#milestone-modding | Logs for 2012-02-29

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[15:03:08] <nadlabak> Quarx: are you already running a build with the rondoval's camera/overlay patches? how does it work?
[15:04:22] <Quarx> nadlabak: yea, camera works fine:) soc and bayer... https://github.com/Quarx2k/android_frameworks_base/commit/252ede2f68a43c2cbe63c2ab01806684bc646532 overlay emulator
[15:04:40] <nadlabak> nice :)
[15:04:52] <Quarx> it should work for all moto devices
[15:05:04] <nadlabak> yes, it looks good
[15:05:27] <Quarx> 5 commits for camera
[15:05:33] <Quarx> and camera lib
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[15:22:14] <endstille_> do i understand correctly, camera in ics? or is it an upgrade for gb?
[15:22:37] <nadlabak> ics
[15:23:34] <endstille_> aiiii
[15:23:43] <endstille_> when can i compile it? :D
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[15:25:23] <eiyee> hi
[15:26:25] <Quarx> endstille_: now
[15:28:38] <endstille> great, will be at home 8PM or something and compile it
[15:29:07] <endstille> i was really thinking, if i shoudl switch to ICS for testing, but i thought i need the camera from time to time....
[15:30:56] <nadlabak> endstille: I'm afraid I won't be able to push the commits to my repo sooner than late in the evening
[15:31:16] <endstille> what is "late"
[15:31:38] <endstille> no probleme, i'll grab my NB and compilie in the office tomorrow then
[15:34:50] <nadlabak> endstille: late is when 1) frantiska finally falls asleep AND 2) my wife is not in the mood for talking anymore :)
[15:35:12] <endstille> :D i see
[15:35:38] <endstille> i already warned my GF, that i would have to compile while eating...
[15:35:51] <endstille> i'll simply compilie tomorrow, no problem ;)
[15:36:02] <endstille> compile*
[15:40:42] <k1l_> nice news :) to sad im leaving for a short ski trip tonight
[15:44:44] <endstille> i can also upload the build, once it is working, if someone would be interessted...
[15:44:44] <endstille> the internet-line in the office is quite good ^__^
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[15:59:43] <eiyee> xvilka: http://pastebin.com/6fRtrT5T
[15:59:45] <Skrilax_CZ> nadlabak: I forgot, tiwlan module is compiled from what sources? MS2?
[16:00:13] <eiyee> xvilka: hoping this is useful somehow and .asm is not autogenerated
[16:02:05] <eiyee> i found no way to set cli_logo_version_max_length to arbitrary values
[16:18:58] <xvilka> yes, this is very useful. i'll try update asm/idb today
[16:19:48] <nadlabak> Skrilax_CZ: tiwlan modules source is here: https://github.com/nadlabak/android_system_wlan_ti
[16:20:07] <Skrilax_CZ> nadlabak: thanks
[16:20:20] <eiyee> xvilka: nice thx
[16:23:59] <nadlabak> Skrilax_CZ: more specifically, it's makefile is here: https://github.com/nadlabak/android_system_wlan_ti/tree/gingerbread/wilink_6_1/platforms/os/linux
[16:25:25] <nadlabak> Skrilax_CZ: you have to set ARCH, CROSS_COMPILE and KERNEL_DIR, HOST_PLATFORM=zoom2
[16:26:42] <Skrilax_CZ> thanks
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[18:26:12] <Skrilax_CZ> lol: https://github.com/nadlabak/android_build/commit/7cf72ea58d855546c1ba3a83b978904389247ba2
[18:28:53] <TheSpiritof69> Heh
[18:29:12] <nadlabak> Skrilax_CZ: :) Btw., for the tiap_drv.ko built from source, one small patch was missing, I've pushed it there now - https://github.com/nadlabak/android_system_wlan_ti/commit/a48ee2e7f1b094691834461d01bbcb14e8830e38
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[18:36:31] <Skrilax_CZ> nadlabak: k
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[19:30:21] <xvilka> eiyee: do i need remove eiyee inactive account and rename eiyee0 to eiyee? same thing for epsylon and kholk
[19:36:05] <eiyee> xvilka: yes please, i assume for others too
[19:36:15] <xvilka> ok
[19:36:41] <xvilka> looks like mediawiki doesnt allow to do that, so i'll edit database directly
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[19:48:27] <szabolor> hi all!
[19:48:58] <szabolor> I need a little help... Do you familiar with the motorola milestone 2 device?
[19:52:34] <xvilka> eiyee: try to login in wiki, with eiyee login
[19:54:10] <fjfalcon> xvilka: have you thinking about adding some adds to droid-dev?
[19:54:26] <fjfalcon> *ads
[19:54:49] <xvilka> fjfalcon: you really want to see ads? ;)
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[19:55:18] <fjfalcon> xvilka: just after i hosted quarx defy buils.. and seen about 50k unique hosts...
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[19:56:36] <xvilka> at least there is no reason to add them, while i can pay for hosting easily
[19:59:20] <xvilka> ho-ho 23 February was 520Gbytes (not Gbits) traffic
[20:02:35] <fjfalcon> xvilka: for 1 day of hosting i get 4tb outcoming traffic. or you mean on one day?
[20:03:56] <xvilka> fjfalcon: not peak, but average
[20:04:09] <xvilka> each day
[20:04:17] <xvilka> or this is small value?
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[20:05:16] <fjfalcon> xvilka: well... for mine "home server".. that really big. But i haven't even hosted any websites and don't know about real bandwitch.
[20:06:08] <xvilka> fjfalcon: thats my first serious website, not homepages
[20:06:14] <xvilka> so i dont know too
[20:06:32] <xvilka> eiyee: so, did you tried login already?
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[20:34:29] <eiyee> xvilka: i get incorrect password.. maybe i just misremember it
[20:35:16] <xvilka> try register new account with valid password and i'll merge it
[20:35:21] <eiyee> ok
[20:36:34] <eiyee> ok worked, account is eiyeetmp
[20:40:19] <xvilka> done. try with eiyee
[20:41:18] <eiyee> works just fine, thx. :)
[20:41:46] <xvilka> i can do same thing for epsylon and kholk too, when they'll be here
[20:42:32] <eiyee> i get these errors http://pastebin.com/AD1PZD7X on the user page
[20:43:31] <eiyee> on /wiki/User:Eiyee
[20:43:54] <xvilka> ah, just not use it :) i dont know how-to fix it, at least now
[20:44:04] <eiyee> heh, ok :)
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[20:54:12] <eiyee> one more wiki question
[20:55:49] <eiyee> and-developers used to say like "obsolete - please use droid-developers", but the note removed. you know if this was on intention? rev history is confusing me
[20:56:10] <xvilka> i know about this
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[20:56:29] <xvilka> there was just some issues with moving sbf tables, etc
[20:59:43] <eiyee> ok. just wondering if it makes sense to add such note again, to avoid the two diverging on common content
[21:00:23] <eiyee> currently only hint about old/new is in this channel /topic :)
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[21:02:17] <xvilka> i've see only sbf-related changes on and-developers.com last times
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[21:05:52] <eiyee> i somehow ended up finding and-developers first and then almost signed up to add new stuff
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[21:07:37] <xvilka> if all sbf tables will be moved we can just make redirection from and-developers.com to droid-dev
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[23:07:37] <mioze7ae> xvilka: I'll start by extracting all the sbf info from and-developers into a csv table.
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[23:18:18] <xvilka> mioze7ae: thats would be great
[23:19:30] <mioze7ae> xvilka: I've already started. Is there a direct way to download the dokuwiki *.txt? I've been copy pasting. No big deal, but it would be nice to be able to easily make sure there haven't been changes.
[23:20:31] <xvilka> let me see
[23:28:26] <xvilka> no, i have no login right now, and have only old dumps of and-developers.com
[23:30:22] <mioze7ae> np. I think I have copies of them all now
[23:30:38] <mioze7ae> time to start parsing
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