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[16:05:40] <tuxication> Hi everyone, I think I'm missing a step to have the ability to extand my phone memory with an ext3 partition, somebody can help?
[16:06:01] <TheSpiritof69> Dunno
[16:06:18] <TheSpiritof69> When using CM7 you just have to format a second partition on sd card with ext
[16:06:26] <TheSpiritof69> And youre pretty much done
[16:07:24] <tuxication> ok that's what I did, is it normal that it shows : this device doesn't have extanded internal memory in CM settings -> applications
[16:08:16] <TheSpiritof69> Which CM are you using? 7 or 9?
[16:08:21] <tuxication> 7
[16:08:41] <TheSpiritof69> Where exactly under Applications?
[16:09:01] <TheSpiritof69> Oh
[16:09:03] <TheSpiritof69> There
[16:09:06] <TheSpiritof69> Yes, it's normal
[16:09:35] <TheSpiritof69> When installing Apps, usage on internal memory should now remain about the same..
[16:09:43] <tuxication> Ohh ok!
[16:09:55] <tuxication> Thank you :D I thought I did something wrong.
[16:09:58] <TheSpiritof69> I have eg
[16:10:01] <TheSpiritof69> ~30 Apps
[16:10:06] <TheSpiritof69> And still..
[16:10:08] <tuxication> ok
[16:10:13] <TheSpiritof69> 126MB free
[16:10:15] <TheSpiritof69> ;)
[16:10:16] <tuxication> did you use CM 9 ?
[16:10:19] <TheSpiritof69> Nope
[16:10:48] <tuxication> I saw some comments but still haven't tried it either.
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[18:29:49] <mototyrant> guys, my miles' touchscreen started to go crazy today
[18:29:52] <mototyrant> ignoring touchs or just going crazy touching all around, specially in a vertical right in the middle of the screen
[18:30:11] <mototyrant> is there anything I can do besides watching my miles touch die?
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[18:57:28] <[mbm]> mototyrant: all touchscreens have a calibration mode that adjusts the sensitivity; usually done when the screen turns on, which means if there's something touching the screen when it calibrates it starts acting strangely
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[19:00:50] <mototyrant> [mbm]:I see, but no amount of reboots seems to fix this. Previous versions of CM7 had a multitude of touch settings, but the 7.2.0-RC0 has little. But even this discussion is just denial, it's most probably a hardware fault known to milestone community.
[19:02:39] <[mbm]> you're saying it's a bug in the rom and it goes away if you switch roms?
[19:06:04] <k1l> it sounds like a broken display cable, a broken digitizer or a magnet behind the milestone. or its a messed up customrom setting if a clean install with all wipes and no old user data helpes
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[19:07:41] <[mbm]> magnet doesn't make the slightest bit of difference; screen is capacitive-- they measure charge
[19:08:26] <k1l> i thought there were issues with the docking station, which uses a magnet to start dock mode
[19:09:50] <[mbm]> there's a hall effect sensor to detect docking stations, and a magnet can trigger dock mode but that has nothing to do with the touchscreen
[19:11:53] <k1l> kk, then its only one of the 2 hardware issues or the wrong settings
[19:22:11] <nadlabak> mototyrant: the touchscreen options have been moved to "Device settings"
[19:22:40] <nadlabak> failed touchscreen is the most common hardware issue
[19:22:53] <nadlabak> it needs to be replaced
[19:25:07] <mototyrant> nadlabak: yep, failed touchscreen is the probable cause, as no settings was changed and there's a explicit vertical line that doesn't recognize touching
[19:25:38] <mototyrant> nadlabak: could only find moultitouch settings for touchscreen, is that it? i thought there were more
[19:26:22] <mototyrant> [mbm] & k1l: no magnets, no custom roms, just plain "old" CM7.2-RC0a
[19:40:59] <cafk> mototyrant: mine did that about 1.5 years ago, appeared on the stock 2.1 rom... the right half of the screen was completly unusable... i had to send it in for repairs
[19:43:07] <mototyrant> cafk: do you know what part was replaced? I hoping it isn't the whole lcd,as I replaced it twice already
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[19:47:14] <cafk> mototyrant: no idea what they replaced, the place where the imei was written down in the original phone was wiped clean and a sticker stating the info appeared instead...
[19:47:57] <nadlabak> only the touch digitizer (the part that covers the lcd), like this one - http://www.ebay.com/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280642118983&ssPageName=ADME:L:OC:US:1123
[19:48:20] <nadlabak> I had to replace mine 9 months ago as well
[19:48:46] <cafk> as i said, the inside of my phone was also changed, so...
[19:49:05] <[mbm]> the lcd itself is just a normal lcd and nothing to do with touch, there's a capaitive glass panel on fop called a digitizer which is what handles touch events
[19:49:15] <[mbm]> s/fop/top/
[19:49:49] <[mbm]> usually they're separate pieces, but it depends on the device
[19:51:49] <[mbm]> quick google search suggests that for the milestone you can buy just the digitizer
[19:52:07] <nadlabak> the part is clearly shown in the above link I posted
[19:53:00] <[mbm]> yep; glass plate with a ribbon cable
[19:54:45] <[mbm]> iirc, digitizer fails when the conductive coating is damaged or worn
[20:07:46] <mototyrant> oh, that's excellent news!
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[20:12:30] <mototyrant> nadlabak: got it replaced yourself? any service manual lying around?
[20:14:33] <nadlabak> mototyrant: replaced myself. give me few minutes to find the file
[20:53:54] <[mbm]> try ifixit
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