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[08:37:52] <fjfalcon> Anyone know how to create devtree file?
[08:38:06] <fjfalcon> from cg61.smg or something?
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[14:00:06] <fjfalcon> xvilka: thanks, got 2ndboot'ed mine kernel
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[14:00:37] <fjfalcon> xvilka: usb not work, phone not work.
[14:11:31] <xvilka> :)
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[14:24:00] <Quarx> xvilka: my changes to support defy https://github.com/Quarx2k/android_device_motorola_jordan/commit/a4849e8f87820c0779b7be4816403c20c8cc5309
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[14:34:30] <pottendo> fyi, branch ICS doesn't build ATM:
[14:34:53] <pottendo> make: *** No rule to make target `out/target/product/umts_sholes/obj/STATIC_LIBRARIES/libhostapdcli_intermediates/libhostapdcli.a', needed by `out/target/product/umts_sholes/obj/EXECUTABLES/tiap_cu_intermediates/LINKED/tiap_cu'. Stop.
[14:34:55] <pottendo> m
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[14:40:17] <CrazyWoods> where can i get the office ME525 sbf?
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[16:39:21] <xvilka> Quarx: can you produce hg patch? i'll commit it
[16:41:47] <Quarx> xvilka: no...i think it is not finished.... posle zapuska hboot, 4erez 30sec device reboot... mojet problem v devtree or kernel... ne mogu posmotret' logi
[16:49:41] <nadlabak> Quarx: sounds like reboot triggered by panic_daemon, disable it in rc script
[16:51:27] <nadlabak> bp can't work after 2nd boot so the panic daemon forces reboot
[16:52:41] <Quarx> nadlabak: i don't have panic daemon binary
[16:53:19] <nadlabak> ah
[16:54:53] <Quarx> xvilka: posmotri li4ku
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[17:38:09] <fjfalcon> damn. wtf...
[17:38:47] <fjfalcon> playing with hbootuser 2 hours ago.. and after that i can't boot 2ndboot... reboots to motologo... even builded on clean... moto fixed 2ndboot via air? =)
[17:45:29] <xvilka> polymorh :D
[17:45:38] <fjfalcon> wtf!
[17:45:40] <fjfalcon> just booted
[17:46:30] <fjfalcon> why i left mine admin tambourine at work?
[17:51:26] <mib_force> astonishing ppl still experimenting with 2ndboot :)
[17:51:42] <mib_force> maybe one lucky guy will discover something :)
[17:54:40] <fjfalcon> mib_force: well.. as far i know quarx is some incredible dev... he has problem - he fix it.
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[17:55:42] <mib_force> don't know :)
[17:55:56] <xvilka> we'll see :)
[17:55:57] <mib_force> i know xvilka is some kind of coding-bastard :)
[17:56:20] <mib_force> although i'm not interested in defy :)
[17:58:37] <xvilka> no one know micro gps tracker, which can be placed inside battery or on back surface of the phone?
[17:58:52] <xvilka> just curious o:)
[18:14:11] <fjfalcon> xvilka: maybe you know, why 2ndboot some time can boot kernel and sometime get motologo and stock kernel booted? With same objects.
[18:20:15] <eiyee> [mbm]: i played with usb boot on hs. no success yet, but i think dnld_startup_3430sdp_emu.2nd (in CSST_SDP3430_v2.5) may be an example of the format required
[18:20:42] <eiyee> ch toc, sections "2ND", "KEYS", "PRIMAPP"
[18:20:45] <xvilka> i think it depends from modem state and secure irqs
[18:21:22] <xvilka> eiyee: even usb boot require signed image
[18:21:39] <eiyee> xvilka: yes
[18:23:01] <eiyee> i verified defy can be put in peripheral boot by using http://www.droid-developers.org/wiki/How_to_load_mbmloader_from_SD_card
[18:23:21] <eiyee> but it seems no use :(
[18:25:20] <xvilka> yes
[18:27:35] <eiyee> these omap security mechanisms are incredibly thorough. props to ti engineers, seems they did their work well, even if i wish it wasnt so :)
[18:28:02] <fjfalcon> xvilka: youp, looks like you right.. will check boot in plane mode now to exclude modem state.
[18:29:09] <xvilka> eiyee: even with dev omap it is impossible to dump secure part of rom :(, even with jtag and co
[18:29:50] <xvilka> eiyee: but i think this is because we need to know L firewall disable sequence, not because it is impossible
[18:30:00] <xvilka> L3 firewall
[18:31:02] <fjfalcon> xvilka: how you heard about epsylon3 finding in efuse programing via tcmd?
[18:31:10] <fjfalcon> *how == have
[18:32:31] <eiyee> xvilka: you probably seen ES2_reconfigure_firewalls.gel already, probably no help?
[18:32:41] <xvilka> yes, but just few words. anyway, tcmd call secure services from mbmloader
[18:33:33] <xvilka> eiyee: no
[18:34:10] <eiyee> in CSST_SDP3430_v2.5/ccs_files/OMAP3430
[18:34:32] <xvilka> can you share csst. looks like i have no it
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[18:36:28] <fjfalcon1> xvilka: i'am about http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=21410214&postcount=219
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[18:39:00] <eiyee> fjfalcon: i think it turned out that both SEC_ENG and SEC_PROD are already blown on normal defy
[18:39:38] <eiyee> whereas chinese unlocked have very strange SWRV data and model
[18:43:10] <eiyee> not sure if this stopped epsy's idea
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[18:52:30] <Skrilax_CZ> what are you trying in there?
[18:53:10] <Skrilax_CZ> (aside that mbmloader ensures SEC_ENG and SEC_PROD are 1 by on prod. phones)
[18:55:19] <Skrilax_CZ> and the enum is correct (except SEC_MAX)
[18:59:03] <xvilka> enum? which enum?
[19:00:16] <eiyee> not sure.. i think epsy was assuming different bit positions and tried to see if SEC_PROD could be blown
[19:00:21] <eiyee> but not sure if i understood correctly
[19:03:44] <eiyee> this is from chinese unlocked defy http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=21419989&postcount=286
[19:07:25] <eiyee> looks implausible or maybe those phones escaped factory without any fuses set
[19:08:09] <xvilka> it is ok, if some efuse can't be blown. btw
[19:08:37] <xvilka> and factory test can not include testing of such small part of cpu
[19:09:10] <xvilka> it was common case for more nanometers, in past
[19:09:55] <eiyee> hmm interesting
[19:10:10] <eiyee> i think there were several such phones reported on mfunz
[19:15:06] <eiyee> there was interesting idea by scholbert, trying to blow more bits in "Root key hash subblock" which could reduce search space for collision. you think it is plausible?
[19:15:51] <xvilka> yes, that was nice idea
[19:15:58] <xvilka> but not safe
[19:16:43] <eiyee> yeah only one shot :)
[19:16:58] <eiyee> but i like the idea. very clever.
[19:17:05] <xvilka> it is possible to inject kernel module with ability to blown efuses, even code was partially done
[19:17:27] <eiyee> yep
[19:17:38] <eiyee> i think epsy got it to work and successfully blew one
[19:18:10] <xvilka> and? any results on that? havent seen that our work has been done?
[19:19:53] <nadlabak> xvilka: the result was a brick, replaced on warranty ;)
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[19:21:20] <eiyee> he described here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=21410214&postcount=219
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[19:23:36] <xvilka> ah. i think error was on using enum instead of direct #defines
[19:23:58] <xvilka> enum values can be different on various compilers/platforms/etc
[19:25:16] <xvilka> also that was a reason because we're not publish that code..
[19:34:43] <xvilka> hm. from his post i understand that he tried to set "1" bit to "0" - but this is not possible
[19:34:48] <eiyee> root key hash on defy is same as for milestone2 apparently
[19:35:29] <eiyee> is collision search still running btw?
[19:36:17] <xvilka> nope
[19:38:00] <xvilka> it is not possible with 2048 rsa keys, but possible with 1024, also i dont know, if omap3430 support 512 bits, i've found from code that code support them
[19:41:16] <xvilka> it is more complex task than usual collision search - you need to find collision, which will be valid rsa key
[19:41:49] <xvilka> so, it is possible, that there is no such collision
[19:42:08] <xvilka> fix me, if i'm wrong
[19:43:03] <xvilka> because it is possible to find some number which sha1sum will be the same, but it will be 815 bits e.g.
[19:43:42] <xvilka> or it is possible when RSA key will contain some zero bytes?
[19:44:01] <xvilka> to many "if"
[19:44:05] <xvilka> too*
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[19:46:37] <eiyee> good point, i dunno
[19:46:47] <eiyee> also if it might work with a non-prime
[19:46:57] <eiyee> i'll try to research it
[19:47:18] <xvilka> it can work with non-prime, 100%
[19:48:38] <xvilka> openssl can't produce non-prime rsa keys, but this doesnt mean rsa key can't be vulnerable, e.g. even
[19:50:17] <eiyee> i'd assume zero bytes are no issue, perhaps i can verify
[19:50:53] <xvilka> it will be great
[19:51:46] <eiyee> hrm, outside life interrupt
[19:51:49] <eiyee> see you later
[19:52:07] <xvilka> cu2
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[22:46:31] <Skrilax_CZ> xvilka: it's not entirely true, if rsa key is not based on two primes, RSA is not guaranteed to work
[22:50:28] <xvilka> Skrilax_CZ: hm. it just can be implemented in openssl/etc, but in bootloader - simplest algo
[22:50:36] <xvilka> though i can be wrong
[23:03:03] <nadlabak> fjfalcon: if I understand it correctly, there's a hybrid 'CM7 with some stock smali mess integrated' ROM available for XT720 that does 720p video recording just fine?
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[23:03:43] <nadlabak> fjfalcon: is it working for you? how's the framerate?
[23:03:48] <KabaLF> nadlabak: where does quickoffice on cm7 comes from?
[23:04:08] <KabaLF> I'm trying to stop it from being included on the build, but I can't find where
[23:04:30] <KabaLF> it doesn't seem to be mentioned on any makefile or script either
[23:05:33] <nadlabak> KabaLF: do you still see the Call Recorder Widget in market? It's gone/filtered out for me on Milestone again...
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[23:11:08] <KabaLF> yep. not showing up here either. it was showing up on phone market back when I was testing it a couple weeks ago. either the dev rolledback to the previous filter, or it was some hiccup on the market
[23:11:40] <nadlabak> KabaLF: I stopped including the QuickOffice 4 months ago - https://github.com/nadlabak/android_vendor_motorola_umts_sholes/commit/1e9422b5fb20d6247de4a9dc1d6d32a87fe312fd
[23:11:52] <KabaLF> oh
[23:12:48] <cubi> is rc0 stable as prev. versions?
[23:13:25] <KabaLF> well, I guess that's why I can't find it... :-P
[23:13:28] <KabaLF> thanks
[23:18:28] <nadlabak> cubi: it's actually more stable that any previous release and I dare to say that there won't be much changes compared to the yet to be done 7.2 final release
[23:18:38] <cubi> very nice :)
[23:19:01] <cubi> thank you very much, as always :)
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[23:31:37] <nadlabak> though of course, if Skrilax_CZ's genius will permit, there may come a major improvement in the form of working zram :)
[23:35:50] <cubi> that would be cool
[23:36:01] <cubi> some "fake" ram sure would help :3
[23:36:30] <cubi> I guess a faster sd-card would be needed then
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[23:44:22] <nadlabak> using a fast sdcard is indeed a good thing, but zram has nothing to do with sdcard performance. it's about dedicating part of ram to be used as on-the-fly compressed swap drive.
[23:53:24] <cubi> ah ok
[23:53:41] <cubi> I thought it was about using a swap file on the sd card
[23:55:10] <cubi> what you say makes more sense