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[00:21:43] <Epsylon3> arf arf no way, i can get hSOCTimerRegisterOSMemHandle from PVRSRVGetMiscInfoKM
[00:21:54] <Epsylon3> but without the base, i cant get the parent handle
[00:22:02] <Epsylon3> which is what i search
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[00:37:42] <jonatasmz> nadlabak: app2ext script´s are fixed? (saw on github)
[00:38:22] <nadlabak> jonatasmz: yes, hopefully :)
[00:40:29] <foxylion> nadlabak: what was not working? :-)
[00:40:46] <foxylion> is it possible that these issues crashed my milestone? :D
[00:41:00] <nadlabak> rm -rf <dir>
[00:41:32] <foxylion> ok, i don't think that was that problem what i have
[00:42:12] <stlifey> nadlabak: the hw dsp video dec/enc is not sloved on ics?
[00:42:15] <jonatasmz> nadlabak: you're thinking about releasing a version later this week? i want to try ICS again on my milestone. i´m having some problems building from repo.
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[00:43:29] <nadlabak> stlifey: not yet
[00:45:47] <nadlabak> jonatasmz: yes, I plan to upload new build for some time already, it'll happen rather soon, I guess. Though there is always something asking for a fix before release... ;)
[00:46:58] <jonatasmz> nadlabak: lol hehe... Well.. so i´ll wait your release then, don´t like to install build´s from other guys.
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[00:59:44] <jonatasmz> well
[00:59:46] <jonatasmz> gotta go
[00:59:47] <jonatasmz> cya
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[01:07:07] <Epsylon3> weird that pvr is so much protected :p
[01:07:16] <Epsylon3> trying with hooks now :p
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[01:26:26] <mioze7ae> Done: http://www.droid-developers.org/wiki/SBF:Defy
[01:26:54] <mioze7ae> I've got a system now but it may take a few days to get through the rest.
[01:27:48] <mioze7ae> If the templates start working I can clean them up some (particularly the bootloader ones are going to be ugly for now because we don't have the right template)
[01:28:18] <mioze7ae> I mean when "create template" is fixed
[01:30:20] <mioze7ae> It looks like I can edit templates, I just can't create new ones.
[01:39:54] <xvilka> good work
[01:43:29] <DAGr8> hi
[01:43:34] <xvilka> hi
[01:43:58] <DAGr8> do you have any ideas what would reference the keys in java code ?
[01:44:11] <DAGr8> Imean themenu buton vs the back key for example
[01:44:54] <DAGr8> nadlabak any ideas ?
[01:45:00] <DAGr8> or [mbm] maybe ?
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[01:58:43] <xvilka> what you mean by "reference"?
[01:58:58] <Epsylon3> ok, got SYS_DATA
[01:58:59] <Epsylon3> http://epsy.ath.cx:888/lxr/source/drivers/gpu/pvr/syscommon.h#0058
[01:59:10] <Epsylon3> but require a hook :/
[02:02:01] <Epsylon3> DAGr8 : its /etc/usr/keychars and /etc/usr/keylayout
[02:02:10] <DAGr8> Well if an application depends o. The menu key to do something how would it call it ?
[02:02:12] <Epsylon3> text files
[02:02:37] <DAGr8> No i mean how is it called ?
[02:02:47] <Epsylon3> hmm after its in frameworks
[02:02:55] <DAGr8> Yes
[02:02:57] <Epsylon3> and complicated, like all frameworks :p
[02:03:11] <Epsylon3> power key is different
[02:03:14] <DAGr8> And how does it reference them?
[02:03:24] <Epsylon3> it intercept events
[02:03:29] <Epsylon3> and process them
[02:03:33] <Epsylon3> like all terminals
[02:03:47] <DAGr8> Would it be an intent a v6 or what ?
[02:05:10] <Epsylon3> no, some can make intents yep, but its not the global system
[02:05:49] <Epsylon3> (like the media key)
[02:06:21] <Epsylon3> (headset key)
[02:11:01] <DAGr8> http://developer.android.com/reference/android/view/KeyEvent.html
[02:11:02] <DAGr8> :)
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[03:26:50] <Epsylon3> http://epsy.ath.cx:888/paste/?283
[03:26:54] <Epsylon3> arf arf :p
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[04:11:36] <mioze7ae> xvlika: They're all copied over. The bootloaders tables look funny until we get new templates
[04:12:06] <Epsylon3> hi Quarx :p
[04:12:09] <Epsylon3> http://epsy.ath.cx:888/paste/?284
[04:12:18] <Epsylon3> im sniffing pvr... :
[04:12:22] <Epsylon3> its a pain
[04:12:52] <mioze7ae> xvilka: done
[04:13:45] <Epsylon3> all compiles fine, but i need the sgx base handle to link the ion in sgx... else omx is compiled also
[04:15:10] <Quarx> hello
[04:15:21] <Quarx> new sgx libs?
[04:16:36] <Quarx> i have
[04:16:47] <Epsylon3> no
[04:16:56] <Epsylon3> we need ion :p
[04:17:11] <Epsylon3> its the memory handler
[04:18:06] <Epsylon3> ok i think i found the mmu and the buffers
[04:20:19] <Epsylon3> insmod /system/lib/modules/ion.ko
[04:20:23] <Epsylon3> <6>[ 859.872680] ion: registered misc device a0001d (10:29)
[04:20:24] <Epsylon3> <6>[ 859.872802] omap_ion_probe: adding heap omap3_carveout of type 2 at 0x92500000 (size=0x6400000)
[04:20:24] <Epsylon3> <6>[ 859.872985] ion_device_add_heap: entry id 21, 0 left dc7f0008
[04:20:24] <Epsylon3> <1>[ 859.873077] Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 00000008
[04:21:00] <Epsylon3> 100MB :/
[04:22:10] <Epsylon3> <4>[ 859.876190] PC is at rb_insert_color+0x14/0x12c
[04:22:11] <Epsylon3> <4>[ 859.876312] LR is at ion_device_add_heap+0xac/0x13c [ion]
[04:25:35] <Epsylon3> i need to find gpsKernelHandleBase
[04:25:48] <Epsylon3> a single int address :p
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[04:53:41] <Quarx> oh you is crazy :D
[04:53:46] <Quarx> nice
[05:00:24] <Epsylon3> ^^
[05:00:30] <Epsylon3> yea i lose my time :p
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[05:37:40] <Epsylon3> too long to do ... the dumping
[05:50:29] <Epsylon3> a bit more, but still not enough :p http://epsy.ath.cx:888/paste/?286
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[06:36:56] <Epsylon3> lol its bigger than registry ^^
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[07:05:10] <jayvee> I'm trying to use an app ("IPv6Config") that utilises the "ip tunnel" command internall
[07:05:37] <jayvee> unfortunately the CM7.1.5 I'm running on my Milestone only supports "ip address", "ip route", and a couple of others that I don't care about
[07:17:25] <jayvee> I'm pretty sure the kernel itself supports sit tunnels, so I think it's just userspace that needs to have the support added
[07:17:43] <jayvee> were I compiling CyanogenMod, I'd just adjust the busybox compile options to include "ip tunnel" support
[07:21:45] <jayvee> also, is this bad?
[07:21:46] <jayvee> /dev/block/mtdblock6 175.6M 174.5M 1.1M 99% /system
[07:21:51] <jayvee> ;-)
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[08:28:42] <Epsylon3> aahhh got it
[08:28:45] <Epsylon3> http://epsy.ath.cx:888/paste/
[08:33:30] <Epsylon3> hmm not sure in fact, this handle is not the same with a new process :/
[08:40:19] <Quarx> link incorrect?
[08:40:27] <Quarx> to "paste"
[08:51:28] <Epsylon3> oh oups
[08:51:57] <Epsylon3> http://epsy.ath.cx:888/paste/?289
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[09:59:57] <mmodder> Anyone else think that ICS is so beautiful and that Google did a brilliant job?
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[12:01:19] <Epsylon3> well doesnt works :p
[12:01:22] <Epsylon3> as expected
[12:01:32] <Epsylon3> doesnt boot neither :p
[12:02:43] <raspo666> What exactly 'doesn't works' ?
[12:03:08] <Epsylon3> ion...
[12:03:09] <Epsylon3> I/DEBUG ( 2145): #00 pc 00002cd0 /system/lib/hw/hwcomposer.omap3.so
[12:03:09] <Epsylon3> I/DEBUG ( 2145): #01 pc 000194b2 /system/lib/libsurfaceflinger.so (_ZN7android10HWComposerC2ERKNS_2spINS_14SurfaceFlingerEEE)
[12:03:09] <Epsylon3> I/DEBUG ( 2145): #02 pc 00018a70 /system/lib/libsurfaceflinger.so (_ZN7android15DisplayHardware4initEj)
[12:06:24] <raspo666> Seems I'm missing some backlog on this channel, since I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about, sorry.
[12:08:10] <Quarx> Epsylon3: hw composer enabled in surfaceflinger?
[12:08:36] <Quarx> usage |= GraphicBuffer::USAGE_HW_COMPOSER;
[12:09:09] <Epsylon3> good question
[12:09:17] <Quarx> it is MISSING_GRALLOC_BUFFERS
[12:09:20] <Quarx> ifdef
[12:09:48] <Epsylon3> i will push what ive made
[12:10:02] <Epsylon3> branch omapzomm on omap3
[12:10:08] <Epsylon3> and the modules
[12:11:21] <nadlabak> Epsylon3: good idea, I'll have a look at it in the evening
[12:11:40] <Epsylon3> done
[12:12:29] <Epsylon3> omapzoom ics-mr1 branch compiles directly
[12:12:33] <Epsylon3> well almost
[12:12:43] <Epsylon3> just miss one ion.h header
[12:12:54] <Epsylon3> added on github too
[12:15:21] <Quarx> hm.. my old log http://pastebin.com/j1XVkjNp
[12:15:28] <Quarx> without ion module
[12:15:41] <Quarx> the same
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[12:22:07] <Epsylon3> oh, ive made a small change to symsearch too
[12:24:02] <Quarx> _ZN7android10HWComposerC2ERKNS_2spINS_14SurfaceFlingerEEE in //surfaceflinger/DisplayHardware/HWComposer.cpp
[12:41:12] <Skrilax_CZ> Epsylon3: post the patch (assuming it's not a hax :P)
[12:42:12] <Epsylon3> the patch ?
[12:46:26] <nadlabak> E: ive made a small change to symsearch S: post the patch
[12:46:47] <Epsylon3> oh its made
[12:47:00] <Epsylon3> https://github.com/tpruvot/android_device_motorola_jordan
[12:47:44] <Epsylon3> only the .h
[12:48:04] <Epsylon3> arf
[12:48:09] <Epsylon3> title is broken :p
[12:48:14] <Epsylon3> old stuff i think
[12:48:50] <Epsylon3> i dont build the kernel in my repo.... i could, i do it for the atrix :p
[12:58:27] <Epsylon3> the buggy part is there :
[12:58:27] <Epsylon3> https://github.com/tpruvot/android_device_motorola_jordan/blob/983ebdff43c6be88e9ba799d06930f018d6a7001/modules/ion/gpu/ion.c#L1187
[12:58:50] <Epsylon3> ive added a break; after entries++;
[12:59:05] <Epsylon3> and put rb_insert_color(&heap->node, &dev->heaps); in config_fs
[12:59:18] <Epsylon3> (disabled) that break on that ...
[13:00:13] <Epsylon3> the ion folder should be in drivers/misc
[13:00:26] <Epsylon3> ionpvr content in drivers/gpu/pvr/
[13:06:08] <Epsylon3> V/CameraHolder( 3260): open camera 0
[13:06:08] <Epsylon3> V/Camera ( 3260): connect
[13:06:08] <Epsylon3> E/CameraService( 2125): Camera HAL module not loaded
[13:06:08] <Epsylon3> E/CameraHolder( 3260): fail to connect Camera
[13:06:11] <Epsylon3> wtf
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[14:43:22] <mib_force> the get-prebuilts is infunctional
[14:43:32] <mib_force> Term.apk gets downloaded as html file since being redirected
[14:43:51] <mib_force> new command:
[14:44:42] <mib_force> curl -L -o $BASEDIR/proprietary/Term.apk -O -L http://cloud.github.com/downloads/jackpal/Android-Terminal-Emulator/Term.apk
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[16:03:10] <endstille-mobile> test
[16:03:47] <endstille-mobile> i think i'm really online.. i'm curious about battery usage of irc on ms
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[19:33:13] <mmodder> Can someone upload the latest CM9 build? The one someone posted in xda doesn't have working radio
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[20:31:10] <theqoo> hey guys, I'm looking for some files on http://and-developers.com/sbf:milestone2 (16 and 18) but all the links are dead, any ideas on where I might be able to get them?
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[21:39:34] <mib_force> didn't anyone say builing cm9 takes 16 hours or something?
[21:39:49] <mib_force> took like 9hrs on a 2ghz amd /w 1GB ram
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[21:51:16] <nfin1te> hello
[21:52:15] <nfin1te> i have a question: i craeted and ext3 partition after my fat32 partition on sdcard and then installed nadlabaks CM9 kang + gapps. internal memory shows still only the stock value, is this supposed to be like that? where can i check if cm9 uses the ext3 partition as extension? thanks!
[21:59:27] <mib_force> there is no such thing
[21:59:45] <mib_force> ah you mean memory, not RAM
[21:59:53] <mib_force> console: df -h
[21:59:59] <mib_force> you might see it there
[22:00:10] <mib_force> or check active mounts
[22:02:43] <nfin1te> so its supposed not to display it unter internal memory?
[22:03:06] <nfin1te> df -h gives me "no such file or directory"
[22:04:08] <nfin1te> where can i see active mounts? sorry, im quite noobish ;)
[22:12:03] <mib_force> type: mount
[22:13:59] <nfin1te> uhm, it shows me a lot now
[22:15:01] <nfin1te> several yaffs2, some ext4..what name shall i look for? i mean, shouldnt it add up to internal memory? internal stock memory is 200mb, ive made a 15gb ext3 partition on sdcard, so it should say 15.200 mb internal memory? or am i wrong?
[22:26:06] <mib_force> don't know how that is implemented
[22:26:19] <mib_force> what tutorial did u use?
[22:26:36] <mib_force> never tried to create an partition on my sd card
[22:27:27] <nfin1te> http://www.mrmuh.com/2012/01/update-a-motorola-milestone-from-motorola-firmware-to-cyanogenmod-7/
[22:27:29] <nfin1te> see point 3
[22:27:56] <nfin1te> i just used gparted, but the sd card is partitioned correctly
[22:27:59] <nfin1te> first 15gb fat32
[22:28:02] <nfin1te> then rest ext3
[22:28:08] <nfin1te> so basically, everthing should be ok
[22:28:41] <nfin1te> i just want to check if it is, because the cm9 kang doesnt offer the option to choose where to install apps (phone memory it should be, as written in the tutorial)
[22:32:33] <mib_force> not sure how that gets included in android anyways
[22:36:32] <mib_force> nfin1te: read the comments on that page
[22:36:40] <mib_force> nfin1te: seems to be a "bug" :)
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[22:43:20] <nfin1te> hm, ah ok
[22:43:33] <nfin1te> well, it seems to work i guess, sd-ext already containts the first app i installed
[22:43:41] <nfin1te> so, yay i guess
[22:43:42] <nfin1te> :)
[22:43:49] <nfin1te> thanks for your time mib_force :)
[22:43:54] <mib_force> np
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[23:55:00] <Skrilax_CZ> theqoo: sbf.droid-developers.org