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[12:34:40] <pottendo> hi, since a few days, my milestone hangs at the 2nd boot screen - no further booting
[12:35:17] <pottendo> tried to reflash from scratch, unpacked OR (2ndboot) freshly on sdcard...
[12:35:30] <pottendo> nothing helps
[12:35:37] <pottendo> what can be possible reasons for that?
[12:35:46] <pottendo> any way to get data/debug logs?
[12:36:22] <dx> pottendo: does openrecovery work?
[12:36:26] <pottendo> no
[12:36:37] <dx> pottendo: not even teh pre-2ndboot OR?
[12:36:41] <dx> *the
[12:36:42] <dx> :V
[12:37:11] <pottendo> hmm, I followed http://www.mrmuh.com/2012/01/update-a-motorola-milestone-from-motorola-firmware-to-cyanogenmod-7/
[12:37:38] <dx> http://dequis.org/openrecovery_1.4.6_pre_2ndboot_with_mmcfix.zip
[12:37:42] <pottendo> after flashing the vulnerable recovery (which works) the first boot holding the hotkey (x) in my case
[12:38:11] <pottendo> sometimes enters the stock recovery
[12:38:25] <dx> so wait, when did it die? after or during the installation of CM7?
[12:38:37] <pottendo> applying then 'update.zip' results in hanging at the 2nd boot screen
[12:38:51] <pottendo> no booting into android
[12:39:05] <pottendo> had CM7 there for months/years successfully booting
[12:39:30] <dx> you're confusing me
[12:39:37] <pottendo> *grin*
[12:39:39] <dx> you already had CM7, and followed the installation guide again?
[12:39:43] <pottendo> yes
[12:39:55] <pottendo> because since a few days it refused booting
[12:40:16] <dx> ...so it didn't work before the update either?
[12:40:19] <pottendo> yes
[12:40:24] <dx> okay
[12:40:36] <dx> use this recovery http://dequis.org/openrecovery_1.4.6_pre_2ndboot_with_mmcfix.zip
[12:40:37] <pottendo> but as I wrote, I unpacked everthing freshly
[12:40:45] <pottendo> ok, will try - thanx!
[12:40:52] <dx> if the issue is with 2ndboot like you're saying it should work
[12:41:56] <dx> if you get it working, you might want to check if you have recent logs in /data/dontpanic/
[12:43:59] <pottendo> this archive unpacks into or/... shall this be moved to the toplevel directory?
[12:47:23] <pottendo> ok, unpacked on sdcard - ready to boot.
[12:47:55] <pottendo> anything special (i.e. boot into recovery first, by holding 'x' , etc)?
[12:50:04] <pottendo> yes!
[12:50:26] <pottendo> OR up and running again withi this recovery image!
[12:57:02] <dx> woo!
[12:57:21] <dx> okay, now check /data/dontpanic/
[13:31:19] <pottendo> sorry, was away a bit...
[13:33:36] <pottendo> I can now adb-shell to the device
[13:34:03] <pottendo> '/data/dontpanic' is empty
[13:34:25] <pottendo> however I did a few things (like factory reset, etc.)
[13:34:59] <dx> go through 2ndboot at least once i guess
[13:35:40] <pottendo> i flashed (via OR) a cm7 image, gapps
[13:36:05] <dx> a pre-2ndboot cm7? so it works now?
[13:36:26] <pottendo> no, some image I built around April
[13:36:27] <pottendo> 2013
[13:36:45] <pottendo> the first boot attempt failed - (stuck at 2nd boot)
[13:37:50] <dx> i believe this is the latest non-2ndboot image https://github.com/downloads/nadlabak/android/cm-7.2.2-umts_sholes.zip
[13:38:00] <pottendo> OK, will try this.
[13:38:38] <dx> this is more of a workaround but i don't think we can debug more without an UART cable
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[13:54:12] <pottendo> hmm, now the battery is empty... :(
[13:54:31] <pottendo> connecting it to the power shows 2nd boot screen
[13:54:43] <pottendo> not sure, whether it charges the battery properly
[13:59:55] <dx> oh damn
[14:00:19] <dx> is the white led next to the connector on?
[14:00:29] <pottendo> no
[14:00:43] <dx> welp
[14:00:47] <pottendo> the green (top right) is constant green
[14:01:00] <dx> that might work then
[14:01:38] <pottendo> I do have a second device... ;) so I could charge the battery there if it's not working... (*lucky me*)
[14:02:24] <dx> awesome.
[14:03:31] <pottendo> ... will take a while until i can try further...
[14:04:09] <pottendo> under the assumption, that the device is not damaged (HW-wise), what can be sources of such a behavior?
[14:04:15] <pottendo> - corrupted sdcard?
[14:04:29] <pottendo> I use apps2ext on an ext? partition
[14:04:51] <pottendo> the fat32 partition seems to be ok
[14:05:12] <pottendo> I mounted it on my linux box without problems (as the ext?) partition
[14:05:21] <pottendo> could transfer files without any problem
[14:05:31] <pottendo> so this fat32 part should be Ok
[14:06:04] <pottendo> your recommended OR does work, and I can flash some images I use to flash some months ago and which worked flawlessly
[14:06:37] <pottendo> so then? can I 'format' the ext? partition and does it get repopulated again?
[14:06:41] <pottendo> how?
[14:06:49] <dx> i have no idea what could be failing
[14:06:56] <pottendo> the internal memory could be corrupted as well
[14:09:23] <dx> i don't think it's a storage issue since it only fails with 2ndboot, and 2ndboot OR loads its own kernel from the fat32 part of the sdcard
[14:09:50] <dx> but failing with a new kernel could mean anything
[14:10:23] <pottendo> I think, my good old milestone felt offended...
[14:10:25] <pottendo> ;)
[14:10:34] <pottendo> ...I removed the SIM card!
[14:10:43] <dx> lol
[14:10:51] <pottendo> If I'm a mobile device, and someone removes the SIM card - I'd be pissed off!
[14:12:25] <dx> i really have no idea how to get more clues on this without an UART cable
[14:12:52] <pottendo> an UART cable is not a USB cable, right?
[14:13:10] <dx> it's a special USB cable that works more like a serial port
[14:14:45] <pottendo> :(
[14:16:01] <dx> you can still try that old non-2ndboot rom
[14:17:33] <dx> unless nadlabak or Skrilax_CZ|Away have better ideas (summary: he tried to upgrade to a 2ndboot CM7, gets stuck at 2ndboot screen at OR, non-2ndboot OR works, and that's all i know)
[14:18:58] <dx> pinging them is serious business, gotta try to get the most out of it :D
[14:19:37] <pottendo> I know... ;)
[14:20:24] <pottendo> had some brief (good) exchange with nadlabak the other day on how to reprogram the menu keys, as my second milestone has some HW issue there...
[14:20:45] <pottendo> Just DLing the non-2ndboot image
[14:21:03] <pottendo> battery is sufficiently charged to continue with some experiments...
[14:28:09] <pottendo> YES!
[14:28:24] <pottendo> cross fingers!
[14:28:36] <pottendo> Cm7 logo animation...
[14:29:12] <dx> woo!
[14:29:33] <dx> remember that first boot takes longer
[14:29:36] <dx> so patience
[14:29:38] <pottendo> i know
[14:29:48] <pottendo> oops, back the 'M' logo... bootloop?
[14:30:02] <dx> damn
[14:30:26] <dx> nuke cache try again?
[14:30:28] <dx> ¯\(°_o)/¯
[14:30:57] <pottendo> did 'cache' clean before booting ... will try again, though
[14:31:26] <pottendo> @least the white led next to power is on... ;)
[14:32:57] <pottendo> ...maybe the battery wasn't charged sufficiently
[14:33:43] <pottendo> Have to be more patiened...
[14:33:53] <pottendo> patient
[14:40:26] <pottendo> OK, will give the batteries a few hours to charge... I post some new (if I have 'em)!
[14:40:32] <pottendo> thanx for listening and the support
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[19:44:48] <pottendo> no success yet...
[19:46:18] <pottendo> the cm7 non-2ndboot does boot, but touch isn't working. other buttons , like on/off , work. strange, very strange... :-(
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[21:12:59] <pottendo> final update for now: I suspect the device is somehow broken... as soon as I use 2ndboot based roms (OR or the official CM7 build) it dies at the 2ndboot logo.
[21:13:35] <pottendo> booting something non-2ndboot works (e.g. OR) but the touch screen seems to be not usable (doesn't react)
[21:13:37] <pottendo> :(
[21:13:46] <pottendo> good old milestone: RIP
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[22:27:37] <dx> pottendo: just woke up
[22:27:48] <dx> pottendo: what a weird issue
[22:28:03] <pottendo> good morning... :-)
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