#milestone-modding | Logs for 2012-10-17

[01:14:05] <Skrilax_CZ> [mbm]: you there?
[01:14:40] <[mbm]> sup?
[01:18:41] * [mbm] pokes Skrilax_CZ with a stick
[01:19:27] <Skrilax_CZ> [mbm]: not sure if you read the channel recently (solving the sluggishness in 2nd-booted kernel until first suspend / resume), but do you think that if L2 cache was not treated properly (aka. not cleaned etc.), that the child kernel would actually boot?
[01:22:06] <[mbm]> well, caching could be completely disabled in which case you'd really notice it
[01:26:13] <Skrilax_CZ> hmm
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[01:37:52] <[mbm]> hmm, is it just me or did moto completely hide the dlna server in ics?
[01:38:17] <DAGr8> what device you got now [mbm]
[01:38:53] <[mbm]> still the bionic
[01:39:07] <DAGr8> not leaving moto anytiem soon heh ?
[01:39:32] <[mbm]> may upgrade early depending on the nexus selection in the next few months
[01:39:59] <[mbm]> sick of still being on a leaked ics beta
[01:40:32] <Skrilax_CZ> [mbm]: soak test finally initiated for Bionic
[01:40:43] <[mbm]> cool
[01:40:59] <Skrilax_CZ> still no FXZ with final build though
[01:41:10] <[mbm]> I'm not about to roll back to gb and wait though
[01:41:59] <Skrilax_CZ> I think the secure version in the leak is already increased
[01:43:13] <[mbm]> yep, still running the old old one that wasn't a sec lock
[01:43:33] <Skrilax_CZ> ah
[01:43:39] <[mbm]> 232
[01:43:45] <DAGr8> the lg nexus ?
[01:43:49] <DAGr8> looks like shiat
[01:44:08] <[mbm]> DAGr8: yeah, not buying an lg
[01:44:24] <DAGr8> samm is getting fukin great
[01:44:31] <DAGr8> pother htne there using only exynos now
[01:44:44] <[mbm]> waiting to see if any other nexus devices show up
[01:44:56] <DAGr8> you saw the blend it link I posted earlier
[01:45:06] <[mbm]> next month is about timeframe
[01:45:31] <Skrilax_CZ> DAGr8: except that SIII is a bit bigger, so don't get the "killing position" that easily
[01:45:40] <Skrilax_CZ> *doesn't
[01:45:49] <DAGr8> yes exactly why
[01:45:50] <DAGr8> lol
[01:45:53] <DAGr8> i figured that
[01:46:04] <DAGr8> was till hilarous
[01:46:22] * [mbm] praying for a nexus phone with a real keyboard
[01:46:34] <DAGr8> oh ya your into h/w keyboard
[01:46:44] * Skrilax_CZ too
[01:46:53] <DAGr8> if google can ask moto to make next nexus bezel less phone
[01:46:56] <DAGr8> i d eb very happy
[01:47:16] <DAGr8> me loves swype
[01:47:22] <DAGr8> I m unhappy when I dont have it
[01:47:33] <[mbm]> I can't type on onscreen keyboards; no tactile, keep missing the buttons
[01:48:00] <Skrilax_CZ> I actually tried on galaxy nexus and it went well for me
[01:48:40] * [mbm] also not happy about losing half the screen to a keyboard
[01:49:20] <Skrilax_CZ> that's not that bad for me though (also Galaxy Nexus is 4.65", so "big enough to type well")
[01:51:48] <DAGr8> yea
[01:51:57] <DAGr8> but swype is just perfect for me
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[05:38:35] <SnowRaptor> Hello, there!
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