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[12:37:12] <endstille> hey, android 4.0.4 is availiable
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[19:38:05] <muffinimal> good evening!
[19:39:15] <muffinimal> Anyone here that can help me?
[19:39:43] <muffinimal> I am trying to follow pontomedon's guide to installing cyanogen
[19:40:00] <muffinimal> I am running into some trouble at step 4, the preparing for Apps2Ext bit
[19:40:25] <pontomedon> what troubel
[19:40:28] <pontomedon> *trouble
[19:40:55] <muffinimal> wow, I actually get to talk to you ;-)
[19:41:13] <muffinimal> first off, thank you for such a clear guide! It's been a pleasure reading it!
[19:41:24] <pontomedon> thnx
[19:41:27] <muffinimal> Well constructed, well written. Great!
[19:42:02] <muffinimal> The steps are bit hard to follow at 4... First I need to unmount some stuff
[19:42:18] <muffinimal> sddata and sdcard
[19:42:36] <muffinimal> I do have a /sdcard mounted, but not a sddata
[19:42:43] <muffinimal> (I do have a /data)
[19:42:55] <pontomedon> that
[19:43:15] <pontomedon> 's ok, /sddata is where the ext partition will be mounted once you have it
[19:43:22] <muffinimal> ah, great!
[19:43:34] <muffinimal> ok, no need to unmount that one then...
[19:43:47] <pontomedon> i only put it there because there were some people having trouble with the old tune2fs binary
[19:43:56] <muffinimal> ah... ok...
[19:44:20] <muffinimal> this is the only thing in the guide I didn't quite get... Were this instruction there for me, or not...
[19:44:22] <pontomedon> and if you reboot to OR with an ext2 partition in place you have to unmount it before you convert it to ext3
[19:46:25] <muffinimal> hmm...
[19:46:40] <muffinimal> I am not sure what to do next...
[19:46:55] <muffinimal> I don't need to unmout /sddata
[19:47:07] <pontomedon> but you have to unmount /sdcard
[19:47:15] <muffinimal> and to create an ext* partition I should run, parted, I guess...
[19:47:16] <muffinimal> Ok...
[19:47:29] <pontomedon> start where the bullet points start
[19:47:33] <muffinimal> ok, the next problem arises here...
[19:47:57] <muffinimal> 'mount' shows me /sdcard is mounted on /dev/block/mmcblk0p1
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[19:48:13] <muffinimal> so, I will change the parted command according to this...
[19:48:33] <pontomedon> well it's in fstab, so /sdcard is enough :)
[19:48:55] <pontomedon> you can also remount it with "mount /sdcard"
[19:48:56] <muffinimal> sorry... I can't follow that :-(
[19:49:07] <pontomedon> ah sorry
[19:49:10] <pontomedon> i misread your post
[19:49:11] <pontomedon> well
[19:49:18] <pontomedon> mmcblk0 is the sdcard
[19:49:27] <pontomedon> mmcblk0p1 is the first partition of the sdcard
[19:49:29] <muffinimal> My linux skill are rudimentary at best
[19:49:43] <muffinimal> ah, ok...
[19:49:44] <pontomedon> parted needs the partition
[19:49:49] <pontomedon> *NOT* sorry
[19:50:03] <muffinimal> hehe
[19:50:07] <pontomedon> *parted needs the device, not the partition
[19:50:16] <muffinimal> ok then... I won't change the parted command. I'll run you to the next little problem
[19:50:50] <muffinimal> After running the parted command, I get the following:
[19:50:51] <pontomedon> you shouldn't need to change any command, that's the advantage of all users having an identical system (a milestone running OR :))
[19:51:02] <muffinimal> Error: Can't have a partition outside the disk!
[19:51:07] <pontomedon> ouch
[19:51:11] <pontomedon> common one
[19:51:23] <pontomedon> your partition table is fucked
[19:51:28] <muffinimal> That was what I was hoping for, after I read your guide yesterday. My specs are similar to yours
[19:51:32] <muffinimal> ouch, really?
[19:51:34] <muffinimal> bah...
[19:51:39] <pontomedon> not sure why this is
[19:51:47] <pontomedon> but there are a lot of people with this problem
[19:52:07] <pontomedon> it's fixable, but it requires some effort
[19:52:23] <muffinimal> hmm... doesn't sound very good.
[19:52:40] <pontomedon> first of all it requires you to backup all the data on your sd card
[19:52:58] <pontomedon> 'cause you'll lose them
[19:53:10] <muffinimal> That's doable ;-)
[19:53:18] <muffinimal> no worries there...
[19:53:19] <pontomedon> you can toggle usb mass storage mode from OR
[19:53:27] <pontomedon> just exit the console with "exit"
[19:53:40] <muffinimal> I actually already did a dump from windows yesterday
[19:54:06] <pontomedon> so there's nothing you don't need?
[19:54:14] <pontomedon> argh
[19:54:17] <muffinimal> so, I got the backup covered
[19:54:17] <pontomedon> i'm tired
[19:54:22] <muffinimal> oh dear ;-(
[19:54:27] <pontomedon> okay. still in the OR console?
[19:54:32] <muffinimal> yup
[19:54:54] <pontomedon> kk let's try somethign
[19:55:02] <muffinimal> I am not sure what timezone your in, but if it's time for bed... then I won't stop you ;-)
[19:55:06] <muffinimal> It's 20:00 here
[19:55:10] <pontomedon> same zone
[19:55:15] <pontomedon> but hard day :)
[19:55:20] <muffinimal> hehe
[19:56:03] <pontomedon> parted /dev/block/mmcblk0 mklabel msdos
[19:56:14] <pontomedon> that'll erase everything :)
[19:56:37] <pontomedon> actually it should overwrite your partition table with an empty one. (parted calls a partition table a "label"
[19:56:40] <muffinimal> I wish you would have said that after I typed it ;-)
[19:56:59] <pontomedon> lol you said you had a backup^^
[19:57:06] <muffinimal> :-b
[19:57:15] <muffinimal> Ok, I am about to execute it. No typos?
[19:57:54] <pontomedon> is there anything worse that can happen besides losing all the data on the sdcard? :)
[19:58:08] <muffinimal> hehe, of course not ;-)
[19:58:21] <pontomedon> (if there are typos, then parted will complain)
[19:58:23] <muffinimal> Ok... I just hit the enter key with my eyes closed
[19:58:26] <pontomedon> lol
[19:58:36] <pontomedon> error messages?
[19:58:46] <muffinimal> I meant that you could check for your typos... If I am erasing, then I might as well do it right ;-)
[19:58:59] <pontomedon> i understood you correctly
[19:59:04] <muffinimal> Got an "Information: You may need to update /etc/fstab"
[19:59:10] <pontomedon> that's ok
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[19:59:23] <pontomedon> we'll recreate the partition, so no need to update fstab
[19:59:48] <pontomedon> (i actually copied the line from mrmuh.com and added "mklabel msdos")^^
[19:59:48] <muffinimal> Then I won't ask what it is :-)
[20:00:08] <pontomedon> some information about where which device will be mounted at boot
[20:00:15] <muffinimal> did you? I can google for my error message, and I get mrmuh.com, but it's not on the page...
[20:00:37] <pontomedon> well it's the same line you normally type to enter parted
[20:00:54] <pontomedon> but instead entering the parted console (which it wont let you) you just tell it which command to execute
[20:01:19] <pontomedon> "mklabel msdos" is the parted command to create an MSDOS parition table
[20:01:28] <pontomedon> anyway
[20:01:35] <muffinimal> ah, ok... that's rather straightforward if you explain it like that
[20:01:37] <pontomedon> you should be able to enter parted now
[20:01:51] <pontomedon> parted /dev/block/mmcblk0
[20:01:51] <muffinimal> right. usual command?
[20:02:22] <muffinimal> ok, print yields some results
[20:02:28] <muffinimal> interested in anything?
[20:02:29] <pontomedon> there's another difference, because you cannot resize your fat partition (because you don't have one)
[20:02:36] <pontomedon> instead you simply create a new one
[20:02:37] <muffinimal> ack! You
[20:02:42] <muffinimal> Ýou're quite righ!
[20:02:43] <pontomedon> not really
[20:02:49] <pontomedon> (interested)
[20:03:08] <pontomedon> it should be an empty table :)
[20:03:14] <muffinimal> true
[20:03:39] <pontomedon> mkpartfs primary fat32 0MB 6945MB
[20:03:44] <pontomedon> instead of the resize command
[20:03:59] <pontomedon> replace the numbers for your sd card size of course
[20:04:04] <pontomedon> that's for an 8gb card
[20:04:39] <muffinimal> 8Gb, check
[20:04:45] <pontomedon> i.e. subtract 1024 from your "Disk /dev/block/mmcblk0: xxxxMB" line
[20:04:58] <muffinimal> I hit enter... no errors after an echo
[20:05:19] <pontomedon> does print show the partition now?
[20:05:33] <muffinimal> Oops, I got 7969MB there...
[20:05:43] <pontomedon> where
[20:05:50] <pontomedon> that's disk size?
[20:05:51] <muffinimal> My disk size
[20:05:54] <muffinimal> aye
[20:06:00] <pontomedon> well same asmine
[20:06:25] <muffinimal> no harm in continuing, I guess?
[20:06:26] <pontomedon> 7969-1024=6945
[20:06:39] <muffinimal> (I had quite a rough day too. I am leaving the thinking to you. I'll do the guessing)
[20:06:42] <pontomedon> just continue to follow the guide
[20:06:54] <pontomedon> from the "mkpartfs primary ext2 6945MB 7969MB" line
[20:07:09] <muffinimal> ok, great, I'll try
[20:07:12] <muffinimal> Thanks a lot!
[20:07:17] <pontomedon> don't forget to copy (at least) OR back to your sd card after booting to android
[20:07:39] <pontomedon> but i guess you'll copy back your entire backup anyway
[20:08:18] <muffinimal> Damn, I am tired... Can't remember how OR got on there...
[20:08:24] <muffinimal> Did i just copy that to the card?
[20:08:36] <muffinimal> ah, yes
[20:08:38] <pontomedon> yes
[20:08:42] <muffinimal> thanks for the warning
[20:08:46] <pontomedon> update.zip and OpenRecovery folder
[20:08:48] <muffinimal> I can do that after booting to andriod?
[20:08:50] <pontomedon> yes
[20:09:06] <pontomedon> i guess you could also do it from OR
[20:09:14] <muffinimal> ok... first up coffee... and then I'll got type some stuff onto my keyboard
[20:09:19] <pontomedon> if you toggle the mass storage mode
[20:09:34] <muffinimal> hmm... that didnt quite come out as I would have hoped
[20:09:45] <muffinimal> I think I'll go for that option
[20:09:49] <pontomedon> what happened?
[20:10:29] <muffinimal> (I meant me talking about typing on my keyboard...)
[20:10:39] <pontomedon> lol ok
[20:11:09] <pontomedon> tell me if it's possible to enter mass storage mode
[20:11:26] <pontomedon> i'm not sure if OR works now that it's not on the sd card anymore
[20:11:43] <muffinimal> good point... I'll let you know
[20:12:52] <pontomedon> but i think everything should be on the ramdisk
[20:13:05] <muffinimal> After quitting parted it reminds me again that I might need to update fstab
[20:13:08] <pontomedon> it's just that i never tried
[20:13:09] <muffinimal> I am going to ignore that
[20:13:13] <pontomedon> yes
[20:14:44] <pontomedon> anyway i
[20:14:45] <muffinimal> I am back in OR. no problem
[20:14:53] <pontomedon> ah ok
[20:14:53] <pontomedon> nice
[20:15:05] <muffinimal> not sure if it works ;-)
[20:15:07] <pontomedon> tune2fs worked flalessly?
[20:15:13] <muffinimal> yup
[20:15:22] <pontomedon> good.
[20:15:37] <pontomedon> then there's not much keeping you from installing cm :)
[20:16:26] <muffinimal> I guess so ;-)
[20:17:29] <muffinimal> except me, of course...
[20:40:44] -!- Quarx has quit []
[20:40:57] <muffinimal> hehe... oops... and me draining the battery
[20:41:24] <muffinimal> ah well.. no harm done.. I should have considered that even displaying a black screen will require a considerable amount of energy
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[21:34:37] <pontomedon> yes if the black screen is the OR console
[21:34:57] <pontomedon> the problem is the cpu being constantly maxed
[21:35:10] <pontomedon> no sleep at all in recovery ;)
[21:35:36] <pontomedon> (and the screen, of course)
[21:45:01] <muffinimal> haha, fun fact that ;-)
[21:45:17] <muffinimal> I just continued btw... nearly there
[21:45:43] <pontomedon> nice
[21:47:08] <muffinimal> rebooting now in step 5...
[21:49:28] * pontomedon is looking up step 5.... no i don't know the 3k+ word article i wrote 2 months ago by heart^^
[21:51:25] <muffinimal> lol!
[22:17:28] <muffinimal> ok... installing cyanogen
[22:17:59] <muffinimal> Might I add a very minor correction to your guide?
[22:18:24] <muffinimal> In step 6 it says "Clear cache partition". That should be Wipe...
[22:26:41] <muffinimal> Nice... Cyan runs very smoothly
[22:27:14] <muffinimal> Somehow I time-out when connecting to the google-market. ;-(
[22:27:29] <muffinimal> ah welll...
[22:27:45] -!- endstille has quit [Quit: I'll be back.]
[22:29:46] <muffinimal> oh... that seemed to have been temporary
[22:39:08] <pontomedon> *fixed*
[22:47:54] <muffinimal> ;-)
[22:48:23] <muffinimal> It seems that I am just about there
[22:48:43] <muffinimal> Now to just some apps and settings
[22:49:27] <muffinimal> I was unable to select "Settings->Device Settings->Baseband"as described in 6, by the way...
[22:50:02] <pontomedon> why? what baseband do you need?
[22:50:15] <muffinimal> Menu didnt seem to be there (not that I need it anymore)
[22:50:16] <pontomedon> middle europe shouldn't require a change there
[22:50:33] <pontomedon> hm
[22:50:50] <muffinimal> Yeah, I noticed... But as I had some time-outs with the google market, or whatever it is called now, I tried to look for it
[22:50:57] <pontomedon> hm it's called baseband selection
[22:51:00] <muffinimal> I am running the latest stable mod
[22:51:13] <muffinimal> so, not the RC of 7.2
[22:51:25] <pontomedon> oh
[22:51:30] <pontomedon> well then update
[22:51:31] <pontomedon> ^^
[22:51:36] <muffinimal> hehe
[22:51:40] <pontomedon> the latest is always the best in this case
[22:51:51] <pontomedon> not less stable just because it's called TC
[22:51:53] <pontomedon> *RC
[22:52:27] <muffinimal> Yeah, well... I was tempted... But I had a bit of bad luck with some RCs of other software in the past... I can wait ;-)
[22:53:25] <pontomedon> check the changelog, http://android.doshaska.net/cm7 if you don't need anything of the changes, then wait :)
[22:59:15] <muffinimal> I can wait ;-)
[22:59:47] <muffinimal> Although, "various fixes under the hood" does sound very good ;-p
[23:01:24] <pontomedon> ^^
[23:12:37] <muffinimal> ;-( bah... after restoring apps and rebooting android.com.phone keeps fc-ing and my phone keeps locking...
[23:12:48] <muffinimal> back a few squares for me, I guess
[23:30:29] <pontomedon> try clearing the data for the [Contacts/Calls] Contacts storage app in titanium
[23:31:04] <pontomedon> you should get your contacts data downloaded from el goog anywa
[23:31:04] <pontomedon> y
[23:33:55] <muffinimal> hehe, I just fixed it... Saw that in the thread...
[23:34:21] <muffinimal> I managed to delete the SMS/MMS/APN Dialler Storage in between fcs
[23:34:26] <muffinimal> that did the trick
[23:35:05] <pontomedon> oh k :)
[23:35:57] <muffinimal> no more sms history ;-(
[23:36:45] <pontomedon> if you restore it again, do the FCs come back?
[23:37:33] <muffinimal> Hmmm... Interesting
[23:37:37] <muffinimal> I'll go ahead and try
[23:37:54] <pontomedon> who knows
[23:38:10] <muffinimal> sms emtpy for now
[23:38:17] <muffinimal> it says reboot is recommended... let's try that
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[23:41:10] <muffinimal> after reboot the messages are back
[23:41:14] <muffinimal> but so are the fcs
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[23:48:37] <muffinimal> I'll try to find a solution tomorrow
[23:48:51] <muffinimal> ponotomedon, thanks for all the help!
[23:49:00] <muffinimal> And thanks again for the guide
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