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[00:38:02] <Skrilax_CZ> you know guys, nothing feels better when you parazite with open source application in closed source application, just as I do here: https://github.com/SkrilaxCZ/a500_bootmenu
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[00:59:28] <nadlabak> Skrilax_CZ: nice :) . I'm currently contemplating some pad purchase, as a new toy to family...
[01:00:11] <nadlabak> though http://zareason.com/shop/zatab.html sounds tempting, instead of a500...
[01:02:46] <Skrilax_CZ> well, I purchased 16 GB A500 as it is still high end (Tegra2) and had reasonable price & community support (was 9000 CZK on Alza)
[01:09:40] <Skrilax_CZ> but well, as of A500 pros are unbrickablility (security is on, but we have the key :P), official CM9 - cons are no touchsreen for stylus (magnetic), plastic, and compared to recent devices just 3300 mAh (older battery type)
[01:11:15] <nadlabak> the developers interested in a particular device is almost the most important factor ;)
[01:11:44] <nadlabak> so by you the a500 has a big plus :D
[01:13:35] <Skrilax_CZ> :)
[01:13:57] <Skrilax_CZ> A500 is well supported: I develop bootloader (i.e dualboot + bootmenu etc.), there is a guy developing native linux, and of course a bunch of people around CM9
[01:14:47] <Skrilax_CZ> so you can run android and native linux on it and have recovery intact
[01:17:20] <Skrilax_CZ> oh and you may somewhere see that "A500 has locked BL", which itself is actually true (stock bootloaders enforce signature checks, except the very first one, which had checksum based check which was quickly bypassed), but the itself BL can be custom :P
[01:21:44] <nadlabak> nice. sounds like wasted time on security attempt by the manufacturer :)
[01:23:34] <Skrilax_CZ> yeah, also I had to make many fixes to the bootloader (and found some really stupid code in it)
[01:25:37] <Skrilax_CZ> for instance, the only way to reboot to fastboot on stock BL was via reboot bootloader (MSC cmd) ._.
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[01:37:46] <nadlabak> I somehow hesitate to go the tegra way. Though I have no first hand experience, there seem to be too many complaints by the devs...
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[02:00:06] <karmapolis> Hmmm. I considered the A500 but ended up going the x86 way with the W500 instead. Pricier and heftier, but worth it to me.
[02:07:20] <Skrilax_CZ> the problem with tegra was complete mess in the kernels by nVidia
[02:07:39] <Skrilax_CZ> although that with kernel 2.6.39 and up is better (yeah lots of complaints)
[02:08:18] <Skrilax_CZ> also when compiling, it's easy to forget that Tegra2 is armv7 w/o NEON
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[10:36:17] <pottendo> hi
[10:39:46] <pottendo> How can I sign an app (outside or inside the build tree) an load/install it to a previously built and flashed image, still matching the signature(s)?
[10:41:24] <pottendo> background: I'm hacking an app, which uses some internal interfaces of the INetworkPolicy, which requires a certain protection level (<permission android:protectionLevel="signatureOrSystem").
[10:43:37] <pottendo> See also: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1601093
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[11:59:51] <mrvek> nadlabak: I'm not sure when backlight problem on cm9 appeared.
[12:00:35] <mrvek> i'll try older builds when i find some free time.
[12:02:08] <nadlabak> mrvek: thanks
[12:06:25] <nadlabak> I noticed it as well, but I'm also not sure when exactly it started. So far, I couldn't find the cause, but I'll keep looking into it.
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[12:29:07] <nadlabak> pottendo: see the Android.mk of Toggle2G for an example of prebuilt app being resigned, by the CM build
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[12:32:44] <mrvek1> No problem. Unfortunately it is very random so this will be fun ;) luckily we have powerwidget.
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[12:41:36] <nadlabak> pottendo: https://github.com/nadlabak/android_device_motorola_umts_sholes/tree/1fba171c4becc48cc2bf5d6135afc842fffa9d3e/Toggle2G
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[14:58:12] <mrvek> nadlabak: I'm not sure if it is dumb question but what do you feel about me uploading publicly your ics-nothemes? ngonchan asked at xda if he could try it and since he is usually building him self I guess it is not big issue if I give it privately. The public part concerns me. I belive it is fair if I ask you first.
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[21:30:44] <pottendo> nadlabak: thanx for the feedback.
[21:31:11] <pottendo> however, your suggestions wasn't exactly an answer to my question.
[21:31:37] <pottendo> I have no problem, to build my app within the tree...
[21:32:40] <pottendo> ...I want to avoid, to always build an entire image including my app, which I have to flash to the phone.
[21:33:29] <pottendo> I'd rather prefer to build _only_ my app - properly signed - to install on the phone.
[21:34:32] <pottendo> not sure whether this is possible, though.
[21:38:37] <nadlabak> pottendo: . build/envsetup.sh && lunch cm_umts_sholes-userdebug
[21:39:10] <nadlabak> to prepare the environment...
[21:39:23] <nadlabak> then: mka yourapp
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[21:39:33] <nadlabak> will build yourapp
[21:44:01] <nadlabak> mrvek: I'm considering to make the nothemes branches the base of any future CM9 build for milestone
[21:45:33] <nadlabak> mrvek: I have no problem with you uploading a nothemes build
[21:45:49] <mrvek> ok then. I had to ask because confusion is coming up over at xda with you being absent a lot...
[21:45:52] <nadlabak> mrvek: the repo is public anyway :)
[21:46:44] <mrvek> i know. but there is a difference if i build some custom rom based on your work and to upload your work in your thread.
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[21:51:32] <mrvek> is it possible to mute calls with new updates on gingerbread? the negation of mute var (!mute) and then calling setMute(mute) is confusing me.
[21:51:59] <mrvek> what exactly is gingerbread-clean branch?
[21:53:16] <pottendo> nadlabak: thanx.
[21:53:22] <mrvek> *muted
[21:55:26] <pottendo> my app builds fine, but a naive: ...build3$ adb install -r out/target/product/umts_sholes/system/app/ToggleBGData.apk
[21:55:41] <pottendo> 215 KB/s (13002 bytes in 0.058s)
[21:55:43] <pottendo> pkg: /data/local/tmp/ToggleBGData.apk
[21:57:45] <nadlabak> pottendo: you can't install app that is using system (platform) signature the usual way
[21:58:04] <nadlabak> pottendo: you have to put that apk to /system/app
[21:58:28] <pottendo> ah ok.
[21:58:32] <pottendo> will try.
[21:59:55] <nadlabak> mrvek: currently, I use gingerbread-clean branch for Usb and Phone repos in CM7
[22:02:14] <nadlabak> at some point, after too big divergency of my own vs. remote repo, an upstream merge may result in too much conflicts - too much work
[22:02:51] <nadlabak> so I decided to create new branch - gingerbread-clean - and work from there
[22:03:34] <nadlabak> I could also delete the current gingerbread branch and replace it with the new one
[22:03:51] <nadlabak> but I prefer to retain the history
[22:07:54] <nadlabak> though I will probably rename the branches: gingerbread>gb-old; gingerbread-clean>gingerbread
[22:10:00] <nadlabak> mrvek: you can see which branch is used in the manifest: https://github.com/nadlabak/android/blob/gingerbread/default.xml#L304
[22:10:44] <pottendo> nadlabak: thanx, works.
[22:11:51] <nadlabak> pottendo: good :)
[22:13:10] <nadlabak> mrvek: about the muting
[22:14:54] <nadlabak> when libaudio receives new mute function call, it checks whether its mute status is the same as the previous received one
[22:15:09] <nadlabak> if it's the same, it ignores the new one
[22:15:37] <nadlabak> which is logical, as it should make no change anyway
[22:17:00] <nadlabak> that patch causes any mute(true) call to be transormed to mute(false); mute(true) calls
[22:17:21] <nadlabak> and mute(false) to mute(true);mute(false)
[22:18:03] <nadlabak> so the result is the same, but no mute calls should be ignored, as there always is a change present
[22:20:27] <nadlabak> (indeed, the meaning of call above is 'call of a library function', not a 'phone call')
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[22:22:26] <mrvek> nadlabak: that lib func. is called only on user interaction ie user pressed a button?
[22:25:23] <nadlabak> no, setMute is called on a lot of occasions by the Phone app, not necessarily depending on immediate user interaction
[22:27:16] <nadlabak> e.g. outgoing call is muted until it's picked up by the other side
[22:32:01] <nadlabak> mrvek: about your concern whether call muting will work - indeed it will: Call is in progress, unmuted. You press mute. Unmute is requested [mute(false)]. It does nothing as the call is already unmuted. Mute is requested[mute(true)]. Call is muted.
[22:38:13] <mrvek> nadlabak: i see. thank you very much.
[22:38:34] <mrvek> and would it be possible to test libaudio on cm9?
[22:39:12] <mrvek> if a build it in cm7 dir (i guess mm is the script for that)?
[22:39:27] <mrvek> * if I build...
[22:39:40] <nadlabak> mrvek: have you encountered any 'mute calls' under CM9?
[22:39:54] <mrvek> hm. no.
[22:40:02] <nadlabak> I remember such reports only from CM7
[22:40:09] <nadlabak> so far... ;)
[22:40:30] <mrvek> but i assumed that it it the same proprietary library.
[22:40:38] <mrvek> sorry
[22:40:58] <nadlabak> libaudio indeed is the same
[22:41:22] <nadlabak> proprietary, extracted from Moto firmware
[22:43:54] <nadlabak> the 'mute calls' bug is very intermittent, it's manifestation probably depends on subtle timing differences
[22:45:04] <nadlabak> until it actually occurs also under CM9, there's no reason to try to fix it there ;)
[22:45:28] <mrvek> and the change/hack is in phoneutils. but if phoneutils is responsible for muting how does reverting of libaudio helps?
[22:45:43] <mrvek> good point. i'll skip it :)
[22:46:58] <nadlabak> the 'mute calls' bug has been always present, it's only more prominent when the libaudio from the chinese firmware is used
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[22:51:19] <mrvek1> thank you very much for clearing that out for me :)
[22:51:57] <nadlabak> it's like 1 of 50-100 incoming call is 'mute' with euro/latam/canadian libaudio vs. 1 of 10-20 mute call with chinese
[22:52:13] <mrvek1> i get disconnects all the time. windows, linux, different clients... perhaps it is too crowded for a free server
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[22:53:12] <mrvek1> that is true. although i remember few occasions when it happend 3 times in a row. that was fun...
[22:54:33] <mrvek1> and it has not happend until that update (7.2.0 if i remember correctly)
[22:55:04] <mrvek1> maybe i missed to receive a call at proper timing
[23:03:43] <nadlabak> it's actually the ril lib (also proprietary) who directly interacts with libaudio during calls. So it may be affected also by the mobile operator network setup. Anyway, the bug was first reported even before I switched to the chinese libaudio that allows the call recording.
[23:05:16] <nadlabak> and with my phone, on t-mobile czech network, I get that issue very rarely even with the chinese libaudio
[23:06:26] <nadlabak> I also remeber, that it happend to me in the past, before the libaudio switch. rarely, but happened.
[23:06:58] <mrvek1> my op is tele2 croatia. they are poor by default. but were one of cheaper. until my contract expires
[23:07:15] <mrvek1> then they are gone
[23:07:32] <mrvek1> i really did not have the issue before. weird
[23:08:22] <mrvek1> regarding different branches - if you make any kind of change in, say, gb-clean you can tell the tool chain to include file form certain branch by using revision argument?
[23:09:24] <mrvek1> and if i build cm7 now it will include new usb and phone from gb-clean?
[23:09:38] <mrvek1> just curiosity
[23:10:02] <nadlabak> mrvek1: yes
[23:10:34] <mrvek1> cool :) once again, thank you very much
[23:10:51] <nadlabak> you're welcome
[23:11:31] <nadlabak> and I appreciate you providing the nightly buildbot service ;)
[23:13:36] <mrvek1> not worth mentioning.
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[23:32:55] <pottendo> again, nadlabak, thanx for your support - good night
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