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[12:27:20] <psy0rz> woot
[12:27:38] <psy0rz> finally time to try to get some new firmware on my 2.1 milestone
[12:31:59] <psy0rz> so is it possible to install a new kernel on the phone as well? or are all the mods based on booting with the 2.2 stock-motorola kernel?
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[12:37:49] <zewelor> based on stock moto kernel
[12:38:12] <psy0rz> k thx
[12:38:38] <psy0rz> and gps is still broke in 2.3? ( the change log said 'fixed gps', but everywhere else it says its broken)
[12:46:42] <zewelor> looks like its working
[12:48:51] <psy0rz> nice
[12:48:56] <psy0rz> you use it?
[12:49:06] <psy0rz> i'm flashing OTR2.2 now..i hope ;)
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[13:05:37] <zewelor> otr ?
[13:05:45] <zewelor> im using cm7
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[13:09:22] <psy0rz> k
[13:09:48] <psy0rz> thats the latest custom firmware?
[13:11:13] <zewelor> probably not
[13:11:23] <zewelor> as newest would be cm9 but i think its unstable
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[13:19:31] <psy0rz> https://github.com/nadlabak/android/downloads
[13:20:15] <psy0rz> i only see cm7?
[13:22:37] <endstille> psy0rz: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1445209
[13:22:38] <nadlabak> psy0rz: CM9 is in alpha stage. I don't upload alpha builds to github. See http://android.doshaska.net/
[13:22:58] <psy0rz> ah its you :D
[13:23:09] <psy0rz> thx nadlabak for all the work you do :)
[13:23:24] <psy0rz> ah i see
[13:23:34] <psy0rz> ill try 7 then :)
[13:24:29] <nadlabak> psy0rz: you're welcome :)
[13:24:52] <endstille> nadlabak: i had some strange behaviourwith cm7 3 days ago... i went to flymode every evening and got online in the morning... but on 8th, after >100h uptime the milestone, waited ca. 6-7 seconds to accept any command on touchpad and then, it executed everything, that i did the last seconds... (is this clear or shall i try to describe different)
[13:25:48] <endstille> then i rebootet, and it did nearly the same thing... i shut it down, waited 15 minutes and after booting it never appeared again >.< on the evening i compiled a new version, i'll see, if i can get a longer uptime now....
[13:26:14] <endstille> i have the impression, evertime it passes 100 hours, something strange happens... :D
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[13:41:03] <psy0rz> so nadlabak should gps be working?
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[13:46:32] <nadlabak> psy0rz: gps is working in CM builds for Milestone since september 2010, agps since october 2010
[13:47:34] <psy0rz> ah k :)
[13:47:35] <psy0rz> nice
[13:51:55] <nadlabak> endstille: I'd like to see the logs (including the kernel log)
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[15:02:50] <endstille> nadlabak: they are stored in /cache, are they? i think i cleared cache on updating the rom, sorry :(
[15:05:04] <endstille> i just copied every file in /cache/logger to /sdcard, let me see, if they are of any use
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[16:23:32] <xvilka> nadlakab: i've created cm7.droid-developers.org and cm9.droid-developers.org We are going to setup nightbuilds for them with mib_force
[16:23:46] <xvilka> nadlabak: sorry, mispelled
[16:33:02] <raspo666> cm9 on a milestone ?
[16:35:39] <xvilka> all from nadlabak's work
[16:37:24] <raspo666> Doesn't it need the 3.x kernel ?
[16:42:48] <xvilka> see nadlabak's site
[16:47:13] <raspo666> Ah, ok, thanks...
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[17:06:46] <aderuwe> G'evening :)
[17:06:49] <aderuwe> Is following http://www.mrmuh.com/2012/01/update-a-motorola-milestone-from-motorola-firmware-to-cyanogenmod-7/ still ok? I can get 7.2.0 after that?
[17:07:03] <pontomedon> aderuwe: yes
[17:07:16] <aderuwe> cool, thanks
[17:07:35] <aderuwe> sick and tired of dodgy milestone, wish i did my research much earlier
[17:08:03] <pontomedon> it'll feel like a new phone afterwards :)
[17:08:32] <aderuwe> :) I'll hang around, you never know - just waiting for battery to be charged
[17:09:00] <aderuwe> "but you could easily lose all your data" on the sdcard, phone or both?
[17:09:52] <aderuwe> sorry for quoting something like that out of context
[17:10:06] <aderuwe> just a question about that disclaimers :)
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[17:15:54] <pontomedon> i wrote the guide, so i know where that sentence belongs :)
[17:16:21] <pontomedon> if you're stupid enough you could lose both, phone data and sdcard
[17:16:40] <pontomedon> but you'll have to be quite stupid and ignore most of the steps
[17:17:00] <pontomedon> if you follow the steps and have a basic understanding of what you're doing, you'll be fine.
[17:17:10] <aderuwe> ok, i think i should be able to do that
[17:17:23] <aderuwe> thank you
[17:22:56] <aderuwe> should i worry about the battery time? on normal use i have about 13-15 hours of use
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[17:34:37] <pontomedon> that's enough
[17:34:47] <pontomedon> just don't let the phone lying around in recovery mode
[17:34:48] <pontomedon> :)
[17:35:02] <aderuwe> ok :)
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[18:01:44] <raspo666> Wow, that cm9 snapshot look cool ;-o !!
[18:07:24] <xvilka> i think so
[18:08:51] <raspo666> It does, some functionality missing, but many things where missing on my Galaxy Nexus aswell, when I tried cm9 an that 2 days ago...
[18:09:21] <raspo666> an^w on
[18:10:23] <raspo666> feels a bit more responsive than cm7, too...
[18:13:12] <aderuwe> pontomedon: i'm getting "signature verification failed" on "apply sdcard:update.zip"
[18:13:47] <TheSpiritof69> Yeah.
[18:14:00] <TheSpiritof69> vulnerable recovery is needed
[18:14:14] <aderuwe> "EOCD marker occurs after start of EOCD"
[18:14:25] <TheSpiritof69> ^-
[18:15:00] <aderuwe> TheSpiritof69: that's the first step in the guide?
[18:15:10] <aderuwe> RSDLite and the SBF file?
[18:15:14] <TheSpiritof69> Yes
[18:15:19] <aderuwe> I did that...
[18:15:38] <TheSpiritof69> And when upgrading from 2.2 to CM or after an OTA update you have to remove a shell script which restores the original recovery at every boot
[18:15:48] <aderuwe> aha!
[18:15:49] <TheSpiritof69> /system/etc/install-recovery.sh I think
[18:15:55] <aderuwe> checking now :)
[18:15:58] <TheSpiritof69> I may be wrong about the exact path though
[18:16:17] <aderuwe> "reboot system now" just gets me back in moto android
[18:16:18] <TheSpiritof69> In any way you have to immediately boot to Open Recovery after flashing the vulnerable recovery
[18:16:18] <aderuwe> ?
[18:16:45] <aderuwe> aha so no reboot to android in between - immediately hold hotkey?
[18:16:45] <TheSpiritof69> Yes, that's just a regular reboot
[18:16:48] <TheSpiritof69> Yes
[18:16:56] <aderuwe> ok, thank you
[18:17:09] <TheSpiritof69> And an OpenRecovery on SD already ;)
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[18:17:36] <aderuwe> i'll copy it again to be sure it's correct :)
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[18:22:05] <pontomedon> gr i really have to include that
[18:22:34] <TheSpiritof69> ;>
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[18:38:59] <aderuwe> i get "can't have partition outside the disk" on "print" in parted
[18:39:47] <aderuwe> mmcblk0p1 exists too
[18:40:46] <aderuwe> phone getting hot too.. better to skip apps2ext?
[18:44:09] <aderuwe> running this on mmcblk0p1 works but shows no lines in the table
[18:44:19] <aderuwe> ping pontomedon
[18:44:45] <aderuwe> has my sdcard been formatted out of android as you imply in the guide?
[18:44:57] <aderuwe> should i skip this step?
[18:46:19] <aderuwe> ping TheSpiritof69
[18:54:12] <aderuwe> i just ran a nandroid/backup and abandoned for now
[18:54:27] <aderuwe> would appreciate pointer ;)
[18:54:52] <TheSpiritof69> Uhm
[18:55:04] <TheSpiritof69> mmcblk0p1 should be FAT
[18:55:16] <TheSpiritof69> You need to create ext as mmcblk0p2
[18:55:58] <aderuwe> it's "print" that doesn't give me the expected output
[18:56:06] <aderuwe> you mean ignore that?
[18:56:24] <aderuwe> on mmcblk0 it errors
[18:56:42] <aderuwe> "can't have partition outside the disk"
[18:57:05] <aderuwe> on mmcblk0p1 there is no error but also no partitions shown
[18:57:23] <TheSpiritof69> Uhm
[18:57:42] <TheSpiritof69> I think FAT partitioned somehow wrong and extends disk size?
[18:57:59] <aderuwe> ah is that why windows suggests fixing? should i do that>
[18:58:00] <aderuwe> ?
[18:58:11] <TheSpiritof69> Nah
[18:58:30] <TheSpiritof69> You need to have FAT smaller than disk size anyways to have space for ext :P
[18:58:44] <aderuwe> i'm not sure i understand that
[18:58:57] <TheSpiritof69> You need two partitions on the sdcard
[18:59:05] <aderuwe> should i ignore apps2ext? i can live without that if my phone stops being dodgy :)
[18:59:11] <TheSpiritof69> One FAT32, for music, photos data in genereal
[18:59:16] <aderuwe> right
[18:59:18] <TheSpiritof69> I'd recommend apps2ext
[18:59:31] <TheSpiritof69> And one for apps, being the ext part
[18:59:44] <aderuwe> right
[18:59:48] <TheSpiritof69> Regularly, if formatting via android, the Fat-Partition takes the whole SD card
[19:00:00] <TheSpiritof69> Having an 8GB SD card, you get an 8GB FAT partition
[19:00:26] <TheSpiritof69> Wanting an ext partition, you need to format the fat with eg 7GB and 1GB for ext :PO
[19:00:27] <aderuwe> 7969MB, right - i have the same as in the guide
[19:00:58] <TheSpiritof69> Cant magically have 8 GB FAT and 1GB ext on a 8GB sd card :P
[19:01:06] <aderuwe> makes sense :)
[19:01:54] <aderuwe> thing is i don't know what /dev/block to start parted on...
[19:02:07] <aderuwe> it fails as it's mentioned in the guide
[19:02:08] <TheSpiritof69> mmcblk0
[19:02:19] <TheSpiritof69> p1 and p2 only mark the partitions
[19:02:35] <TheSpiritof69> As in Linux does hda1 hda2 mark first and second partition on hard drive a
[19:02:37] <aderuwe> that errors, "can't have partition outside the disk"
[19:02:49] <aderuwe> that's my problem
[19:03:00] <TheSpiritof69> Try parted -l /dev/block/mmcblk0
[19:03:10] <TheSpiritof69> That should give you the partitions
[19:03:35] <aderuwe> p0
[19:03:51] <TheSpiritof69> Yes
[19:03:51] <aderuwe> but only because i ls'd the folder
[19:03:55] <TheSpiritof69> Oh
[19:03:55] <TheSpiritof69> no
[19:04:01] <aderuwe> parted doesn't start on that device
[19:04:09] <TheSpiritof69> -l, --list
[19:04:10] <TheSpiritof69> lists partition layout on all block devices
[19:04:12] <TheSpiritof69> parted -l
[19:04:15] <TheSpiritof69> Maybe
[19:04:37] <aderuwe> google has nothing for me either...
[19:04:41] <aderuwe> ok, change of pov
[19:04:46] <TheSpiritof69> http://linux.die.net/man/8/parted
[19:04:46] <TheSpiritof69> :P
[19:04:50] <aderuwe> suppose i don't care about my sdcard
[19:05:00] <aderuwe> pretend it's empty
[19:05:07] <TheSpiritof69> Yes
[19:05:20] <aderuwe> all i care about is handcent messages and they are in phone mem
[19:05:36] <aderuwe> i just want that ext and empty fat
[19:05:37] <TheSpiritof69> Yeah..on flashing a new ROM, that gets erased ;)
[19:05:56] <aderuwe> ok so just skip this? but then i don't have app2ext?
[19:06:02] <aderuwe> ah ok
[19:06:03] <aderuwe> no
[19:06:05] <aderuwe> sorry
[19:06:18] <TheSpiritof69> You can skip this, yes
[19:06:23] <aderuwe> i have the nandoird/backup, tho
[19:06:33] <TheSpiritof69> And the only think lacking is apps being on sd card
[19:06:44] <aderuwe> ok, i can deal with that
[19:07:03] <aderuwe> how about apps2ext? can i set that up after i am running cm7?
[19:07:13] <TheSpiritof69> Yes
[19:07:16] <aderuwe> cool
[19:07:23] <aderuwe> i dont care about sd :) lucky me
[19:07:33] <aderuwe> just copies on there
[19:07:36] <aderuwe> maybe some notes
[19:07:37] <aderuwe> meh
[19:08:16] <aderuwe> so just go straight to root phone?
[19:08:31] <TheSpiritof69> Nah
[19:08:45] <TheSpiritof69> You dont need that if switching to CM as CM is prerooted
[19:09:03] <TheSpiritof69> wipe data, apply cm update zip, apply gapps zip, reboot
[19:11:45] <aderuwe> i dunno... i think i need to stop here and try again....
[19:13:04] <aderuwe> i don't get why my sdcard is different
[19:26:14] <pontomedon> aderuwe: that means your partition table is fucked up
[19:26:35] <pontomedon> you can try to blindly resize it
[19:26:45] <pontomedon> (the first partition)
[19:27:08] <aderuwe> i backuped up what i needed i think - how would i do that?
[19:27:28] <pontomedon> so there's nothing on your sd card you need?
[19:27:46] <pontomedon> then i'd recommend recreating the partition table from scratch
[19:28:06] <aderuwe> i got the music and i think handvcent stored its messages on phone mem
[19:28:22] <pontomedon> it should have
[19:28:37] <pontomedon> if you're in doubt select usb mass storage mode on the OR main menu
[19:28:44] <aderuwe> right - i don't care about the sd then
[19:28:47] <pontomedon> and copy everything to your computer
[19:28:55] <aderuwe> ok
[19:29:34] <pontomedon> because you'll loose erverything that's currently on the SD card if you destroy and recreate the partition table :)
[19:29:48] <aderuwe> i'm ok with that
[19:30:01] <pontomedon> good
[19:30:06] <pontomedon> are in the OR shell?
[19:30:18] <aderuwe> no, recharging
[19:30:48] <aderuwe> i can go for it now
[19:32:16] <pontomedon> ok tell me once you're in the OR shell
[19:33:37] <aderuwe> half way there
[19:34:25] <pontomedon> i didn't read everything you and TheSpirit wrot up there, did you remove the install-recovery.sh file?
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[19:38:47] <aderuwe> i could not, no permission
[19:38:58] <aderuwe> i need to do it after the rooting?
[19:39:21] <pontomedon> we'll just remove it from the OR shell
[19:40:03] <aderuwe> ok... i messed things up a couple of times on avoiding that script..
[19:40:13] <aderuwe> ready to connect cable now
[19:40:24] <aderuwe> in bootloader
[19:40:33] <pontomedon> k
[19:42:09] <aderuwe> i messed up again, the verification errors
[19:42:27] <aderuwe> i'm gonna try again later
[19:42:38] <aderuwe> thank you pontomedon and TheSpiritof69
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[19:42:56] <pontomedon> basically all you have to do is
[19:43:05] <pontomedon> rm /system/etc/install-recovery.sh
[19:43:08] <pontomedon> from OR shell
[19:43:23] <aderuwe> ok
[19:43:28] <pontomedon> you're root there, system is mounted as rw, so nothing else should be necessary
[19:43:39] <aderuwe> then run psrted?
[19:43:45] <aderuwe> parted*
[19:43:58] <pontomedon> well no, there's still the problem with your partition table
[19:44:03] <aderuwe> ah
[19:44:14] <aderuwe> this is fixable after installing cm?
[19:44:32] <pontomedon> yes, but not simpler
[19:44:36] <aderuwe> ok
[19:44:42] <pontomedon> but you can continue to install cm7
[19:44:47] <pontomedon> and fix the sd card later
[19:44:56] <pontomedon> you can't have apps2ext until you fixed it though
[19:45:13] <aderuwe> ok, that's ok for now
[19:46:05] <aderuwe> so if do things right and not mess up, skip the apps2ext step, i am good?
[19:46:11] <pontomedon> yes
[19:46:31] <aderuwe> ok :)
[19:46:50] <pontomedon> highlight me here when you want to fix your sd card
[19:46:52] <pontomedon> :)
[19:47:32] <aderuwe> thank you pontomedon, i would've been lost - TheSpiritof69 too!
[19:51:02] <pontomedon> we've had this problem with the SD cards a few times already, I have no idea what could be the problem. I suspect that they have been formatted with Windows or any other bad formatter :)
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