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[07:42:38] <salamanderxander> I'm looking to ask some questions about Galaxy Note i7i7 roms on XDA - is there a certain irc room I should be in? Thanks.
[07:43:53] <salamanderxander> @DAGr8 if you could point me in the right direction, that would be awesome. I know you do a lot of work for the GNote community
[07:44:35] <DAGr8> salamanderxander
[07:44:37] <DAGr8> hi ?
[07:44:49] <DAGr8> #SuperOptimizedSGS
[07:45:10] <salamanderxander> hey. found this irc room by googling: looking for the proper place to discuss i7i7 roms.
[07:45:17] <salamanderxander> Is that it? Thanks!
[07:45:19] <DAGr8> there is one
[07:45:28] <DAGr8> I have the best roms for i717
[07:45:45] <DAGr8> not trying to brag or anything
[07:45:52] <DAGr8> just see for your self
[07:46:13] <salamanderxander> Yeah, I see that you've developed several. I have been using Saurom as my daily driver, and figure it's time to jump into ICS.
[07:46:27] <DAGr8> yea saurom is master piece
[07:46:38] <DAGr8> im ad I cant port allthem GB mods to ICS
[07:46:43] <DAGr8> sad*
[07:46:56] <salamanderxander> I'm wondering, what is the fundamental difference between King Kang, AOKP and Hybrid, and then those versus ParanoidAndroid and Objection?
[07:47:00] <DAGr8> but with aokp and a few other roms I releasedthis week
[07:47:20] <DAGr8> well you need ot read about paranoid android and aokp
[07:47:29] <DAGr8> king kang is an hybrid of them 2
[07:47:34] <salamanderxander> I mean, you put a lot of hard work into those three, so they must all have some main difference from each other
[07:47:57] <DAGr8> and hybrid is samsung based rom
[07:49:00] <salamanderxander> paranoidandroid is CM9, based right?
[07:50:07] <DAGr8> yes
[07:50:18] <DAGr8> go read there official thread for the nexus
[07:50:24] <DAGr8> you will see whatits all about
[07:50:28] <salamanderxander> I'm looking for the best rom where speed doesnt suffer. GB had great Overclocking. I know we don't have full ICS Overclock yet
[07:50:36] <DAGr8> join the chanel I linked you this chat is pretty much off topic here
[07:50:41] <DAGr8> and youllget others to help you inthere
[07:50:45] <salamanderxander> Okay cool
[07:50:47] <salamanderxander> Thanks
[07:50:53] <DAGr8> we do have full source right now for ics
[07:50:57] <DAGr8> and we do have OC as well
[07:51:44] <salamanderxander> Oh really? Well, I'm on that channel now.
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