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[08:29:26] <mrvek> nadlabak: disabling panic deamon is temporary, to demonstrate to MFDonadeli what to change?
[08:32:06] <mrvek> *daemon
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[09:56:42] <nadlabak> mrvek: no, the panic_daemon has been disabled since the first ics commit
[09:58:03] <nadlabak> I tried to enable it two days ago, to see if it still misbehaves
[09:58:09] <nadlabak> and disabled it again yesterday
[09:58:22] <mrvek> it has? haven't noticed in commit log. except the last one last night (says disable... again) so I assumed it is new.
[09:58:43] <mrvek> panic_daemon is misbehaveing?
[09:59:34] <mrvek> I haven't noticed anything. running build from yesterday morning.
[10:01:42] <nadlabak> it can be seen in history: https://github.com/nadlabak/android_device_motorola_umts_sholes/commits/e72d4a30799624cfd01fbc54703e3dcbdd4aab60/prebuilt/etc/rootfs/init.mapphone_umts.rc
[10:01:43] <nadlabak> 16.5. enable, 17.5. disable again
[10:02:28] <nadlabak> Dec 29 - initial ics mess - panic daemon disabled
[10:03:27] <nadlabak> it detects BP panics while there are none from time to time, causing random reboots without actual reason
[10:06:10] <mrvek> weird...
[10:10:37] <mrvek> but since you disabled it 13hrs ago that would mean i'm running build with it enabled (it is not commented out in corresponding file)
[10:11:09] <mrvek> good to know what to assume if phone reboots on me.
[10:12:27] <mrvek> perhaps it would be wise to upload new nightly...
[10:17:39] <mrvek> BP is wrigley3g baseband processor? if some root user app claims it can restart telephony and/or radio layer it is unrelated to a restart is required to restart that is necessary when running custom kernel?
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[10:42:19] <nadlabak> mrvek: what can or can't be done with BP on Milestone is completely unrelated to whether you're running custom kernel or not.
[10:43:15] <nadlabak> kernel sees the bp as usb peripheral
[10:43:33] <mrvek> i don't understand. i thought that wrigley can't be restarted on custom kernel only.
[10:43:39] <mrvek> hm..
[10:44:58] <nadlabak> if this usb peripheral dies, stops responding, panics... reset of the whole device is needed
[10:45:32] <nadlabak> because there is no signal available to reset just the bp
[10:46:01] <mrvek> what is responsible for requesting sim pin? that has not much to do with BP?
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[11:11:34] <mrvek> i made completely wrong assumption. sorry about that. this was incredibly dumb.
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[12:47:52] <mrvek> is it just me or nothemes branch feels much smoother compared to "normal" ics? significatly smoother.
[12:49:33] <peshovec> nadlabak: just saw you can parse *bin log files ? can you share how ?
[12:50:06] <mrvek> btw. video recording is fine. 720p has a glitch now and then on recorded video (i guess it dropped a few frames) but nevertheless the overall quality is ok.
[12:58:11] <nadlabak> mrvek: I had the same feeling - after the theme engine merge, ics felt to me behaving somehow worse than before. that's why I went ahead, reverted the theme merge and created the nothemes branches to be able to compare it and to find out if it's the theme engine what is responsible
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[12:59:22] <nadlabak> peshovec: the log files, despite the bin extensions, are plain text
[13:00:02] <peshovec> nadlabak: 10x, i had hope to parse binary ones (had a couple of them realted to the baseband, generated from the stock eclair)
[13:05:07] <mrvek> well, i am no expert and system uptime is less that 2 hrs but it was noticable from the very start. messaging opened in a second. scrolling, contacts swiping left-right, messaging searching for contact...
[13:06:04] <mrvek> i think i'll keep this one :) i am curious if it will drastically slow down after longer use. now is perfect.
[13:12:06] <peshovec> mrvek: it is always fast in the beginning, then after time (depending of usage) it becomes slower... i blame for that memory fragmentation
[13:12:33] <peshovec> using cron, to kill once per night several process at once, seems to help ..
[13:12:43] <peshovec> s/process/processes
[13:13:57] <mrvek> peshovec: yes, it is. but not that fast. usually messaging after fresh boot has a significat delay when starting. with this branch there was almost no delay.
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[13:15:49] <mrvek> and contacts/people app is one of the slowest for me. but now behaves a bit smoother. messaging searching for contact also almost no lag...
[13:16:33] <mrvek> but we'll see, perhaps my phone did went crazy on this occasion.
[13:17:37] <mrvek> *(did go/has went i guess would be more correct)
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[13:38:04] <nadlabak> well, I haven't seen system_server to take more 25mb ram (pss) on nothemes branch so far, while with the theme engine, I already saw it going over 50mb rather soon after fresh boot. go figure.
[13:38:17] <nadlabak> *more than 25mb
[13:42:16] <nadlabak> this observation also suggests that it might be interesting to test a CM7 build without the theme engine...
[13:44:36] <nadlabak> but it won't so easy to take it out. there'll be lot's of conflicts to resolve as the engine sits there for a long time
[13:44:50] <peshovec> nadlabak: i saw the revert theme commit (with goal to see how to use in cm7 too), i was hoping that there is just a flag:) to enable/disable it ...
[13:45:59] <peshovec> nadlabak: what you think, instead of revert to implement theme engine disable ?
[13:46:35] <peshovec> of course new branch too (e.g. no need flag controlled theme/no-theme build
[13:48:43] <nadlabak> even in the ics branch it was not straight forward revert. the theme support got in as a merge in the first place and merge commits are harder to revert
[13:50:22] <nadlabak> peshovec: reverting still sounds easier than disabling
[13:51:10] <nadlabak> I'll try to do it in the gingerbread branch, if I'll find some free time for it
[13:57:45] <peshovec> that looks somewhat scarry :) ~/cyano/nadlabak/frameworks/base$ git log | grep -i theme | wc -l
[13:57:45] <peshovec> 314
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[18:05:54] <CptAJ> how long is tune2fs supposed to take when converting to ext3?
[18:06:20] <CptAJ> seems like mine got stuck after the notice about the filestystem being checked every 30 mounts
[18:06:25] <CptAJ> what should I do?
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[23:54:03] <nadlabak> peshovec: here you go - https://github.com/nadlabak/android_frameworks_base/tree/gb-nothemes