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[06:50:12] <_xvilka> Skrilax_CZ|Away: hi! resolved server problems?
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[12:09:45] <Skrilax_CZ> _xvilka: no, I was playing with GRUB ... but it still won't boot
[12:10:21] <_xvilka> hm... thats bad. Skrilax_CZ boot from rescue system, chroot and install grub from scratch?
[12:11:07] <Skrilax_CZ> _xvilka: well I first would want to understand, why rebooting from rescue system makes it boot ...
[12:12:05] <_xvilka> ah, feel free for experimenting then :P
[12:12:32] <_xvilka> pwned server by openssh xploit?
[12:13:19] <Skrilax_CZ> _xvilka: I wasn't playing with that ... but also didn't care that much about security so far :D
[12:14:34] <Skrilax_CZ> _xvilka: I wonder if the problem with the grub is that RAID5
[12:16:29] <_xvilka> Skrilax_CZ: ah, it definitely have some bugs on raids
[12:16:49] <_xvilka> so you need make /boot without raid
[12:16:52] <_xvilka> best solution
[12:17:11] <_xvilka> or raid 1
[12:17:48] <_xvilka> but i suspect this is already done here
[12:20:01] <Skrilax_CZ> we have 3 HDD which are setup for RAID 5 ... so if GRUB tries to read it as a single HDD, it only *may* fail ... perhaps that's the reason why it does ... but still doesn't explain why we boot after reboot from rescure system
[12:20:53] <_xvilka> and why it was booting many times before
[12:21:41] <Skrilax_CZ> I don't know
[12:23:03] <_xvilka> dont care too much, if you can fix it without understanding :)
[12:25:40] <Skrilax_CZ> could upgrade the GRUB to GRUB2
[12:27:52] <Skrilax_CZ> whoah ... 1.6 TB is used by the builds ... cleanup time
[12:28:58] <_xvilka> Skrilax_CZ: yes, GRUB2 is better and i know developer if you find some bug
[12:29:55] <Skrilax_CZ> _xvilka: well I could upgrade the opensuse 12.1 to 12.2, it has the GRUB2
[12:32:13] <_xvilka> yeah, i like this solution
[12:33:17] <Skrilax_CZ> _xvilka: ok, will do that in the evening
[12:38:15] <Skrilax_CZ> also the partitioning is :|
[12:40:46] <Skrilax_CZ> btw. you know the the size of hobbit user home directory is 1.2 TB ?
[12:41:48] <_xvilka> i see. you could rm his home dir
[12:42:06] <_xvilka> it was temp. backup
[12:42:13] <Skrilax_CZ> I see
[12:42:22] <Skrilax_CZ> ok, I'll wipe that
[13:00:15] <Skrilax_CZ> _xvilka: and what is the bandwidth of the server? I could backup /home and reinstall it completely (and fix partition setup)
[13:00:39] <_xvilka> 100Mb, not gbit
[13:00:54] <Skrilax_CZ> I mean in transfered data
[13:01:05] <Skrilax_CZ> how much the build srv can transfer?
[13:01:50] <_xvilka> 10Tb transfer should be safe
[13:02:59] <Skrilax_CZ> well, /home has 143 GB now, so we're fine there
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[13:08:04] <Skrilax_CZ> _xvilka: can you chmod me some folder on in /usr?
[13:09:06] <_xvilka> Skrilax_CZ: of course, but have no ssh access @work
[13:09:43] <_xvilka> but i have another place
[13:10:31] <Skrilax_CZ> ok .. well somewhere I can transfer cca 150 GB and back :)
[13:11:28] <_xvilka> Skrilax_CZ: i have another server and you can use my home in it
[13:12:18] <Skrilax_CZ> ok
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[19:14:22] <yanivz> Hi all, could somone help me?
[19:16:26] <yanivz> im setting up CM and in the step at the OR when i need to type to the console i keep getting restarts
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[19:18:36] <yanivz> i have cleared cache partition in orginal blue recovery, and still getting restarts. like its on auto restart
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[21:41:24] <nadlabak> yanivz: such restarts happen when 2ndboot OR is not run via recovery command
[21:43:13] <nadlabak> yanivz: 2ndboot OR v1.2 makes sure it's always run via the command
[21:44:11] <nadlabak> yanivz: http://code.google.com/p/cyanogenmod4milestone/downloads/detail?name=OpenRecovery_2ndbootOR_v1_2.zip
[22:02:28] <yanivz> nadlabak: thank you for replaying. Sorry for my ignorance, How do I run 2ndboot or via recovery command?
[22:05:12] <nadlabak> yanivz: if you're using some older version of 2ndboot OR, you should update to v 1.2. that's what I actually meant to say
[22:08:26] <yanivz> nadlabak: oh, no. its my first attempt. im fresh at this, and folowed precisely mr.muh`s guid. v1.1 succeses to load up and from that moment its restarts after 3 sec. v1.2 dnot even loads
[22:11:03] <nadlabak> yanivz: can you describe what exactly happens when you try to boot to v1.2 ?
[22:12:55] <nadlabak> (restart of the phone during frist start after cache wipe is expected, but the OR should start automatically afterwards)
[22:13:45] <nadlabak> * first start of OR
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[22:18:09] <yanivz> nadlabak: i`ll describe. 1. place or+zip in SDcard/ 2. flash to the vulnerable recovery/ 3. Recovery/ 4. wipe cach/ 5. apply sdcard:update.zip/ 6. installing/ 7. restarts/ 8. 2nd boot splash screen/ 9. menu appears, and from that moment i have 3-4 sec untill the device restarts.
[22:18:57] <nadlabak> that's the v1.1
[22:19:10] <yanivz> yes
[22:19:46] <yanivz> the 1.2 from step 7. restarts to the stock recovery
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[22:23:58] <nadlabak> yanivz: that sounds unlikely... does the point 7 mean that you see the M boot logo and then stock recovery is started?
[22:26:47] <yanivz> nadlabak: im not sure, i think it dose. i`ll try it again right now. to try with the 1.2 ?
[22:28:04] <nadlabak> yes please, I need to know what happens in your case when trying to run v1.2
[22:29:37] <yanivz> nadlabak: k be right back.
[22:36:47] <yanivz> nadlabak: yes it does, 1. installing 2. restarting 3. m logo 4. triangle -> stock recovery
[22:37:43] <nadlabak> does the stock recovery display any message or error?
[22:38:54] <yanivz> nadlabak: yes yellow line: "e:Can`t open /cache/recovery/command"
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[22:43:19] <nadlabak> yanivz: so the OR fails to install the recovery command...
[22:43:30] <nadlabak> strange
[22:45:28] <nadlabak> something seems to be wrong with your cache partition
[22:46:01] <yanivz> it can be replaced?
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[22:50:00] <nadlabak> yanivz: by a replacement phone ;)
[22:50:36] <yanivz> XD damnt
[22:51:00] <nadlabak> yanivz: you could use a non-2ndboot OR that does not rely on the recovery command
[22:52:18] <yanivz> can i install CM9 without OR?
[22:52:27] <nadlabak> but if your cache mtd blocks are damaged, you'll be experiencing issues running any rom/firmware
[22:53:32] <nadlabak> yanivz: no, but try the classic OR 1.46
[22:55:37] <nadlabak> the 2ndboot OR is needed mainly to fix some SD cards incompatibility issues (and provides the luxury of battery charging under recovery)
[22:58:55] <yanivz> nadlabak: lol :(. question. this device had CM7, i flashed it into stock for a fix in the company, it could mean thay sabotage the catch?
[23:02:56] <yanivz> nadlabak: and i saw "Open Recovery Minimod by -FuFu-" worth a try? and can you tell me more about "non-2ndboot OR"?. experiencing stock system really sucks running v2.1..
[23:04:15] <nadlabak> yanivz: FuFu's minimod follows the 2ndboot OR
[23:04:44] <nadlabak> you should try to use the original OR 1.46
[23:07:40] <nadlabak> yanivz: as modmymobile downloads seem to be down, you can get it here: http://code.google.com/p/shadowmodbr/downloads/detail?name=OpenRecovery_v1_46_SHOLS.zip
[23:09:09] <nadlabak> the original OR thread is here: http://modmymobile.com/forums/563-motorola-milestone-roms/531599-open-recovery-v1-46-11-21-2010-a.html
[23:10:13] <yanivz> nadlabak: ok, so now folow mr.muh guid only with this OR?
[23:10:25] <nadlabak> yes
[23:10:33] <yanivz> :D k
[23:16:48] <yanivz> ok its works like a charm, question: after i type "rm -f /system/etc/install-recovery.sh" i didnt get a confirm message. its ok?
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[23:21:42] <nadlabak> yanivz: if there was no error message, it's fine. If you install CM before you reboot, no such script can be possibly left in /system/etc, so it's double fine :)
[23:31:28] <yanivz> nadlabak: say, In which original OR 1.46 is diffrent so this works and the 2ndboot OR doesnt?
[23:53:06] <nadlabak> yanivz: the 2ndboot OR restarts the kernel (to run 2.6.32 kernel) to be able to fix some sd card issues of the old 2.6.29 recovery kernel. But there seems to be some bootloader watch dog that restarts the phone in the case when the custom recovery was not started via the /cache/recovery/command
[23:55:20] <Skrilax_CZ> nadlabak: huh? watchdog is disabled in 2ndboot