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[02:06:38] <nadlabak> CM7 2ndboot test build - http://d-h.st/pDt
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[08:24:02] <sfahadzb> nadlabak: its been 25 mins after installing rom and the phone is stuck on black screen
[08:24:45] <sfahadzb> the vibration feedback was there . one that comes after boot
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[08:43:55] <sfahadzb> nm something was wrong with my ext partition
[09:15:34] <TheSpiritof69> nadlabak, what exactly is changed in that build? Only booting with 2ndboot?
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[11:25:25] <Kasperle> FYI: my phone is stuck on a black screen after the 2ndboot splash screen.
[11:28:17] <Kasperle> oh. there it is
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[11:43:18] <Kasperle> okay, looks like the kernel is working on my MS, initial sluggishness is gone
[11:45:27] <mrvek_> so you can wipe data without need to reinstall rom
[11:48:42] <Atti> for me, there is a battery drain. Almost 15% after 8 hours of doing nothing (rom is clean, even without gapps). Same situation happens if I instal rom compiled at 26.09.2012. Some of ppl are noticing even 50% drain after night. Your last build from 11.09.2012 seems to not have this issue.
[11:51:22] <mrvek_> why not store 2nd boot files in /cdrom and move tts to vendor or elsewhere? cdrom has 8MB.
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[12:41:04] <nadlabak> mrvek_: the problem is that 'elsewhere'... there's no vendor in the current CM7 and it's traditionally on /system partition that is almost full anyway.
[12:41:59] <TheSpiritof69> I'd remove Wallpapers..
[12:43:13] <mrvek_> nadlabak: but you've done it on cm10. i'm not sure if it is possible on cm7 but i guess it should be. 2ndboot is more important thab tts files :)
[12:43:57] <nadlabak> in the case of cm10, vendor is in /data or later moved to sd-ext if sd-ext is present
[12:44:24] <nadlabak> but I'm in the process of changing it directly to sd-ext
[12:45:01] <nadlabak> since sdcard writing is now fixed with 2ndbootOR
[12:46:35] <nadlabak> but I don't want to make sd-ext to be necessary prerequisite in the case of CM7 (unlike CM10, where it's unavoidable)
[12:48:13] <mrvek_> ah, I see. well, it was just a thought.
[12:50:07] <nadlabak> TheSpiritof69: to your earlier question: there are also some upstream commits merged and fixed the hebrew t9 dialer
[12:50:29] <TheSpiritof69> Yeah, I got the changelog from xda
[12:50:40] <TheSpiritof69> Just flashed it, still booting
[12:50:54] <nadlabak> But I'm about to merge additional upstream patches
[12:51:59] <nadlabak> mainly the leaked references to incall screen in Phone seem important to be fixed
[12:53:48] <nadlabak> the first boot when dex files are newly created takes very long if you have many apps installed as that process happens during the 'after_2ndboot_low_performance' mode
[12:55:13] <nadlabak> Skrilax_CZ: that error is strange -
[12:55:28] <nadlabak> my local build finished fine
[12:56:23] <TheSpiritof69> Oh i see
[12:56:48] <TheSpiritof69> Does the MS charge during boot?
[12:56:52] <TheSpiritof69> With 2ndboot?
[12:57:12] <nadlabak> yes, battd is started early
[12:57:33] <nadlabak> well, if the white led is on, it's charging
[12:57:39] <TheSpiritof69> lol
[12:57:41] <TheSpiritof69> Yeah..
[12:57:49] <TheSpiritof69> There's that.
[12:58:37] <TheSpiritof69> And we're up
[12:58:41] <mrvek_> nadlabak: there is mention of it on gerrit: http://review.cyanogenmod.com/#/c/23989/ comments might have something helpful, i'm not sure.
[12:59:08] <TheSpiritof69> So, now the device needs to suspend to lose sluggishness?
[13:02:36] <nadlabak> yes
[13:02:46] <nadlabak> mrvek_: thanks
[13:03:05] <nadlabak> yes, this should fix it http://review.cyanogenmod.com/#/c/24526/
[13:03:11] <TheSpiritof69> suspend equals deep sleep?
[13:03:24] <TheSpiritof69> Or just switching display on/off?
[13:05:43] <nadlabak> usb or power has to be disconnected, screen truned off
[13:06:23] <TheSpiritof69> Well, that's pretty simple actually
[13:07:55] <nadlabak> it will eventually enter the right power domain, but you can't be sure when exactly, as it depends on wakelocks and ongoing activity and device/drivers states
[13:08:16] <nadlabak> but it's usually rather soon in my case
[13:10:53] <nadlabak> uhm, I meant 'power state', not domain
[13:16:13] <TheSpiritof69> I see
[13:16:23] <TheSpiritof69> I'll give it a few minutes
[13:16:35] <TheSpiritof69> You got any idea where this lagging comes from?
[13:18:05] <mrvek_> I've been bluffing with these: http://pastebin.com/vqqctzzt
[13:18:41] <mrvek_> but have not noticed anything odd. the build (both cm7 & cm10) have similar flags
[13:31:05] <mrvek_> damn it. the question regarding those flags was if it can be the cause of that mentioned battery drain.
[13:32:00] <mrvek_> that random flags are mostly in dalvik, framework system/core
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[13:46:03] <nadlabak> I experience no unusual battery drain.
[13:50:53] <nadlabak> TheSpiritof69: the initial low performance happens on all omap3 phones using 2ndboot to 2.6.32 kernel (Milestone 1 & 2, Defy, Bravo)
[13:52:36] <nadlabak> regarding ideas, no one has good enough one that would lead to fix, so far ;)
[13:56:40] <mrvek_> nadlabak: that is why I'm asking. both cm7 and cm10 builds I uploaded recently on xda have those flags. and people said that battery drain occurs on the cm7 29.09 build. and before (your stock)
[13:56:57] <mrvek_> *and not before
[13:58:42] <mrvek_> those flags can increase code size and since we have limited ram maybe things end up in a kill-restart loop? hm.
[14:01:27] <zewelor> yes on polish forum there i also talk about bigger battery drain on 7.2.2
[14:03:18] <mrvek_> zewelor: all of 7.2.2 on only the unofficial nightly form a few days back?
[14:10:25] <zewelor> they are talking about version from 26th i assume 26.09
[14:10:42] <zewelor> 7.2.2 from 26th
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[14:11:44] <zewelor> ok i see some guy compiled it and uploaded
[14:13:39] <TheSpiritof69> Well, swapping doesn't make the device per se faster
[14:13:52] <TheSpiritof69> But it helps to have apps not killed immediately
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[14:15:01] <Skrilax_CZ> nadlabak: will take a look
[14:16:30] <mrvek_> Skrilax_CZ: [13:03:29] <nadlabak> yes, this should fix it http://review.cyanogenmod.com/#/c/24526/
[14:16:55] <Skrilax_CZ> ah, thx
[14:17:06] <mrvek_> zewelor: perhaps CM7 from 28.09.2012.?
[14:21:28] <Skrilax_CZ> btw. that omap_serial wakelock during the sluggishnes makes me wonder whether GPS (UART1) or more persumably BT (UART2) are not fully ok; as it disappears when the phone finally suspends
[14:23:58] <nadlabak> Skrilax_CZ: cherry-picked and pushed that newline fix for build
[14:24:30] <Skrilax_CZ> ok
[14:25:07] <zewelor> mrvek_: no from 26.09 from the morning but now i see also some ppl complain about version from 28.09
[14:26:30] <zewelor> CM7 both
[14:28:39] <zewelor> or maybe that all are from 28 but they just make mistake 26 -> 28 something like that, but there is something with that build as few ppl are complaining about battery
[14:30:16] <mrvek_> or that... I honestly do not know. I have not noticed anything odd, that why I assumed it was ok.
[14:30:54] <zewelor> maybe for that slow io after 2ndboot, its possible to talk with some ppl from beagleboard or with TI eng on their forum ?
[14:31:17] <zewelor> i dont know i stick with nadlabak official releases :D
[14:31:52] <mrvek_> luckily there is new build with a new kernel so if it was caused by me it should be fixed now
[14:32:43] <zewelor> or maybe it was the same ppl who were complaining to you and they just broke something on their phones and complain about your build
[14:37:19] <mrvek_> hard to tell. we'll see how things go for them with nadlabak's official :) which is rather smooth. amazing work. after all this time it is possible to boot custom kernel on locked moto phones. go figure.
[14:39:10] <mrvek_> there are no more screen freezes for me, even after usb unplug :) can't wait for cm10...
[14:39:54] <zewelor> mrvek_: how is the cm10 useable and stable ?
[14:42:42] <mrvek_> zewelor: perfectly :) cm7 is indeed faster and smoother but as for stability there are no major issues (that I have noticed). mostly it depends on how you use it.
[14:43:39] <mrvek_> angry birds are easily playable. multitasking is hard to accomplish but for simple apps like switching from browser to Mms it goes fine...
[14:44:55] <mrvek_> UI is nicer that cm7. I hate menu->submenu and other minor things.
[14:46:23] <zewelor> ok thx i need to try it someday :)
[14:46:36] <TheSpiritof69> That is CM10 with the old kernel still?
[14:55:15] <mrvek_> yes
[14:56:02] <TheSpiritof69> I see, I see
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[15:06:58] <nadlabak> Skrilax_CZ: as far as functionality goes, both gps and bt seem to work fine even during the sluggish phase
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[16:09:11] <Quarx> nadlabak: 3.6mb zimage not big for 2ndboot?
[16:10:12] <Quarx> stll can't undesrstand why uart doesn't work... i cloned clean 2.6.32 and uart works after some changes. 3.0.8 doesn't work
[16:16:22] <TheSpiritof69> Anyone can recommend a trustworthy, EU-based reseller for Milestone battery?
[16:17:32] <Kasperle> TheSpiritof69: i recently bought a supposedly original ms battery on ebay.de. it looked slightly different than my original, two year old battery, but it seems to work, and the seller had fairly good reviews. i can try and dig it out if you want
[16:17:54] <TheSpiritof69> That would be great :) How much did it cost you?
[16:17:58] <Kasperle> oh. and the battery works, even though battery life is still disappointing
[16:18:07] <TheSpiritof69> Hum
[16:18:17] <TheSpiritof69> Mine keeps barely alive through the day
[16:18:24] <TheSpiritof69> With minimal usage
[16:19:06] <pontomedon> TheSpiritof69: http://skinflint.co.uk/eu/597896
[16:19:29] <Kasperle> http://www.ebay.de/itm/180836510690
[16:19:30] <pontomedon> i bought mine from GSMShop.at
[16:19:32] <Kasperle> 12 EUR
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[16:21:18] <TheSpiritof69> Thank you both :)
[16:21:35] <pontomedon> the one from GSMShop.at is a 100% original, including the hologram
[16:21:55] <pontomedon> looks exactly the same as the original one and performs equally
[16:22:56] <TheSpiritof69> Well
[16:22:58] <Kasperle> mine also has a hologram fwiw ;)
[16:23:05] <TheSpiritof69> Probably going for the one from my neighbors :P
[16:23:10] <TheSpiritof69> Anyways
[16:23:16] <TheSpiritof69> See you later
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[19:19:30] <mrvek_> is tendency towards memory fragmentation still present in new kernel? min_free_kbytes is better left as it is?
[19:19:31] <TheSpiritof69> pontomedon, 12,90€ shipping for a 15€ article from gsmshop :(
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[20:13:11] <mrvek> nadlabak: I'm sorry to interrupt, I would just like to know what could this mean: 10-08 10:13:29.007 I/notification_enqueue( 1863): [fahrbot.apps.blacklist,61441,NULL,Notification(pri=0 contentView=null vibrate=null sound=null defaults=0x0 flags=0x40 kind=[null])] . It appears over 2200 times almost consecutively and a few times scattered around.
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[20:28:16] <pontomedon> TheSpiritof69: well i think i just went there and picked it up ^^
[20:28:31] <pontomedon> anyway gtg
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