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[05:12:03] <captainpotato> Having read the info here: and-developers.com/sbf:defy, I'd like to get a copy of the 2.2.2 service SBF for Optus (Australia), JRDNEM_U3_3.4.2-145, please
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[05:12:49] <jayvee> captainpotato: this is the channel for the Milestone, not the Defy
[05:16:52] <captainpotato> Ah, bugger. So it is.
[05:16:54] <captainpotato> Sorry.
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[05:17:26] <jayvee> hehe
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[05:21:51] <captainpotato> Back again... and-developers.com suggests that this is also the place for all Motorola phones (even if the Milestone is the primary phone being focussed on).
[05:22:28] <captainpotato> So if this isn't the place for the Defy, where else do I request a particular SBF for the Defy that isn't being mirrored on the site?
[05:25:21] <jayvee> hmmm, well, I guess there is a chance someone here will have a Defy SBF, so may as well hang around to see if they show up
[05:27:25] <captainpotato> Well, my phone's not going to get better soon, so I'm prepared to wait ;)
[05:39:32] <jayvee> I'm an Aussie, but I bought my Milestone before it was available here
[05:39:41] <jayvee> got it from a Hong Kong dealer but it had a French SBF on it
[05:39:55] <jayvee> downloaded the Aussie Optus SBF for it and that worked fine
[05:45:22] <captainpotato> The SBF I need isn't on the site.
[05:46:08] <captainpotato> I buggered up the root process last night (well, rooting went fine, but installing bootdemo didn't, and now the phone's locked in an endless reboot cycle).
[05:46:35] <captainpotato> So I think I need to install the SBF on the phone to get it back to how it was.
[05:47:06] <captainpotato> Sorry, isn't on the site, but it suggests that it's just not being mirrored, but that it's available here.
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[06:30:53] <jayvee> captainpotato: how about you download a different SBF?
[06:31:07] <jayvee> like I said above, a different SBF than the one that my phone came with worked fine
[06:31:31] <jayvee> it just comes with different preinstalled stuff
[06:40:32] <jayvee> captainpotato: btw, I got a reboot loop once, and formatting my DATA partition fixed it
[06:46:25] <captainpotato> So I don't need to worry about network incompatibility? That's been the only thing that's stopped me so far. I downloaded the UK version, which has the same version and filename, but has a different language code (which makes sense).
[06:47:27] <captainpotato> I tried reformatting the data and cache partitions, but that didn't solve it. Think the issue is because bootmenu had some issues installing that I didn't notice until afterwards (it said it had installed successfully, but there were errors hidden away).
[06:48:26] <captainpotato> The UK SBF is 900/2100 like the Optus one, so it isn't the same as the Telstra one that's 850/2100, so I ought to be fine on that front, I imagine.
[06:48:47] <captainpotato> As the UK one isn't network specific, then I'll lose the Optus crud that I don't need anyway.
[06:48:56] <captainpotato> (or want)
[06:50:35] <jayvee> yep
[06:51:54] <captainpotato> I've almost finished downloading it, so I'll give that a shot.
[06:51:55] <captainpotato> Thanks.
[07:19:31] <jayvee> let me know how you go
[08:52:05] <captainpotato> Just flashed it and it's looking good so far.
[08:52:48] <captainpotato> Yep, that's done it. Got rid of the annoying Optus boot screen and it's at the Motoblur setup screen.
[08:53:08] <captainpotato> Now to ignore that and get to CM7 :)
[08:53:22] <captainpotato> Thanks for your advice, jayvee.
[08:57:10] <captainpotato> Wow, the default Motoblur is even worse than the Optus version of it (although the bg colour is nicem but beyond that... wow).
[09:25:33] <jayvee> my Milestone didn't have Motoblur, and boy am I glad
[09:25:45] <jayvee> a customer of mine showed me a Motoblur phone the other day
[09:26:00] <jayvee> was a nightmare setting up a POP3 e-mail account
[09:28:27] <captainpotato> It is. It made my work's Outlook server easy to set up, but beyond that, it's pretty horrendous.
[09:28:42] <captainpotato> It's why I want CM7 on it.
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[15:50:47] <xvilka> hey! we need this computer: http://prl.aps.org/abstract/PRL/v108/i13/e130501
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[17:01:23] <xvilka> pls, backup all topic related files from mediafire and depositfiles - looks like MPAA&Co going to close them
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[20:37:14] <`Wedge> xvilka: indeed we do
[20:37:54] <`Wedge> afaik quantum computers are not so far from widespread practical use
[20:40:55] <`Wedge> xvilka: hey, what number exactly do we need to factorise?
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