SD :|
[21:50:49] <TheSpiritof69> Only way to make sure it stays dead.
[21:50:54] <pontomedon> hehe
[21:51:14] <SickToni> is this the spirit of 69 ;)
[21:51:18] <pontomedon> SickToni: please also check the size of your sd card in windows.
[21:51:22] <TheSpiritof69> Heh
[21:51:26] <SickToni> okay
[21:51:55] -!- endstille has quit [Quit: I'll be back.]
[21:52:16] <pontomedon> highlight me when you're done, i might not notice otherwise :)
[21:54:17] -!- raubvogel [raubvogel!~raubvogel@shop.monetra.com] has joined #milestone-modding
[21:55:29] <_0xFECF0000> .t
[21:55:33] <motobot> Thu, 26 Jan 2012 20:55:32 GMT
[21:58:08] milaq|afk is now known as milaq
[22:06:18] -!- broucaries1 [broucaries1!~bastien@mna75-10-82-243-124-42.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #milestone-modding
[22:06:21] -!- broucaries has quit [Read error: No route to host]
[22:16:56] _0xFECF0000 is now known as xvilka
[22:18:32] <SickToni> @pontomedon: done.
[22:18:42] <pontomedon> kk
[22:19:05] <SickToni> @pontomedon: linux and windows say that the total size is 7.4gb
[22:19:25] <pontomedon> okay. so likely no other partition :)
[22:19:46] <pontomedon> good, reboot into OR again
[22:21:25] <SickToni> also done
[22:21:29] <pontomedon> ok
[22:21:33] <pontomedon> console
[22:21:39] <pontomedon> umount /sdcard
[22:21:54] <SickToni> okay
[22:21:56] <pontomedon> parted /dev/block/mmcblk0
[22:22:25] <SickToni> okay
[22:22:35] <SickToni> still the same story =)
[22:22:36] <pontomedon> resize 1 0MB 7500MB
[22:22:52] <pontomedon> lets just try to resize it blindly
[22:23:44] <SickToni> doesn't work
[22:23:51] <SickToni> same error
[22:23:55] <pontomedon> okay
[22:24:31] <pontomedon> you said you have linux - do you have a card reader for microsd cards as well?
[22:24:38] <SickToni> no
[22:24:52] <pontomedon> okay
[22:25:12] <pontomedon> then the last thing that comes to my mind - destroy the partition table on the sd, and recreate it from scratch
[22:25:48] <pontomedon> but you'll lose all the data on your sd card, so are you sure you backed everything up?
[22:26:01] <SickToni> yeah
[22:26:09] <pontomedon> hidden files as well?
[22:26:15] <SickToni> yeah
[22:26:40] <SickToni> everything
[22:26:43] <pontomedon> good
[22:26:47] <pontomedon> then exit parted
[22:26:57] <SickToni> even the backup of nandroid
[22:27:16] <SickToni> also the console?
[22:27:18] <pontomedon> yes
[22:27:25] <pontomedon> lets destroy your partition table :)
[22:27:50] <SickToni> and "wipe cache partition" ?
[22:28:02] <pontomedon> nope, that's something completely different
[22:28:08] <SickToni> okay :)
[22:28:53] <SickToni> how to destoy the partition table?
[22:29:20] <pontomedon> the next command will overwrite the first kilobyte of your sd card with zeros and therefore destroy the partition table. be warned a last time
[22:29:41] <pontomedon> dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/block/mmcblk0 bs=1024 count=1
[22:31:24] <SickToni> i should type this in the console?
[22:31:28] <pontomedon> yes
[22:33:47] <SickToni> okay done
[22:34:16] <pontomedon> good then start parted again
[22:34:16] <pontomedon> parted /dev/block/mmcblk0
[22:34:47] <SickToni> okay. now i get "unrecodnised disk label"
[22:34:51] <pontomedon> good
[22:35:11] <pontomedon> mklabel msdos
[22:35:43] <SickToni> done.
[22:35:55] <pontomedon> what does print give you now?
[22:36:16] <SickToni> it's an empty table
[22:36:28] <pontomedon> what's the size of the sd card?
[22:36:31] <SickToni> with the size of 7948mb
[22:36:38] <pontomedon> okay
[22:36:48] <pontomedon> "partition table: msdos" ?
[22:36:52] <SickToni> yes
[22:37:12] <pontomedon> good, then we can create the two partitions
[22:38:03] <pontomedon> mkpartfs primary fat32 0MB 6924MB
[22:41:04] <SickToni> okay done. print -> 1, 512B, 6924MB, primary, fat32, lba (number, start, end, size, type, file system, flags)
[22:41:35] <SickToni> should we also add "boot" as flag?
[22:43:02] <SickToni> and create: "mkpartfs primary ext2 6945MB 7948MB"
[22:43:21] <pontomedon> mkpartfs primary ext2 6924MB 7948MB
[22:44:06] <pontomedon> yes, we can set the boot/lba flags, although i don't think they're needed
[22:44:29] <pontomedon> set 1 boot on
[22:44:34] <pontomedon> set 1 lba on
[22:45:48] <pontomedon> then you should have a partition table very similar to the one in the mrmuh guide, second screenshot
[22:47:07] <SickToni> i get a message that the "Device or resource busy"
[22:47:19] <pontomedon> on which command
[22:47:32] <SickToni> "mkpartfs primary ext2 6924MB 7948MB"
[22:47:47] <SickToni> i can choose between ignore/cancel.
[22:47:52] <pontomedon> cancel
[22:48:11] <pontomedon> then let's leave the second partition for now
[22:48:15] <pontomedon> can you add the flags?
[22:48:25] <SickToni> it just say that linux won't know about any changes until I reboot
[22:48:36] <pontomedon> okay
[22:48:48] <pontomedon> then please exit parted
[22:49:16] <pontomedon> and the OR console with 'exit'
[22:49:23] -!- nothize has quit [Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier. http://miranda-im.org]
[22:49:36] <pontomedon> I'm not sure this will work now, because there are no OR files left on your SD card
[22:49:44] <SickToni> i can't set the flags
[22:49:50] <pontomedon> doesn't matter for now
[22:50:18] milaq is now known as milaq|afk
[22:50:42] <pontomedon> we'll handle that after a reboot, but first we try to copy your data back, while you're still in OR
[22:50:43] <SickToni> should i try to restart and upload the files if the first partition is created?
[22:50:52] <pontomedon> nope, don't restart
[22:51:03] <pontomedon> select usb mass storage mode from the OR main menu
[22:51:04] <pontomedon> if possible
[22:51:08] <SickToni> to late
[22:51:42] <pontomedon> okay.. did you install any apps to your sd card from android?
[22:52:01] <SickToni> some unimportant
[22:52:01] <pontomedon> because those will be missing now, that's why i wanted to copy the data back while you're in OR
[22:52:29] <pontomedon> but i think they'll be back after the next reboot
[22:52:36] <pontomedon> so no damage done
[22:52:56] <SickToni> the system look like no changes done
[22:53:45] <pontomedon> well you didn't change the system :)
[22:54:09] <SickToni> if i check the sd card over the system it says something like 6,44GB
[22:54:24] <pontomedon> yes
[22:54:30] <pontomedon> the last 1024MB are missing
[22:54:48] <pontomedon> those are unallocated right now, we'll create the ext2 partition there later
[22:54:56] <SickToni> yeah.
[22:55:08] <SickToni> i will just copy the data back to the sd card
[22:55:12] <pontomedon> kk
[22:55:54] <SickToni> nice thing
[22:56:01] <pontomedon> then you can reboot into OR again and notify me
[22:56:03] <SickToni> the second partition was created
[22:56:16] <SickToni> at least my linux can see it :)
[22:56:44] <pontomedon> oh ok
[22:56:46] <pontomedon> nie
[22:56:47] <pontomedon> nice
[22:58:45] <pontomedon> but you didn't see it in parted before, did you?
[22:59:09] <pontomedon> strange
[23:00:33] <SickToni> it was not possible, because i got the same message
[23:00:40] <SickToni> that the device was busy
[23:01:09] <pontomedon> oh ok
[23:01:34] <pontomedon> at least the fat32 was created ok
[23:02:48] <pontomedon> I'd suggest to delete the second partition again anyway, in case something didn't went perfectly right.
[23:02:57] -!- rcf has quit [Quit: This war is mine]
[23:04:54] <SickToni> i started to copy all of the data back to the sd. maybe need another minute
[23:05:13] <pontomedon> k
[23:12:13] -!- broucaries1 has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
[23:26:36] <SickToni> @pontomedon okay
[23:26:46] <SickToni> the print output looks like it should
[23:27:16] <SickToni> also the flags are set
[23:27:26] <SickToni> and i didn't set them
[23:27:30] <SickToni> strange
[23:30:56] <pontomedon> lol
[23:31:32] <SickToni> i unmounted the /sdcard and also /sddata
[23:31:40] <pontomedon> okay
[23:32:09] <SickToni> now i should remove it with "rm 2" right?
[23:32:13] <pontomedon> yes
[23:32:30] <pontomedon> and create it with 'mkpartfs primary ext2 6924MB 7948MB' then
[23:34:50] <SickToni> okay.
[23:34:53] <SickToni> thanks
[23:35:24] <SickToni> at this point i think i will continue with the guide ;)
[23:35:39] <pontomedon> yes
[23:36:45] <pontomedon> do you remember what program created the corrupted partition table?
[23:36:59] <pontomedon> you're the second user with exactly that error
[23:37:16] <pontomedon> i suspect a windows tool, or even windows itself
[23:37:59] <SickToni> Well. I'm not sure.
[23:38:37] <SickToni> I just followed the guide
[23:39:08] -!- Bavilo [Bavilo!~Bavilo@ip-81-210-252-115.unitymediagroup.de] has joined #milestone-modding
[23:39:50] <pontomedon> no, the partitioning happened long before
[23:40:03] <pontomedon> is it the sdcard that came with the phone?
[23:40:10] <SickToni> yes
[23:40:36] <pontomedon> then the partition table has been f** up even before you bought the phone :)
[23:40:37] <SickToni> Didn't change anything on the phone
[23:40:44] <SickToni> :D
[23:40:49] <SickToni> probably
[23:41:18] <SickToni> it's a german phone by the way :D
[23:43:20] -!- Bavilo has quit [Client Quit]