#milestone-modding | Logs for 2013-01-20

[00:17:14] <dx> drivers/char/hw_random/omap3-rom-asm.S: Assembler messages:
[00:17:14] <dx> drivers/char/hw_random/omap3-rom-asm.S:20: Error: selected processor does not support ARM mode mc #1'
[00:18:03] * dx cough
[00:18:29] <dx> *does not support ARM mode `smc #1'
[00:18:48] <dx> (that part missed two chars)
[00:18:57] <dx> nadlabak: help please
[00:21:54] <nadlabak> dx: what toolchain do you use to compile the kernel?
[00:24:04] <dx> nadlabak: none of the usual options, but i guess i should. i have an archlinux arm chroot and i'm compiling directly there with the standard linux tools compiled for arm
[00:25:40] <nadlabak> dx: this code builds fine for me when using the android's arm-eabi-4.4.3
[00:29:12] <nadlabak> dx: anyway, if your're not interested in the omap3 hw_random, you can revert this commit (as a quick fix): https://github.com/nadlabak/kernel/commit/c8f0f6112945486425fad0947e360d58a007dd8d
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[00:32:37] * dx cough
[00:33:11] <dx> if you said anything after arm-eabi-4.4.3, i missed it. also, i just noticed it's the omap hardware random device
[00:33:19] <dx> i could just disable it from the config
[00:33:46] <nadlabak> I said: idx: anyway, if your're not interested in the omap3 hw_random, you can revert this commit (as a quick fix): https://github.com/nadlabak/kernel/commit/c8f0f6112945486425fad0947e360d58a007dd8d
[00:37:48] <nadlabak> that commit actually hasn't changed anything in config, directly, but it's by default enabled if CONFIG_HW_RANDOM is enabled
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[00:42:44] * dx|zf coughs
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[00:45:19] <nadlabak> dx: are you actually here now? ;)
[00:47:13] <nadlabak> dx|zf: this may help for the continuity: http://mmlogs.doshaska.net/%23milestone-modding/2013-01-20.html
[00:49:05] <dx> 1 2 3 testing
[00:49:43] <dx> dx|zf is one of my shell accounts, which i tried to use to keep talking, but the lag is so bad that i can't even use it right now. thanks for the logs link
[00:51:06] <dx> anyway, the revert worked. thanks for that too
[00:53:59] <dx> so i have this bash script running while i compile it, printing the battery level every minute
[00:54:07] <dx> the last few minutes are: 35, 34, 34, 33, 20, 19
[00:54:15] <dx> i've always wondered, is this just me?
[00:54:49] <dx> (original battery)
[01:01:08] <nadlabak> dx: do you mean the 33>20 jump? read this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1778492
[01:03:07] <nadlabak> (never mind the permissions/file owner talk)
[01:06:41] <dx> ohoho, interesting
[01:11:43] <dx> drwxrwxr-x 1 mot_accy mot_accy 2.0K Jun 3 2011 /pds/public/battd
[01:11:46] <dx> yep.
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[01:16:07] <nadlabak> sleep time is here. gn.
[01:16:32] <dx> night, and thanks for everything!
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[06:23:44] <dx> got xorg running on my milestone! :D
[06:47:41] <dx> aaand this is hilariously buggy, especially when using xeyes to test.
[06:48:03] <dx> i wish i had a decent camera (i can't use the milestone itself, heh)
[06:53:32] <Simon--> plus you said decent ;)
[07:16:18] <dx> got glxgears running but i have no idea why since it's software rendering
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[11:31:12] <gruetzkopf> hello.
[11:31:29] <gruetzkopf> does someone still have the "old" 1.4.6 based OR?
[11:31:45] <gruetzkopf> my milestone doesnt like the current version
[11:36:32] <gruetzkopf> my CS teacher dropped it on the floor and now it does not boot anymore
[11:38:56] <gruetzkopf> using cm9.1.0b, hangs at 2ndboot screen (in OR-2ndboot and in normal boot
[11:48:00] <gruetzkopf> before this, my phone autobooted into OR, doesnt do that anymore too
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[18:05:35] <gruetzkopf> hmm
[18:05:40] <gruetzkopf> still current.
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[20:38:57] <dx> hi
[20:39:12] <dx> gruetzkopf: which "old" version? the versioning is pretty ambiguous tbh
[20:39:24] <dx> i have what i believe it's the last update before 2ndboot
[20:39:54] <gruetzkopf> thats what i had, woul be nice to have
[20:40:43] <dx> give me a minute while i compare versions
[20:53:36] <dx> that minute was long
[20:54:42] <dx> i had one zip with timestamp from 2010, and the version on my phone, which is patched with mmcfix and ext4 support. i've zipped the latter and i'm uploading it
[20:56:08] <dx> (i can also upload the original one plus "OR1.46_extfs_mmcfix_update.zip" separately if you need that)
[20:58:05] <dx> nadlabak: i found the reason for that asm compilation failure i had on the hw random module: http://www.denx.de/wiki/view/ELDK-5/FrequentlyAskedQuestionsAndAnswers#Cannot_compile_Linux_kernel_vers
[20:59:17] <dx> (not that it matters now, the first kernel i compiled didn't boot at all, and when i used arm-eabi-4.4.3 it worked)
[21:19:11] <dx> gruetzkopf: http://dequis.org/openrecovery_1.4.6_pre_2ndboot_with_mmcfix.zip
[21:19:25] <dx> (md5 0d179f5dfdc5a3e1b175a92676e651b2)
[21:19:32] <gruetzkopf> thanks!
[21:19:57] <dx> np
[21:20:08] <dx> hope that fixes your problem
[21:20:41] <gruetzkopf> so do i
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[22:43:11] <mrvek> nadlabak: Hi. Is it ok if I send you a pull request? and if it is, can you filter out the things you do not need?
[22:43:25] <mrvek> nadlabak eg., I backported option to clear frequently contacted logs (only available in People app, no counterpart in Phone yet) but github's pull request wants to send you the parts not related to that one feature. plus there are things in ContactsProvider and framework that were neede to make it work.
[22:43:47] <mrvek> nadlabak: so I am not sure if I should do it. It seems to me that should have been straitforward but it is not.
[22:52:27] <mrvek> I was hoping that it was possible to send a pull request for a single commit, not for all changes in the branch.
[22:53:12] <Robot_> i think he should be able to cherry-pick the commit
[22:55:17] <mrvek> hm. probably. no need to send bunch of scattered requests :)
[22:55:38] <Robot_> he just needs the repo and the commit hash
[22:55:59] <Robot_> an then it should be easy to merge
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[22:58:18] <mrvek> right, those can be found at https://github.com/namagi
[22:58:51] <mrvek> I was refering to "Add "Clear all" button on recent apps list": https://github.com/namagi/android_frameworks_base/commit/0d87a56e469986fb0af64d21b88d508727d4e6c8
[23:00:11] <mrvek> and 3 commits that enable to clear frequents: https://github.com/namagi/android_frameworks_base/commit/213f6bd6496aec4c305276d3712a71ff3e5645b1
[23:00:26] <mrvek> https://github.com/namagi/android_packages_providers_ContactsProvider/commit/6cc6d2d885f6fb465223c849039a86279fac6ff1
[23:00:35] <mrvek> https://github.com/namagi/android_packages_apps_Contacts/commit/e6ce1b1734a1ced9ad6130ceec8b2b19080ea5ee
[23:01:59] <mrvek> "Clear frequents" was very much wanted option (not sure about Milestone community, though) and "Clear recent apps" seem like a handy feature.
[23:02:11] <mrvek> *seems
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[23:53:34] <Skrilax_CZ> yohoooooo GCC 4.7.2 still doesn't work for arm ._.
[23:53:42] <Skrilax_CZ> having
[23:53:43] <Skrilax_CZ> ptr++;
[23:54:01] <Skrilax_CZ> nah, again
[23:54:03] <Skrilax_CZ> =============================
[23:54:06] <Skrilax_CZ> *pline = *ptr;
[23:54:09] <Skrilax_CZ> ptr++;
[23:54:13] <Skrilax_CZ> pline++;
[23:54:20] <Skrilax_CZ> =============================
[23:54:32] <Skrilax_CZ> will in thumb2 become
[23:54:38] <Skrilax_CZ> =============================
[23:54:45] <Skrilax_CZ> strb r2, [r3], #1
[23:54:50] <Skrilax_CZ> adds r4, r4, #1
[23:54:55] <Skrilax_CZ> =============================
[23:55:33] <Skrilax_CZ> where r2 - *ptr, r3 - pline, r4 - ptr
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[23:58:41] <Skrilax_CZ> lovely sequence points failure making infinite cycle ._.